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Download Beatstar APK and enjoy your favorite songs from every era. In this musical adventure, you can select your song and feel the beat on each step you take.

Name Beatstar
Updated Apr 9, 2024
Category Music
Developer Space Ape
Google Play Link com.spaceapegames.beatstar

Description of Beatstar

Beatstar is an addictive and interesting rhythm game where you can play piano tiles based on your favorite songs. The app comes with different songs from every decade, and you can enjoy feeling the beat and understanding the melody for you to understand. Dive into the musical adventure and control the choirs, instrument notes, and main singers for the music to sound perfect.

It’s pretty easy to understand the Beatstar game. You will first choose the song that you want and then use your thumbs to tap each note at the right time. Thus, you need to get the beat right. Focus on the screen and the beat, and immerse yourself into the interesting music. You need to keep up with the beat for you to get the highest score, and if you miss a bit, you will lose points.

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The boxes need to pass through the tap zone for you to get the beat right. If you miss a note, you will lose your streak and the game. If you can’t tap several notes at a time, the game will even take you back so you can try again.

Beatstar offers a wide range of songs, regardless of what you enjoy. From The Weeknd and Ariana Grande to Backstreet Boys and Nirvana, there is a classic and hit song for you. Unlock new melodies that will keep you engaged in this game for a long time. Aside from your rhythm, you also need to put your agility to the test and see how fast you can move your thumbs to keep up with the beat.

Enjoy the Beat on Hundreds of Songs

Beatstar has a constantly updated collection of songs from some of the greatest artists. There are so many songs that you can enjoy at this game, regardless of what you enjoy. Even underrated artists and songs are offered on Beatstar. It’s best to play this game with a pair of headphones, as this will enhance the musical experience. As you keep up with the beat, you can walk and dance to the music. Or, you can even play it on the speakers and enjoy it with friends.

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With the diverse music collection on Beatstar, you can enjoy up-to-date music but still, look out for some of the oldies. Regardless of the most popular song at the moment, you can turn on the music on Beatstar and enjoy the music experience.

Beatstar goes further than just enjoying music. The modern rhythm game allows you to tap into the rhythm. You will tap on the instrument as the music is playing and do your best to follow the beat of the main song. As you go further, you’ll also have the chance to create new beats and rhythms that you enjoy.

Tap along to the music on the piano keys and focus on the song. It helps you enjoy music in a unique way. Swipe on the vocals, instruments, or beats, and follow the beat of the main song. Play the massive hits from idols like Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, Avicii, Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, Billie Eilish, Smashing Pumpkins, and Amy Winehouse, among many others. There’s a perfect song for everyone on Beatstar.

Practice Your Sense of Music

If you enjoy playing, listening, or making music, you’ll enjoy playing the Beatstar game. The game allows you to hear the beat more accurately and practice playing musical instruments and even singing. You can get better at identifying musical tones, sing better with the right tunes, and enjoy the rhythm.

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Hundreds of artists have collaborated with Beatstar to compile the ultimate playlist that you get access to. Songs that you might have found boring before will become even more exciting with the gameplay. You can also share new music with your friends and do your best to beat their scores. There are so many players that you can enjoy the game in. Also, Beatstar organizes fun challenges and allows you to get to the top of the leaderboard if you’re skilled enough. Get ahead of other players and do your best.

How to Play Beatstar

It’s pretty easy to play the Beatstar game. Once you download the app, you can get started by choosing the song you want. Explore the many songs on the playlist and pick the one you want to start out with. Then, you can move on to the game and start doing your best to meet the beat.  

Here are some points to keep in mind while playing:

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  • Tap the piano keys, swipe, and touch every note to win the round.
  • Keep on tapping the keys to follow the beat of every song by playing with your thumbs.
  • Feel the beat through your fingers, and they will resonate through your headphones.
  • Master new songs to unlock even newer songs. The more songs you play, the more you get.

Here are some important features of the Beatstar game that increase your playing experience.

  • Share new music and tunes with friends.
  • Complete the main songs and unlock even newer songs.
  • Show off your skills by catching the rhythm and competing with friends.
  • Feel the sound and the beat even better than normal.
  • Listen and enjoy your favorite songs in a unique way that makes it all enjoyable.
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  • Tap, swipe, and beat the rhythms as you play.
  • Enhance the sound and beat even better with the fun gameplay.
  • Listen to the best songs from some of your favorite artists.


Beatstar is a really fun game that anyone who listens to music will enjoy. You can do your best to meet up with the beat by moving your thumbs as quickly as possible. In this application, you can both listen to music and enjoy the gameplay at the same time. Relax with your favorite songs and hit the notes on this modern rhythm game.

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Download Beatstar APK and enjoy your favorite songs from every era. In this musical adventure, you can select your song and feel the beat on each step you take.


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