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Titanium Backup
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Download Titanium Backup APK utility all-in-one app that allows you to backup your data and user applications to external storage and recovers them anytime.

Name Titanium Backup
Updated Aug 25, 2022
Category Tools
Developer Titanium Track
Google Play Link com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup

An in-depth description of Titanium Backup

Titanium backup is a utility app for Android devices and is useful in backing up systems and user applications and their data. The backup is done on external storage of your choice, which you can recover after you flash your phone ROM to avoid downloading all your apps afresh. Titanium backup pro 2022 is easy to use for everyone, whether you are a tech person or not.

download titanium backup pro

This easy-to-use backup application was developed by titanium track, and it supports over twenty user languages. You don’t have to worry about the OS compatibility of the app as it supports the least version of Android 1.5 and above. This app won’t just save images, videos, files, or messages on your phone alone; it backups everything on your Android device, including system applications and their data.

Backing up with titanium backup Android will save you the hassle of getting your phone loaded with the applications and settings that were once on your before it was corrupted or flashed with custom ROM. It helps you with the future restoration of your files, data, applications, settings, and everything on your phone without letting you lose any. You can download the free titanium backup no root app for easy and frequent use.

Cool Features of Titanium Backup

  • Automatic recovery of data: multiple data can be easily recovered on the download titanium backup pro at once without clicking several times. Each application has its backup, and you won’t lose any of your data or app.
  • Easy synchronization: titanium has two easy options through which all phone data, app files, and settings can be synchronized, which is through manual or automatic synchronization through the available schedule. The synchronization can be done on storage devices like Dropbox, Google Drive, box, or other cloud services, and you can schedule the backup process. During backup, all of your files will be saved as zip files for easy and quick managing.
titanium backup apk
  • Free up memory: with titanium backup without root, you can free up some spaces on your device by storing some apps, data, or files on the app to create more space for other uses.
  • No cloning: backing up applications on your Android device with titanium backup pro, apps are not cloned on the device. All apps are backup without cloning.
  • Safety: the titanium backup download on your device ensures that edit data are only saved to the next backup file without creating duplicates to save space. The encryption algorithm of the app is complex and does not allow third parties to access any of your information.
  • Free upgrade: to upgrade titanium backup, everything is free, and you can access all the functions at your fingertips without glitches.

How to use titanium backup

This titanium backup tutorial will give you the step by step instructions on how to use titanium backup for storage and restoring saved data, files, or applications easily without stress. Your files will be kept safe without losing any to flashing or custom ROM.

For effective and quick backup of your Android device, a titanium backup root needed for it to work. Also, you will need to put on your USB debugging under the developer option setting. Once you have successfully done these two things, then you can open the installed application.

titanium backup no root

When you open the app for the first time, you will see three options on the panel; “Overview,” “Backup/Restore,” and “Schedule.” When you click on the overview, it will show you information about your root device and the memory.

For backup/restore, when you click on it, you will see all the details of the apps that are available on your phone. These apps are highlighted in different colors, white, red, and yellow. Apps in white are those you installed, those in red are system apps that can be converted, while apps highlighted in yellow are system apps that cannot be moved or uninstalled.

The schedule option of titanium backup is to set a specific time you want the backup to commence, and you can select the type of backup you want at a scheduled time.

To back up to the titanium app, click on the backup/restore option, then the single app you want to backup. There you will see two options; backup properties and special properties. Backup properties have two options; backup and freeze. Backup allows you to back up your app and data while freeze disables apps.

To back up all the apps at a single click, you tap on the backup/restore, then “menu” followed by “batch” and “backup all users apps.” Other things apart from apps can also be backed up.

titanium backup pro apk

Another way to back up is through the schedule. When you tap this option tab, you will see “redo backups for edit data” and “backup new user apps and new versions.” The redo backups take the backup of new data of all user apps while backup new user apps automatically back up more recent versions at a specified time.

How to restore your backups

When you want to restore one or all of the apps, tap on the backup and restore tab; there, you will see your backup apps. If it is a single app or data you want to restore, click on the app and select restore, which will bring three options; app+data, the app only, and data only. Choose the appropriate one for your use, and your app will be restored.

To restore all, click on the menu and batch under the backup/restore option. Then click on “Restore all missing apps and system data” you will see three options app+data, the app only, and data only. Click the one that applies to complete your restore process.

titanium backup


Titanium backup is a powerful tool that is handy and loaded with great features for ease of use. Titanium backup pro is a cleaning tool that can help you save more space on your phone and keep your files, application, and data secured for restoration any time you want it, maybe when your phone is flashed, or you want to transfer all you have to another device. Download titanium backup pro to protect your data for future use.


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