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Valiant Hearts
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Download Valiant Hearts APK and complete puzzles while going on exciting adventures. This game transports you to the past with an engaging storyline and gameplay.

Name Valiant Hearts
Updated Oct 24, 2022
Category Adventure
Developer Ubisoft
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Brief Description of Valiant Hearts

Valiant Hearts is a puzzle adventure game developed and published by Ubisoft. The game was originally released to be played on consoles in 2014 but can now be enjoyed on your mobile device with seamless gameplay. It quickly became popular due to its touching storyline, artistic graphics, and a new approach.

The game is set in the time of the Second World War and follows the story of four characters who assist a young German soldier in finding his love. The Valiant Hearts game is an engaging and heartwarming story that takes you through survival, friendship, and sacrifice. In the game, players have to solve puzzles by interacting with different people and objects. Along with the characters is a dog called Walt, which will help you solve puzzles. In each chapter, you can collect hidden items that reveal information about the war.

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When Valiant Hearts was being developed, the team collected letters written by soldiers and other people in the past to give you a touching story about war. It stands out because it does not focus on action and fighting with weapons. Instead, it’s more about adventure and touching stories.

Puzzle Combined with Adventure in the Gameplay

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a fun war-themed game that does not require you to hold a gun to fight against your enemies. Instead, you can enjoy the puzzles and exploration. You will travel through the battlefield most of the time, from Germany to France, picking essential elements and solving problems along the way. For instance, if you face wreckage during the adventure, you can destroy it.

Although it consists of mostly puzzles, you won’t face anyone too difficult, which will keep you stuck for a long time. After a few attempts, you can finish the puzzle so it won’t give you redundant or repetitive gameplay that will spoil your flow.

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Also, Walt the dog is an important part of the gameplay. You can issue commands to the dog, who is able to hold on to and get certain items, squeeze through small areas, activate switches, and infiltrate the enemy lines.

Touching Character Storyline

The Valiant Hearts game uses a unique storytelling method to display the lives of the characters. But, as the player, you can experience the elaborate lives from the POV of every character. Their stories starts in the beginning of the First World War.

In the story, the countries will identify their allies and enemies. Because of this, France sends German citizens away from its territory. Karl, a German man in France, gets married to Marie, a French woman. They also have a child. But, Karl is sent out of France once he turned 18 years old and has to join the German military by force.

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Also, Emile, who is the father-in-law, of Karl joins the French army. You will control Emile, who will first take part in a training session to learn how the game works. This is the game’s method of teaching you how the game works before the gameplay begins.

When the border war occurs, Emile will meet Karl again. But, the camp was attacked by the Allies, leading to Karl running away with his people. Emile will be injured at this time and saved by Walt, a German dog. Emile will meet Freddie, an American that joined the French army just to get revenge against Lord Von Dorf, who commanded a bombing that killed his wife. Thus, the two of them will later meet Anna, a nurse in the military who is spying on Von Dorf after he captured her father and forced him to make weapons for his war.

Thus, the main characters are Karl, Emile, Freddie, Anna, and Walt. The German dog, Walt, is a special friend of the characters in the game. No one knows where Walt comes from, but you can control the dog and get some special missions done.

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The game is mainly based on Karl in his survival journey to get back to his beloved and son. Also, Emile joins the French military but keeps on looking for ways to help Karl return home to his daughter. The other two characters are looking to get revenge on Lord Von Dorf, who is the villain.

Artistic Graphics and Music

One of the reasons why Valiant Hearts is a successful and popular game is the graphics and imaging. The game used two-dimensional graphics, with all the characters and backgrounds looking like cartoon-like paintings. Even with the 2D graphics, the game is able to depict the characters right, especially their facial characters. Each one has a different story, and it is depicted in delicately moving images.

The battlefield scenes are also well designed. They are displayed fiercely to show you how serious and honest the war was. The game also brilliantly combined the meaningful quietness of the characters with the backdrop and themes. This allows it to convey its deep themes along with the fun gameplay.

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Valiant Hearts will keep you in your feels with the nice music in the backdrop. The music background is heroic and touching, and all of the songs have been compiled by well-know musicians. The soft sounds will also enhance the feelings that every player has based on their story. If you want to fully enjoy the gaming experience, you should wear headphones.


Valiant Hearts reminds you that war does not only include themes of blood, glory, and tears. Instead, there are other innocent people trapped during war, and their hearts are stomped on while their daily lives are affected by the crimes of war. Although these people desire to go back to a peaceful life with their loved ones, war comes between them. The Valiant Hearts: The Great War gives you a beautiful exprience of friendship and the need to live. If you want to go through history from a heartwarming view, Valiant Hearts is the ideal choice.

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Download Valiant Hearts APK and complete puzzles while going on exciting adventures. This game transports you to the past with an engaging storyline and gameplay.


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