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Download the Shazam APK app so you can sing along with lyrics that are displayed in real-time. A software that instantly identifies music with the touch of a button.

Name Shazam
Version 14.21.0-240411
Updated Apr 16, 2024
Category Music & Audio
Developer Apple Inc.
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Shazam is software that utilizes the device's microphone and a brief sample to identify songs, videos, commercials, and TV shows. Shazam Entertainment, a London-based company, created it, and Apple Inc. has operated it ever since. A Chrome Browser plugin makes the application available on iPhone, Samsung devices, and macintosh.

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You can quickly identify any song using Shazam, and you can find free access to artists, lyrics, videos, and tracks. Pop-up Shazam makes it easy to find music on Tiktok, YouTube, and Instagram. Even when you exit the app, the Auto Feature continues to find songs.

Description of Shazam

If you're in a store and hear a beautiful song playing but don't know what it is and are too shy to inquire with the staff, Shazam is the app for you.

Shazam uses an auditory biometric centered on a structure known as a spectrogram to identify songs. It collects a small a clip of the music playing using the integrated speaker on a smartphone or PC. Shazam maintains a database of sound forensics. The app creates an auditory signature once the user marks a music for ten secs.

Shazam searches a collection of thousands of tracks for a selection based on an auditory biometric after analyzing the recorded sound. If a match is found, it provides the user with details like the musician, lyric, and record. Some Shazam implementations provide connections to providers such as Soundcloud, Amazon Music, Boomplay, Pop songs, and google music.

Shazam will recognize songs from any device as provided as the track is in the library and the surrounding sound intensity is not too strong to prohibit the collection of an auditory biometric.

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Along with the freemium application, the company also produced the paid program Shazam Plus. In 2012 September, the offer was extended to include the ability for American TV viewers to locate promoted songs and get character info. Additionally, it gives users access to additional networking features and linkages to web content.

Features of Shazam

The Shazam app provides more than just identifying the TV show, music, or artist you listen to.

Shazam shares many features with other popular music services, applications, and services like Siri but the vast amount, reach, and range of features set this app apart from the rest.

Shazam has almost every feature a creative, music-focused app could think of, including the ability to connect to Boomplay or Google music. The option to turn on Auto Shazam so that the app constantly discovers new songs for you. You get the opportunity to see what your friends are Shazamming and share your epic music discovery on Facebook, Twitter, or almost any other social media.

In addition to the best hits from the same musician, you get other albums by the artist, music videos, ideas for other songs you might enjoy, and track information. The app tells you lyrics in real-time so you can sing along.

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Song Recognition Technology

Shazam locates a match in its library by analyzing the frequency patterns of a song. Shazam can distinguish between tracks since every song has a different frequency pattern. The frequency pattern for the latest version differs from the original even when a song is rewritten (a cover or acoustic version). An audio fingerprint is a term used to describe the frequency pattern. This is because it functions similarly to a person's fingerprint, and even two people have unique fingerprints.

When Shazam is used to recognize a song playing on the radio, the app selects a sample of the music and searches its library for an auditory biometric that matches. The sample, which is typically 10 seconds long and starts the music between 0.10 and 0.20 seconds, is sufficient to find a match. When a match is made, Shazam pulls information about the song from its database and shows it on your screen.

Sharing choice

The music can be opened on google Music, SoundCloud, or iTunes. Shazam provides share buttons for social media sites, email, and text messaging. Songs that you find on Shazam can also be added to Google Music or SoundCloud playlists.

When you Shazam a song, the software immediately saves it so you may later access it in the collection tab.

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Shazam will still produce a digital biometrics of the track if you use it without an internet connection, which will compare to the Shazam library the next time your gadget has one.

Auto Shazam

Even when you use other apps, Shazam uses this functionality to automatically recognize the songs and TV shows that are playing nearby. Tap and hold the Shazam button to turn on Auto Shazam. Just hit the Shazam button to turn it off.


Samsung, iPhone devices, and other Phone platforms all support Shazam. Additionally, Shazam is a desktop application for macintosh that, when activated, operates bwhind the scene and detects any track that is playing on or beside the system. Shazam was incorporated into Apple's Siri feature with the release of iOS 7 in 2014 September.

New Features

The paginated layout that uses a swipe left or right to switch screens takes the place of the previous bottom-of-the-screen navigation tabs.

The homepage of the app, which is just a big Shazam button, will appear as soon as you activate it. There are currently only three app pages to explore:

You can access MyShazam by swiping to the left.

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The explore page is to the right, while the home page or shazam button is in the middle.


Do you have the shazam app ready? Are you ready to know what your friends are Shazamming?

Then get Shazam, a tool for identifying music as well as discovering new music. Having Shazam in your pocket, you'll always be aware of what you're listening to and the creator of that beautiful song coupled with other playlists.

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Download the Shazam APK app so you can sing along with lyrics that are displayed in real-time. A software that instantly identifies music with the touch of a button.


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