Tractor Farming Simulator
Tractor Farming Simulator
Size: 112.17 MB
Version: 2.7
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Download and install Tractor Farming Simulator APK and harvest crops on a large farm with several modern farm machines. This game teaches both driving and farming.

Name Tractor Farming Simulator
Version 2.7
Updated May 27, 2023
Category Simulation
Developer gamestarstudio

Important Details about Tractor Farming Simulator

Tractor Farming Simulator is another simulator game that blends the concept of farming with agricultural driving. This incredible farming game will provide you with some attractive experiences. The graphics are the first things you will notice about this app when you open it. There are several driving simulation games now available for mobile devices. Tractor Farming Simulator is just one of those games. You can easily recognise it due to the sharp graphics with attractiveness that brings about a lot of care. You will be able to notice the rice tops dropping as the wheels are spinning and how dust gathers on the red dirt road each time the car passes. There is smooth movement with each part of the car. The colour is not completely realistic, but the attention to detail is nonpareil.

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Tractor Farming Simulator will bring you to discover a farming community's peaceful way of life. As the owner of a ranch that performs any task, you will take charge of everything in the development of your farm. You also perform the job of a professional tractor driver who can handle all manners of tractors of all sizes, from planting to harvesting and transporting ready agricultural products.

Plant, Grow, Harvest

Your job as a farm manager is to first know all the machines you have around you, including all agricultural machines generally – not just the ones you have with you. Then, you must know how to use them to perform several specialised jobs that can help develop the farm, such as planting rice, planting trees, fertilising plants, watering, harvesting, and transporting them to where they are needed and selling them.

In the missions above, you will need to dedicate considerable time to familiarise yourself with various farm machinery such as trucks, tractors, ploughs, etc. Each machine has its navigation, control, steering, use and function on the farm. For example, there are trucks for carrying farm tools, transporting hay, and moving agricultural precuts to the sale location after harvest. Tractors, also called plows, are machines used to make the soil soft, clear grass, create trenches, and raise beds before sowing. Finally, the harvester is used for harvesting agricultural products during the right season.

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With the right application of these machines, you can perform any task for your farm without any external assistance, reducing your cost of operation and managing your own time and moment. In addition, the fact that Tractor Farming Simulator offers a wide variety of cars and provides players with a variety of experiences does not only provide fun to play but also gives you the chance to learn and discover how each machine is being operated.

This game has a broad assortment of realistic trucks and tractors like insecticide sprayers of popular brands of agricultural machines, trolleys, crop machines, harvesters, cutters, including agricultural support aircraft. All these machines will bring you unlimited exciting driving experiences that you may not be able to try in real life. But, in addition to that, there is another crucial task you need to perform.

Farming Simulation

Besides driving several agricultural machines, each with a unique function, this game provides a real and amazing farm adventure. A player can pick various crops, select a planting area, navigate a plough, make a bed, and begin planting and transplanting crops.

While you perform all those activities, you can raise several poultry and livestock of various kinds to help increase production. In that process, you must frequently take care of the animals, cure them, and feed them. Concerning agricultural products, each type possesses a different schedule of irrigation, preventing diseases, spraying pesticides, and limiting the amount of fruit.

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Cattle produce milk and meat for money. Then, when the right season arrives, you can drive harvesters to harvest crops on the land, sell them to a small market, and continue purchasing livestock and seedlings to rotate for another coming season.

There is a thorough display of almost the entire agricultural process in the Tractor Farming Simulator. Play the game and perform every task yourself. With this game, you will learn that getting a successful crop is not easy.

Tractor Farming Simulator has a Wheat mode where you can use all the necessary tools to clear the field, weed the grass, form them into stacks and then move those hay stacks from field to storage. Now your farming land is ready for planting and seeding. The game's realistic village lifestyle takes you back to the rich village life.

The harvest season is nigh, and it's time to play harvesting simulation games to be prepared for the task ahead. In this game, you already have all the machines you need to complete your task, such as fertiliser spreaders, harrows, and ploughs, to efficiently carry out your tasks.

This farming game is indeed a modern-era game. There are all the machines and farming equipment at your disposal. The big farm you own should not be an issue for you anymore because you have all the machines to effectively cultivate the land; your tractors have modern attachments like:

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  • Transplanters
  • Sprayers
  • Trailers
  • Balers
  • Seeders
  • Fertiliser spreaders
  • Harrows
  • Ploughs

The world has become advanced, and so does the farming way.

Interesting Features of Tractor Farming Simulator

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  • HD graphics, amazing sound effects, and pleasant music
  • Multi-levels and multi modes
  • Authentic and original heavy modern machinery
  • Experience a real farming environment
  • Realistic farming simulations
  • New vehicles with each new level
  • Four language support
  • Multi-direction camera controls
  • Easy driving simulation controls
  • Advanced cargo and vehicle physics
  • Realistic 3D farm
  • Grow crops and perform harvesting tasks
  • Drive heavy trolleys and tractors
  • Checkpoints to farming easily


Tractor Farming Simulator is a standard game for people that love farming and are looking forward to building their farm one day. However, it turns out that not everything is simple, detailed, careful, and complicated, requiring so many skills to make successful farming. So, if you are looking forward to trying multiple roles simultaneously, you should consider downloading Tractor Farming Simulator.

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Download and install Tractor Farming Simulator APK and harvest crops on a large farm with several modern farm machines. This game teaches both driving and farming.


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