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Version: 2.1.23
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Download Unkilled APK video game and enjoy optimal gameplay. What are your chances of survival in the hopeless world of abominable beings? Play Unkilled to find out.

Version 2.1.23
Updated Mar 18, 2023
Category Action
Developer MADFINGER Games
Google Play Link com.madfingergames.unkilled


What are your thoughts on facing a metropolis of dead men head-on? In this innovative game, you and your fellow Wolfpack squad teammates are sent to New York City on a mission to eradicate the zombie plague from the city of dead men.

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Unfortunately, you lose your team members in a sudden ambush by the minesweeper and sheriff zombies (high-class mutated ghouls). And as the lone survivor of the attack, you are determined to make it back home to your bed after completing the mission.

Unkilled has an apocalyptic and survival theme. Its storyline hints at action, quick reflexes, disaster, and the potential demise of humankind. As your avatar goes around the city taking out hordes of undead, he must learn to utilize the right strategy at the right place and time using appropriate skills and weapons.

Make it back home and live to tell the tale of what transpired in the city of the dead. Make the wrong decisions and never live to walk the earth as a human again in the worst-case situation.

Game Description

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On June 23rd, 2022, the Unkilled latest version was released, while Mad Finger games developed the novel game on September 3rd, 2015. It is an HD action, bullet storm, multiplayer, and single-player game in a zombie world of death and horror. Survival by any means necessary is the key factor here as you will run into swarms of zombies and leagues of the boss, butcher, sheriff, and minesweeper zombies more often. Due to the strong violence depicted in the game, it has been rated a solid 16+ age for players.

Since the game is readily found on multiple devices and operating systems like Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows, it has become very famous among gamers who love apocalyptic zombie games and many people in search of urban sci-fi horrors. It has earned a rating of 4.3 stars and a total download of 10M+.

Unkilled is another game episode from the excellent authors of Dead trigger 1 and 2, whose ghoulish games have been developed, launched, and tested by a team of researchers. Hence the game has achieved a significant download volume of 160,000,000.


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You are a member of the fearsome group, the wolf pack. Your mission today is to attack and reclaim the town of New York back from the dead as you and your teammates move on.

Suddenly you turn back and discover that you are all alone. You gain comfort that you will achieve your teammates' last wishes.

The game's tutorial section narrates all the controls required before the player can experience a unique HD environment.

Survive this ordeal and test how keen your survival skills are in a post-apocalyptic world of the zombies.

While surviving is the key factor, completing each part of the long mission is now left up to you to resolve in the game. Face hordes of zombies, the likes of which you have never seen in any zombie apocalypse world game.


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Shop: As expected, the game has an in-app store or inventory where you can now save all resources discovered during the day. The shop also has a wide variety of high-grade resources, which players can get with payment in fiat via debit cards and not the game's typical currency.

 In the simple desire to access these resources easily, searches like; unskilled unlimited money, unskilled unlimited money, and gold download, Unkilled unlimited everything, Unkilled free shopping, and Unkilled unlimited money and gold download. Results turned by these searches are potentially dangerous and deadly for devices.

Thrilling Combat missions

The game's missions are designed to be immersive and engage the player at all moments. With awesome back-story, epic sounds, and actively engaging gameplay, the player is guaranteed to enjoy a suspenseful game.

Face unique Zombies

Uncover the plot and shocking revelation of the mutated zombie bosses that were once human.

Online PvP mode

Take your shooting prowess with you to the global and international sphere. This model is a great way for players to receive more training and mind-blowing rewards from the play. Win this mode and get weekly tips based on your rank on the overall scoreboard.

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Smooth gameplay

Smooth gameplay is another feature of the game; its smooth gameplay allows players worldwide to have a wonderful gaming experience on multiple gadgets like Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows. The game's graphics can be readjusted to better levels for devices with lesser android versions. Restart the game to see the change in resolution and gaming experience.

Lots of Guns

If there is something that Unkilled has, it is an abundant amount of Guns for the avatar to use in his journey of survival. The guns are not surprising since a little slowness will cost him his life. These guns can be accessed and bought in the shop for in-game currency or experimental weapons with fiat.

Daily Rewards

Every 24 hours, the game rewards users with rewards and resources for free, so the user can keep on going, regardless of the difficulties being faced. Bonus rewards are also given for missions completed and achievements unlocked. Save money given as a reward and buy a much more powerful assault rifle and sniper, which would be of great help to you in your future endeavors.


Blood and gore are always present in this apocalyptic world ruled by the horrifying zombie power system, designed specifically to exterminate humankind and turn men into nothing but food for the ever hungry and insatiable walking dead.

Can you complete the mission regardless of your teammates' untimely death and foil the zombie overlords' plans in New York City without joining their ranks?

Succeed in your mission and be the hero of humanity. You save humanity from the zombie plague by uncovering the truth and overthrowing the zombie bosses of the city of the dead (New York).



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