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Warplanes Inc
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Download Warplanes Inc: WW2 War on Hill APK and play as a fighter pilot working for the USSR during WW2. You will have to defeat your enemies from a plane.

Name Warplanes Inc
Version 1.26
Updated Apr 3, 2024
Category Action

Description of Warplanes Inc

If you have been searching for a realistic warplane experience, you should try this war bomber and immerse yourself in the historical world of USSR warfare. Those who love military plot games like Tank Attack or those who prefer aviation games like Pocket Squadron and Atomic Fighter Bomber, Warplanes Inc: WW2 War on Hill will be a delight to explore.

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Many game developers have been exploiting the theme of war because it always gives players an intriguing experience. Ranging from PUBG and COD to Fortnite – they have all been inspired by a war theme. There are always effects and images that seem to draw players nearer, including the various challenges that the player will have to overcome to move to various levels. In addition, in most war games, more emphasis is often placed on the gears and ammunitions a player uses to battle enemies. Warplanes Inc: WW2 War on Hill also exploits that kind of theme. With this game, you will be required to fly fighter jets and fight your enemies.

Simple Interface

The interface of Warplanes Inc: WW2 War on Hill is pretty straightforward, and players will easily get the hang of the game. There is nothing too technical about understanding the game, even though you might need to apply a certain level of techniques to emerge victorious. For example, while flying the fighter jet, you will observe the location you are approaching from the top. In the same vein, you will take note of the color contrast which will assist you in differentiating the various elements from each other. The major colors of the environment at that level are black and white. Underground locations and war gears are in black. So with the white sky as an illuminating background, you will be able to see how you can both attack your opponents and dodge the attacks coming your way. You have the choice to control the plane anyhow you like, but sometimes you may have to navigate the aircraft in a horizontal plane. At the same time, you must completely control the fighter jet to provide you with a perfect view of your destination or which location you intend to attack.

Complete the Game Screen

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You must thoroughly understand all the operations of the plane you will be flying. The plane's control mechanism is a bit technical, and you will understand it better through the tutorial. In addition, the tutorial will familiarize you better with the gameplay of Warplanes Inc: WW2 War on Hill, including its control. Perhaps you might need to pass some basic instructions before you are cleared for take-off, but this rarely happens anyway. You need to understand taking off and landing to avoid crashing your aircraft.

Experience Several Game Modes

Different game modes are inherent in Warplanes Inc: WW2 War on Hill. Each mode possesses its unique characteristics, which players will have to experience. Campaign mode is one of those modes you must first try – this is a mode where you have the challenges you must overcome. You will need to go through a particular area and thoroughly perform operations related to the mission. While playing this mode, you will encounter an enemy defense that you must break by shooting at them as they also shoot at you. You will see the damage the aircraft has taken just at the top of the screen. From ascertaining that damage, you can take remedial measures. One of the measures is the application of the aircraft's primary attack. There is a limit to the ammo you can use, so only use them when necessary.

Highlights of Warplane Inc.

Mankind's history contains dangerous wars that have run for years and have broken out in several countries around the globe. In Warplanes Inc: WW2 War on Hill, you will have the chance to play a pilot for the USSR.

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World War II Wars

In the history of the world, there have been many wars that have been fought. Indeed, it seems like war is a part of humanity, for almost all generations have experienced wars. However, this present generation has been somewhat lucky, for we enjoy a modicum of peace where countries are not at each other's throats – well, no major threats. Therefore, if you are looking to reminisce on the dark world of wars, you can just get what you want by playing several war games. Those games are the closest to what war feels like (besides books and movies). However, Warplanes Inc: WW2 War on Hill is one of the most fun and dangerous games. In this game, you can play as a pilot working for the USSR as it is at war with other countries.

Use War Planes

When World War 2 broke out, an uncountable number of planes were flying in the sky, battling each other. Planes are a cool invention but can create huge disasters, especially fighter jets during wars. In this game, you will need to make use of warplanes to be able to reach enemy territories and battle them. Several weapons are at your disposals, such as bombs and guns. To be able to successfully carry out your mission, you will have to make use of these weapons.

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Improve Your Parts

In Warplanes Inc: WW2 War on Hill, you enjoy all sorts of war engines with varying stats. Each plane has a unique style and stats that will make you complete missions. In addition, you have the chance to unlock some special planes like IL-2, BF.109, and so on. You can also upgrade different parts of your fighter jet, such as the body, engine, propeller, and several more. Continue to improve yourself and your planes to defeat tougher enemies.


Warplanes Inc: WW2 War on Hill is a game that takes you across the whole war experience during the 1940s. This game requires you to complete some missions to advance to other levels. And to complete those missions, you will need to use specific planes to kill enemies from the air. Warplanes Inc: WW2 War on Hill is an amazing game, and it may be hard to pull yourself away from this game.

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Download Warplanes Inc: WW2 War on Hill APK and play as a fighter pilot working for the USSR during WW2. You will have to defeat your enemies from a plane.


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