Beat Fire
Beat Fire
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Version: 1.4.04
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Download Beat Fire APK, the Android game which blends musicals and shooting games. Amass different weapons, and expand the repertoire of tunes you can perform.

Name Beat Fire
Version 1.4.04
Updated Apr 12, 2024
Category Music
Developer Adaric Music

Beat Fire

Do you enjoy both music and video games equally? Why not give rhythm-based games a try? These games let you listen to music while making great gameplay advancements. Beat Fire offers gamers a brand-new and thrilling gaming experience by combining music and firearms.

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In contrast to many analogs, Beat Fire takes a unique view of the popular trend of music rhythm arcades by allowing players to interact with falling tiles using weaponry rather than timed recordings. As a result, when you first launch Beat Fire, you will see a sequence of song tiles falling from the top of the screen to the bottom. You will need to strive to fire pieces to create musical compositions. Both a fantastic collection of weapons and different songs will be at your disposal. However, the visual quality is maintained traditionally, fusing vivid animation with brilliant images.

Description of Beat Fire

In the original rhythm game Beat Fire, you shoot at the musical notes instead of playing them as they drop from the top of the screen. You'll perform various well-known tunes in this manner, but with the addition of shooting and reloading sounds.

In contrast to other rhythm games of a similar nature, Beat Fire does not require you to press the musical notes as they fall. Instead, all you need to do is touch the screen as they drop. This adjustment makes it much simpler to aim at all the pitches and maintain the pace.

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You can play more than a half-dozen totally free tracks in Beat Fire in various difficulty settings. Additionally, by viewing video adverts, access a ton of other music.

Beat Fire is a unique and enjoyable rhythm game with lovely graphics and a fantastic selection of music. You may listen to some of the well-known contemporary electronic dance music, including Sunburst, Alone, and Unity.


Game of music called Beat Fire. There are two key components: shooting and exhilarating, catchy songs. To handle a big gun, you must move back and forth on the screen. As the song in the game progresses, colorful blocks of all shapes will fall from the top of the screen with increasing regularity and speed. To collect and detonate those blocks, you will need to maneuver rhythmically and nimbly while holding a rifle. Do not overlook any blocks since every block represents a musical note. They burst when you shoot them, releasing musical notes.

In other words, blast the blocks carrying the musical notes descending from the top with the gun rather than tapping the keyboard to compose a piece of music.

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A lively, dramatic combination of bullets blasting to the latest Dance music can be made on Beat Fire. You will experience both the melodic and energizing effects of the excellent shooting. You'll want to dance to the music, I guarantee it.

Another feature of Beat Fire's design is its background. With different distinctive sci-fi backgrounds that alternate with each level, your shooting procedure will be sublimated. On a clear morning, at dusk, or in the great depths of the universe, you will find yourself making sounds.

Always use quality headphones or connect your phone to an external speaker.

Features of Beat Fire

A large music retailer

The approach, the device's expression, and the platform are all different from how they were in the past. Beat Fire must first meet the requirement of having a terrible music store because it is still a musical game.

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A vast array of musical styles are represented in Beat Fire, the majority of which are upbeat, energizing songs. Masterpieces of global music are available, including Nevada by Vicetone and other well-known tracks. Players can select from 4 levels for each song, ranging from easy to difficult. It depends on their aptitude or attitude. You will receive a bonus if you successfully complete the song. You can purchase more brand-new tracks the more cash you have. And your musical adventure never comes to an end.

Game mode

Beat Fire offers two different game types to accommodate everyone. The song of your choosing and one of four difficulty levels for each music is available when playing the game.

In level mode, the game opens up levels that range in difficulty from easy to challenging and from slow to quick.

Modify everything you want

Because you may modify anything in your hand, Beat Fire is a place where you can also let your creativity run wild. The musical keys and the sort of pistol used to shoot the music notes can be modified.

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First, let's discuss the musical keys. The bricks that drop from the top can be customized in size, color, and shape. A screen with those colors will produce a lively, vibrant, and joyful atmosphere.

Regarding the music gun, you can design your own weapon based on your creativity and tastes. Each gun has a distinct firing mechanism, sound, and bullet pattern. When there are lots of rewards, you can also unlock new weapons with them. A completely new EDM combo is produced by blending the sounds of the bullets with the sounds of the various musical notes.

Playing the game Beat Fire

The easiest way to start this game is to simply tap the falling tiles with your finger in a steady rhythm. You can blast the tile by tapping it. It's a straightforward arcade game where you shoot the tiles with an arcade pistol displayed on the screen.

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Beat Fire is simple gameplay that calls for quick reactions, there aren't many unique tips and methods to playing it. The more you play, the better you will be. The easiest way to progress through the game's challenging levels is to continue playing it until you can hear your song without making any mistakes.


For leisurely hours of the day, you don't have to settle for a demanding activity or one that is too mundane and devoid of novelty. You can entirely surrender to Beat Fire's music, noises, and mindless shooting sequences. Isn't it fun to play music and make it in your own way?

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Download Beat Fire APK, the Android game which blends musicals and shooting games. Amass different weapons, and expand the repertoire of tunes you can perform.


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