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Music Player
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Version: 7.3.2
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Download Music Player APK, the most active and practical music player, giving you top-notch sound in genres such as hip hop, rock, classical, dance, metal, pop, folk, and much more.

Name Music Player
Version 7.3.2
Updated Jun 11, 2024
Category Music & Audio
Developer Leopard V7

About Music Player

Users may arrange and enjoy their favourite tunes on their smartphones with the free app Music Player. It is speedy and efficient at streaming all of the most incredible music on your smartphone because it is simple to use and has an intuitive structure. The Music Player software includes a unique equalizer that enhances the listening experience. In addition, the app can quickly and easily browse their music by artist, genre, album, and playlists. The program also has five alternative widget layouts for simple mobile phone interaction.

You can modify the quality of your tunes using the equalization on this free Android MP3 player. It also contains a sleep timer so you may take a break from listening to music.

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You may search your music library in several ways, including by albums, artists, songs, or playlists. You may also look up your favourite musicians and vocals by typing a query into the search box.

You can select various sound effects and music genres, including hip hop, rock, classical, dance, metal, pop, folk, and much more. In addition, you may customize the audio of your songs using realistic audio effects.

Why is Music Player?

  • Effective equalizer, fast music, and audio file searches, Compatibility across all music and audio file formats are simple—individual background skin.
  • You can effortlessly organize your music collection, and Music Player will make it simple for you to locate any song on your phone.
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  • This music player is centred on the specific folder in addition to artists or albums. Additionally, over three desktop widgets make it easier than ever to play music.
  • More than 20 backdrop skins will enhance your music player's stand-out visually and improve the user experience.
  • Thanks to the special equalization, your music sounds, unlike anything you've ever heard.
  • For the record, it should be noted that these tunes are entirely legal. Anywhere you go, you may listen to this music for free. As a result, you will discover more upcoming musicians with this app rather than well-known ones.

Unique Features Music Player Offers

  • It is Free and filled with various music options; To be clear, these free tunes are by no means against the law. On the contrary, they are songs available to listen to anywhere. In other words, this software will help you discover more upcoming musicians rather than well-known ones.
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  • Music Tones; You can choose from 22 different pre-set music tones; Tones provide the various tastes that keep audiences, artists, and songwriters intrigued and deeply engaged or personally change the equalizer.  Examples of Tones include; Vocal music is music performed vocally; Acapella is singing that is unaccompanied by an instrument; only instruments can be used to perform instrumental music; acoustic music is composed of natural sounds that have not been technologically enhanced, Generating sounds higher via electrical amplification is known as amplified music, and Electronic music is composed or produced using electronic instruments.
  • A five-band equalizer with Super Low is included (app. 20 to 60 Hz). Lower Mids (roughly between 60 and 250 Hz), Mids (roughly between 250 and 1500 Hz), Upper Mids (roughly between 250 and 1500 Hz), and Super High are the lowest detectable sound frequencies that people can hear (app. 6600 to 20,000 Hz).
  • Music Crossfade support; you may program the music to progressively turn up the volume as each song begins to play as the one before it fades away. Crossfading is a feature that avoids quiet in between songs.
  • Drive Mode helps you stay focused while driving by preventing distractions. For example, incoming text messages are muted, and calls are sent directly to voicemail.
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  • Alert support: show album cover art, title, and artist, as well as play/pause, fast-forward, and stop commands.
  • Headset assistance: Assist headsets with one control and numerous controls. Keep your gadget in your pocket.
  • Search Feature: Search the entire library of music. Finding all of your music has never been so simple.

Other Additional Features

  • Play and browse your music by albums, artists, genres, songs, playlists, and folders.
  • Functionality for lyrics. Analyzing the lyrics file automatically finds the source of the most suitable lyrics for your music.
  • 3 basic WIDGETS for the home screen (4x1,2x2,4x1).
  • Look up trending music videos online.
  • Select the song to be played next.
  • Freely create personalized ringtones by trimming/editing music files.
  • Shake It: Swing your device to play the next or preceding song with the SHAKE IT function.
music player apk android
  • 20+ Beautiful backdrop photos and beautiful background skins for your selection. You can also use your image as the background.
  • You no longer need to worry about the song not having an album or artist name after editing the song data.
  • Create a customized playlist by setting albums, artists, genres, and folders of music.
  • Playlist of recent songs.
  • All music file formats are supported, including MP3, MP4, WAV, M4A, FLAC, 3GP, and OGC.
  • Innovative Sleep Timer
  • Playlist Auto/Manual Backup ensures that you never lose your playlist.
  • Support for the built-in, free JAudio Tag editor.


Using Music Player, you can easily and quickly control your music tracks. Almost all varieties of mp3, midi, wav, flac, raw aac, and other music files are supported by this music player. Play music songs quickly and easily by genres, albums, artists, songs, and folders. It is a Highly Recommended Application.

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Download Music Player APK, the most active and practical music player, giving you top-notch sound in genres such as hip hop, rock, classical, dance, metal, pop, folk, and much more.


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