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Touch VPN
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Version: 3.2.0
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Download Touch VPN APK for safe, secure, and anonymous browsing. TouchVPN has different features, such as protecting and concealing your internet information.

Name Touch VPN
Version 3.2.0
Updated May 16, 2024
Category Tools
Developer TouchVPN Inc.
Google Play Link com.northghost.touchvpn

About Touch VPN

Touch Virtual private network (VPN) technology secures online activity on unsafe connections to protect your internet information from prying eyes, safeguard your online identity, and conceal your IP address. TouchVPN reduces the likelihood that anyone can track your online activity by using real-time privacy and a virtualized network tunnel to transmit your internet traffic.

Whenever you active the TouchVPN Application, it verifies your client's identity with a Vpn connection and encrypts all of your internet traffic. A secure "tunnel" is then established across the Internet by the  TouchVPN Application. Thus, the information sent between your device and your location is secured.

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You can freely connect to TouchVPN's virtual private network and browse your preferred internet services. All of your laptops and mobile devices are safe on our private network. In addition, knowing that your internet protocol is safe from hackers allows you to access the web. You may have confidence, security, and privacy thanks toTouchVPN.

When you utilize TouchVPN, it is difficult for your ISP,  cybercriminals, and common snoops to monitor your online activity. It offers a level of security unmatched by any other internet security technology. You become more brutal to watch and are capable of enjoying internet privacy with a new IP address and digital location.

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You can use the Internet the way it was meant to be—openly and widely accessible—by anyone with TouchVPN. Additionally, you can be confident that your data is secure as you travel.

Touch VPN is available in Indonesian Bahasa, German, English, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Why Touch VPN?

Defend Your Data Against Hackers

When using a free wifi hotspot, which gives a hacker access to your passwords, name, and private data or connected to an unprotected wifi connection, TouchVPN provides you with the most significant safety by encrypting your data and giving you financial services privacy.

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Any Website In Any Country Is Accessible.

Avoid geo-limitation to access any website that is blocked wherever you may be! Access websites that the authorities, your school, or your place of employment have censored or blocked. Bypass firewalls to access YouTube, unblock Facebook and get around VOIP restrictions. TouchVPN's free VPN application unblocks everything.

Browse The Internet Secretly.

Stay out of your ISP's prying eyes and stop targeting and advertising tracking on websites. Your identity online is concealed, and your online activity is hidden from public scrutiny and businesses thanks to TouchVPN's changing of your IP address.

Free and Secure

Touch VPN is free, limitless, safe, and straightforward. Anyone can access any server in the world and experience complete freedom and anonymity online on the TouchVPN Application.

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Easy to Use

A straightforward VPN proxy provider is Touch VPN. The only icon on Touch VPN is one. This icon establishes a faster connection than a gateway website to one of the numerous anonymous servers. With our VPN, you have limitless access at no charge.

Features of Touch VPN

A Large Server Network

One of the world's top VPNs concerning speed is TouchVPN. It provides more than 5400 VPN servers spread over 59 nations. With more servers, you can be guaranteed to discover one nearby and always have a robust and secure VPN connection.

More than a typical VPN is required? Use our Double VPN or Obfuscated servers to add a layer of online privacy protection.

Extra Security All the Time

Threat Protection assures you don't unintentionally access a harmful site or install viruses. In addition, it eliminates trackers and intrusive adverts to ensure your surfing is more secure and convenient. Use the additional features of TouchVPN to protect yourself from online attacks. 

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Public Data Breacher

As they occur, public data breaches can be scanned. It alerts you if your login information has been compromised so you can take quick action and protect your services.

Available for Multiple Devices

One of the top VPN services in various regions for all of your gadgets is TouchVPN. It provides specific applications for all popular websites. Additionally, you can use one account to secure up to six devices. It only takes a few easy steps to download on your phone, business laptop, child's iPad, or wifi router!

Details of Touch VPN

  • For your Chrome browser, the safe VPN private service functions perfectly.
  • Available free VPN. There are no pointless trials and no credit card details required.
  • There are no constraints on session length, speed, or bandwidth.
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  • You may unblock all of the sites with a single click.
  • Your privacy and security are entirely protected by high-quality SSL encryption.

TouchVPN - Benefits of Premium

No activity is recorded

Your surfing information is probably stolen and offered to the highest bidder if you use a free VPN. Therefore, picking a reputable VPN service with reasonable security requirements is preferable. Furthermore, nobody but you has any interest in where you go online, according to TouchVPN. So browse without limitations in complete privacy.

Browse Freely

You can browse any websites you want unrestrictedly and conceal your IP address using a high-end VPN. However, free VPNs might not constantly allow you to get around stringent limitations and may not give you the protection you require. TouchVPN Premium can get around restrictions and provide access to the open web.

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Advertising, trackers, and viruses are blocked

TouchVPN Premium automatically blocks all forms of advertisements, trackers and viruses.

Finest Customer Service

Because you sacrificed your money for nothing less than the best, extra care is taken to give you what you deserve.


Most nations, including Australia, Canada, the UK, Germany, and the US, permit virtual private networks. However, some countries have outright prohibited Proxy servers, and others have tight restrictions to control their use.

TouchVPN offers both a free and premium version, either of which has the features listed in this article. In addition, TouchVPN is a seamless VPN that is simple to use.

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Download Touch VPN APK for safe, secure, and anonymous browsing. TouchVPN has different features, such as protecting and concealing your internet information.


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