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Version: 8.16.0
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Download the Voloco APK and record, and make your music and content demos, voice-overs and music video performances with this autotune app.

Name Voloco
Version 8.16.0
Updated Jun 21, 2024
Category Music & Audio
Google Play Link com.jazarimusic.voloco


Voloco app is a mobile recording studio and audio editor that helps you sound better and good without no-fault, which helps to make your voice-overs, content and music the best out there. Voloco helps record better tracks and features everything you had expected to be featured in a good editor app. So you get the quality sound of a music editing app alongside some excellent features.

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With the Voloco application, users enjoy their music and content coming out so beautifully, and they also get to use the rare features that come with it, such as the voice-over tune, the content features and so on. As a result, Voloco stands out from every autotune due to its features and unique rareness.

In-depth Knowledge About Voloco

Voloco is a mobile recording studio available for download on every Android and IOS device. This app has helped singers, rappers, musicians, voice-over creators and content creators to help promote their sound and also let them record their music or podcasts like a professioal with different good tools. Voloco helps record good and the best tracks and demos you want to keep on your device or voice-over for your content and video performance that needs to be done on stage.

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Voloco app is a very straightforward and understanding audio editor and recording studio app; Voloco app is easy to navigate through the features and understand once you glance and look through it. Users can decide not to go to the studio to record their content and music and can choose to use the Voloco app, which doesn't need a studio, a mic, or the complete software that is needed but just the Voloco app.

Voloco gives you so many features, such as helping you to get rid of the background noise and also going as far as allowing you to correct the pitch and sound of your voice to keep you in the right melody. Voloco app features reliable and relevant presets of compression for you to set your audio to the right volume. It also doesn't fail to give you the right equalizer, good autotune and the finest reverb effects to make your recording as perfect as good content.

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Voloco app features thousands of free beats that can be used, and most of them are made by good producers; you use it to sing, rap and practice over. Voloco is good to the extent that it automatically discovers the keys of your beats to ensure that you are in the right melody. Unlike other singing apps, one of every beats you decide to use our free, and it can help you create some arrangements for you to be able to save it and work on it later.

With the Voloco app, you can decide to divide vocals from songs that have been existing, and you can use the vocal removing tool and make something more perfect than the previous ones; you can also download a song or disparate the vocals using the app, choose one effect and then you can also edit lyrics from music videos.

Features Of The Voloco App

Voloco has amazing features, and some are below;

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Voloco autotune is unique, and it has four different effects that let you bring different sounds forth; There is the Big chorus, Hard Tune, Super vocoder and Natural tune.

The Big chorus autotune is a very sophisticated feature, and more like its name, you can decide to create a song that can be harmonized in seven different ways. The Bug chorus effects can help you create a theme with seven blended voices that go perfectly together. The Hard tunes allow you to apply the classic autotune effects, a rare product in the editing music app. Still, the Voloco app meets the expectation of adding autotune effects that improve your music's melody. Super vocoder is a super clear sound that allows you to add your voice and your strings options, and these effects can help you implement some extended please vocoder. Finally, the natural tune gives one the best slower refined speed; it is just like the hard tune but has a less pronounced effect and a more simple and rounded tone.

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Many Effects

The Voloco app offers over fifty effects that are separated into twelve preset categories for the user to figure out easily; these effects help the user scrutinize the basics, such as the reverb and different autotunes that are made available. You can use the results also to be able to change your voice completely; some of the effects are the starter, The LOL effects, The modern rap, The Bon hiver and 8 Bit dip and many more.

The starter effects are made of two different flavours of autotune, such as the rich harmony presets a monster vocoder and a very neat preset for noise reduction. The Lol effects are embedded with the vibrato, the drunk tune and the vocal fry. Modern rap is divided into two effects: stereo width and heft, which are added to your vocals and Ben hiver brings out the harmony and the eight but dip bleeps and Cooper.

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The tracks that Voloco uses are unique features. These features help to update channels onto the track features of the Voloco app. In addition, the features help correct the fastest track and promote the best ways to use it. Each track is accompanied by the name of the one that did it, the number of views, and the effect used. You can also create similar ways or different ones, and you can also check for more.


Voloco is the best app that helps you to help customize your recording beats and effects. Volvo offers its user the best unique features that help their audio tune, and to enjoy more of the feature, you can decide to go premium.

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Download the Voloco APK and record, and make your music and content demos, voice-overs and music video performances with this autotune app.


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