Tiny Troopers 2
Tiny Troopers 2
Size: 76,2 MB
Version: 1.5.4
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Download and install Tiny Troopers 2 APK and play in the teeth of violence as a military operative. This game teaches users military techniques and combat skills.

Name Tiny Troopers 2
Version 1.5.4
Updated Sep 14, 2022
Category Action
Developer Superhit Games
Google Play Link com.superhit.tinytroopers2

Description of Tiny Troopers 2

For those who have loved Tiny Trooper for a long time and have been playing it on another gaming platform, the game is now available on Android for further and easier enjoyment. The major objective of this game is to fight. You will climb your way to becoming a soldier and going on various special missions to fight enemies. There have been significant improvements to this game. The game now has a more interesting storyline, better weapons are available, and some new characters have been added. This game has been upgraded to give players maximum enjoyment.

tiny troopers 2

Tiny Troopers is a new collaboration between Kukouri Mobile Entertainment and Superhit Games to bring this awesome game to a broad audience on mobile.

This game is back and a lot improved than its former version. Now donned in new uniforms and carrying the best and latest military weapons, the troopers are ready to return to battle. Test your battle skills and lead your troopers to victory in some special operations.

The Essential Features and Functions of Tiny Troopers 2

When you play Tiny Troopers, or for the first time, there are some incredible features you are bound to enjoy in the game. Apart from the features, there are also functions and stunts you are allowed to perform within the game. Consider the following elements:

  • Lock and Roll: This is a part of the game where you are in the teeth of the action, and you must perform some incredible features in order t stay alive. Suppose you have not witnessed real action before. In that case, you must have watched a couple of military action movies where soldiers will have to perform brave acts to eliminate enemies and avoid being killed. One of those actions includes jumping on a speeding humvee and, at the same time, controlling a .50 cal turret gun. You will continue to fire at the enemies while your driver bravely bursts into the enemies' territories. Of course, your enemies will also try to bring you down by firing at you, the humvee, and the driver. But if you are skillful enough, you can kill them all and avoid sustaining a gunshot. Always have it in your mind that your enemies are usually heavily armed.
tiny troopers 2 apk 2022
  • A-Ten Hut: For your troopers to be fully ready, you must fit them well with new gears and up-to-date accessories. It is not enough to be able to fight, and you will also need to protect yourself. The helmets should be strong enough to protect your head against the shot from most of the caliber of guns used by the military. Then below your uniform, you should probably also don a bulletproof vest that will protect your chest area against attacks. Then after you have worn all these protective gears, you will also need to arm yourself with the latest weapons. You need to have a good idea of the different kinds of weapons and the level of damage that they can cause. Apart from that, you should also know which of the enemies' body parts you can shoot that will cause instant mortality. It is usually the head, so always aim for that. But if their heads are protected by those strong helmets (just like the one you are wearing), then you will have to find another way to kill them or use more advanced weaponry against them.
  • Special Forces: In some cases, the enemies might have more advanced weapons than you, such as long-range snipers or tanks. They may also possess sophisticated weaponry like missile launchers, grenades, and nuclear bombs. When you are against enemies with these weapons, defeating them would be very hard. It indicates that your troop is not powerful enough to go against them. So what do you do? You simply employ the assistance of special forces. You will recruit specialists starting from medics, which will help whenever any of your men sustains some injuries from the battle – these medics are also there to provide boosters that will increase your energy during the battle. You can also recruit machine gunners whose job is to ma any machine gun and take out enemies from any angle. They can be stationed at the top of a moving car or camouflaged in the grass and take out enemies one after the other. In addition, you can even bring in flamethrowers; their job is to set the enemies on fire and scatter their gathering or defense formation they might have formed.
tiny troopers 2 apk latest version
  • Survive the Horde: You need to understand that this game has different modes. While you have the chance to fight other troopers, you will also have to battle against zombies. Now, these zombies are even more dangerous than the enemy soldiers. The only advantage you may have against these zombies is that they do not shoot guns, but that does not make them any less dangerous. On the contrary, they are more dangerous because they are very easy to kill – protected or not. And these zombies are numerous. They are in the thousands and millions! They are a bloody horde. Therefore, you must make sure that these zombies do not catch you or any of your troopers. If you are caught, you should kiss your survival goodbye. The best thing to do is to stay away from these zombies as much as possible. Keep as much distance between you and the zombies as possible. However, your mission is to fight through these enemies and follow the directions on the maps. In this level, it is not about how many zombies you can kill; and it is about how long you can survive this menacing horde of zombies.

Final Thoughts

There are several military action games in the apps market today, but none is compared to Tiny Troopers 2 in terms of gameplay. Because of the success of the first version, the developers decided to create a second version with many improved aspects of the game. If you are a fan of action military games, then you should consider playing Tiny Troopers 2.

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Download and install Tiny Troopers 2 APK and play in the teeth of violence as a military operative. This game teaches users military techniques and combat skills.


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