Friday Night Funkin
Friday Night Funkin
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Download Friday Night Funkin APK , a musical gaming software that requires you to perfect the beat to win over your lover's dad and get a smooch from her.

Name Friday Night Funkin
Version 0.2.8
Updated Oct 11, 2022
Category Music
Developer ninjamuffin99
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Friday Night Funkin

A guy, a lady, and her dad are the subjects of the tale. The lady's dad forbids you from getting near his girl, even though you wish to marry her. To beat the opponent and realize your desire, you must attempt to hit all the rhythmic patterns at precisely the appropriate moments.

'Friday Night Funkin' is a beat sense challenge. As the girl's dad is a former rock star, you must learn the beat and demonstrate your singing ability to avoid losing the contest.

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Are you musically gifted? In Friday Night Funkin, you can convince your girlfriend's dad of your value. Get a peck as a prize by pressing the right notes in time with the song.

Description of Friday Night Funkin

A famous computer game called Friday Night Funkin has been converted into a smartphone app. The primary objective of this video game is to convince your girlfriend's dad to let you marry her. But, first, you will have to beat him in a contest to get the kiss.

In truth, you only have to click on the correct arrow buttons at the appropriate moment. It seems simple until the later stages when the pace picks up.

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The storyline is clear; it basically serves as the starting point for the musical trip. In the videogame, you make your début as a suitor in front of your "potential dad." The ironic part is that when this crazy dad was younger, he was a pop musician who went by the stage title Daddy Dearest. The dad does not appear to love you, and the début didn't look to be all that great. If you really want his child, you gotta complete and surpass several tasks that he presented. Generally, you must meet all the obstacles, including the worst rap battles showing deep affection for his daughter.

Along with her dad, several of her obnoxious relatives, even the lousy lads contending for her attention, are hurrying to beat you. Are you prepared to persevere in winning your woman's heart all the way to the end, or will you allow these melodic difficulties to overwhelm you?


You only have to utilize the buttons to select the appropriate area in the proper melody and sequence. Tap, tap, and more tapping. Naturally, make sure not to forget any keys. You fail if you consistently skip keys.

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Weeks in the play's narrative symbolize the interactions and difficulties that the dad faced for you. There will be three various challenging stages every week. The level of beat harmony and the pace at which you take notes must increase as the difficulty level increases.

Features of Friday Night Funkin

Engage in a Sing-Off

There are many ways you can do with music in contemporary video games. However, rhythm-based games appear to be the kind that involves songs the most frequently. At this point, you'll simply press specific notes to synchronize everything precisely to the music played. You will do this in Friday Night Funkin, with some minor variations. You must initially obtain the dad's consent before kissing your sweetheart.

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You'll have to compete against one another in a sing-off to show your value. The proper notes are tapped in time with the rhythm as people compete to out-sing one another. The green meter will shift more precisely as you get better. You can train in the game before engaging in combat if you're a total newbie. Additionally, there is a Story Mode and a Free Play option.

Free Play and Story Mode

A sing-off will resolve any issue on this planet. But that's all this game in Friday Night Funkin is really about. You will first fight your partner's father to get a peck from your sweetheart. After that, you'll engage in enjoyable combat with famous vocalists. In addition, Free Play allows you to rehearse without restriction to ensure you are prepared for the moment.

The status meter at the bottom of the display, which shows how near you are to victory, is another crucial thing to pay attention to. You're victorious if the green line is more noticeable. But if it's red at the very end, you'll fail.

friday night funkin apk 2022

Several foes and songs

You'll have the chance to battle several skilled vocalists in addition to the father here. You'll perform a variety of tunes with enjoyable rhythms and varied melodies. The music will become more challenging as you travel deeper. To succeed, you only have to be precise, swift, and correctly time your keystrokes.

Artistic graphics

Friday Night Funkin isn't your typical 3-dimensional musical contest. With bold hues and heavy strokes, the personalities are rendered. Also, there are enjoyable places that will stretch your boundaries. The game's aesthetics are pretty appealing. It is "fun" but crazy, a little "scary," and very difficult.

Don't picture an enchanting group of characters with melodic motions like in today's 3-dimensional gaming platform when you think about Friday Night Funkin; it has nothing like that. Only a few moving hands, wobbling and demanding facial expressions depict the individuals and their stories on display. Your personality is occasionally joyful and unhappy as he looks strained or misses the rhythm. The lines and the beats pouring in your ears matter the most. Feels basic? Simpleness, though, makes the difference.

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Simple controls

The mechanics for this video game are arguably among the simplest. On display, there is a digital arrow keypad that is simple to touch.


With basic gameplay and an addicting gaming concept, Friday Night Funkin is incredibly user-friendly. If you're still unsure, there is a lesson available. There are two game options: a free option that allows you to rhyme indefinitely. And a story option lets you take on one person after the other as long as you defeat them.

Will you battle for your love utilizing songs? Download Friday Night Funkin right away to showcase your abilities.

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Download Friday Night Funkin APK , a musical gaming software that requires you to perfect the beat to win over your lover's dad and get a smooch from her.


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