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Tiles Hop
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Version: 5.10.3
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Download Tiles Hop APK now if you want to experience the world of music merged with the world of games! Now you can explore various types of music by making the ball hop on the tiles with this addictive Tiles Hop game.

Name Tiles Hop
Version 5.10.3
Updated Sep 30, 2023
Category Music
Google Play Link com.amanotes.beathopper

A Deep Analysis Of Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!

The Tiles Hop: EDM Rush game introduces a world of trendy songs in a game form where you can score points by holding and dragging the ball to make it jump on the tiles, which will play your favorite songs beat by beat with each jump.

This game lets you enjoy trendy and amazing music by giving you addictive challenges that are designed for each song. One intersting thing here is that you can play several types of music, from piano and guitar to rock and EDM, so that you can enjoy your favorite music while playing the game.

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Not just that, but by accessing the VIP features of this game, you can unlock even more amazing options like playing the game without being disturbed by any ads, thousands of trendy songs, free 100 diamonds daily, and revives without having to watch any ads!

3D Neon Interface

The amazing 3D visual effects and the neon interface of this game allow the user to get completely lost in the world of Tiles Hop. The visuals make the game look so real, and the experience comes to life. If you are a music game fan, this is the best game for you because of the cool graphics and smooth functioning, which allows you to play without any buffering or disturbance.

The neon illustration and the amazing backgrounds of the game are what make the game so unique and better than any other music game.

Play Your Favorite Songs All You Want!

What makes Tiles Hop: EDM Rush the best music game is the amazing collection of trendy songs from several different genres, so there is something for everyone! From rock to pop and jazz, there are so many amazing songs for you to pick from.

tiles hop edm rush

With more songs added regularly to the game, you get a huge variety so that your experience becomes even more musical. The Tiles Hop: EDM Rush has a collection of trendy songs. Dance Monkey by Tones and I, “How You Like That” by “Blackpink," “Yummy” by Justin Bieber, “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish, “Faded” by Alan Walker, and so many more. Moreover, searching for songs is easier than ever in this amazing game!

Easy To Play

Even with so many advanced features and amazing breathtaking visual effects, the Tiles Hop: EDM Rush game has smooth and easy functionality. So, no stone is unturned in giving the player the best musical game experience. The one-touch control of this game allows the user to play with just one hand.

Don't you just hate when the game's controls are difficult to understand? With Tiles Hop: EDM Rush, the controls are not just easy, but this game even provides freshers with a tutorials!

Make Sure You Don’t Miss Any Tile

To play the game, all you need to do is touch, hold, and drag the ball to make it jump on the tiles, which creates tunes of the selected song. You have to make sure do not miss any tile to keep up the score. The game's main focus is to hit all the incoming tiles with the ball.

The ball hitting the tiles is what continues the song, and once the ball falls down, the music stops, and the game is over. So, in order to finish the song and score points, hitting the tile by the ball should be consistent.

Graphics That Are Easy On Eyes

There are some games in which the graphics and the visual effects can be hard on our eyes and may strain the eyes within a few minutes. Fortunately, the Tiles Hop: EDM Rush game provides the player with a safe yet amazing experience so that the game continues without having to strain the eyes.

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Tiles Hop: EDM Rush is one of those games that you can play for hours without worrying about your health. That's because, despite amazing visual effects and 3D neon graphics, all these amazing features are included in the game. This leaves no worry about your health risking the eyes.

Addicting Gameplay

The Tiles Hop game provides the players with an addictive gameplay experience. It has a large collection of trendy and amazing songs from so many genres, and the game gets tricky as the song continues. Not just that, but with this game, the player can enjoy so many addictive challenges that are specifically designed for each song.

Holding and dragging the ball to jump on the tiles and not miss even a single one makes the game even more addictive and challenging. Choosing the song which matches your mood automatically makes the gaming experience much better and more addictive.

Keep Hopping!

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush has a simple rule: keep hopping in order to go as far as you can and score points. Even with the simple and easy controls, the game does not seem to be boring at all, as with each song, the challenges differ, and so does the experience. You can even play your own songs from your device and jam to it.

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Challenging friends and seeing who scores the best points can improve the experience. So, download the Tiles Hop game now and keep on hopping to your favorite songs!

Fast-paced Gaming Design

This addictive game provides you with a fast-paced gaming experience as it is designed to get tougher as you move forward. More you score, faster the game gets, and more challenging and exciting the experience becomes! Tiles Hop: EDM Rush tops the charts of musical games with its fast-paced experience. This makes it more exciting with time, thus never giving the player a dull moment!


Tile Hop: EDM Rush allows players to play their favorite songs and score points by holding and dragging the ball to make it jump on the tiles and challenging the player not to drop it. You can even jam to your own beats by uploading your own songs!

The game's easy control and amazing visual effects make it even more fun to play. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Tiles Hop game from your play store now, set new top scores every day, and dare your friends to see who scores the highest points!


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