Beat Shooter
Beat Shooter
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Version: 2.2.9
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Download Beat Shooter APK to play with gunshots. Yes, that's basically what you're doing here. If you love guns, you will enjoy playing this shooting game!

Name Beat Shooter
Version 2.2.9
Updated Dec 26, 2023
Category Music

Beat Shooter Overview

Beat Shooter is a first-person shooter game from Badsnowball Limited. It involves maneuvering your guns in different ways to shoot cubes that appear on your device's screen. Great music, simple gameplay, and lots of shooting; that's what this game offers you. First-person games are popular, so this is not an attempt to bring something entirely new to you.

Beat Shooter is a classic game in a popular genre, but it is in no way an old-fashioned one. The game style is very gentle. There's no bloodshed or extreme violence. No monsters or weird creatures are appearing out of nowhere. Here, you're shooting cubes. You read that right. Somehow, it manages to be an addictive game.

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Maybe it's because of the shooting styles. Each scene has a different shot mechanism. You must bend your arm and navigate the screen in unusual ways to hit the cubes. The attempt to miss none of the falling cubes will have you glued to your mobile device since you don't want to lose.

In addition, you're shooting to the tune of a song. This gives a Piano Tiles vibe, but instead of tapping the music tiles, you're shooting at music cubes here. Each one has its unique sound, and everything combines to produce relaxing music for you to listen to.

Beat Shooter Gameplay

Beat Shooter is a unique, completely enjoyable game to play. The combination of music and shooting action themes is incredible and praiseworthy. Choose your favourite song from the list of beats provided in the game. To shoot at the cube targets, you need to learn the workings of the touch and drag controls of the game.

You must hit all the falling cube blocks to play a smooth song. You experience good music when you hit all the notes to match the tune of the beat. Start with easy songs to practice navigating the game's controls. The goal is not only to hit the targets but also to hit them on time.

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You lose points when your shots don't match the beat of the song you choose. When you complete levels, you unlock new songs, usually the advanced ones. Both the easy and hard songs get tougher as you progress. Each song will start slow and get fast as you play.

Besides the music cubes, there are other helpful targets to shoot at. Aim at the black circles that grant you bonus points when you hit them. Ensure you shoot them while they're pulsing, or you don't get the bonus. Don't wait too long to shoot when they appear because they disappear after a while. There's nothing easy to play about this game. Get ready to grind.

Graphics And Sound

The visual style is a "bright colours everywhere" type. The game has different locations and backgrounds for you to play in. For each one, the cubes look different too. The graphics are stunning. It's a mix of modernness and pop style. The vibes appear in various colours and fall differently in each scene.

The visuals also show you how to hold your gun. Your gun is automatically upgraded to help your game if you accumulate many points while playing. You're enabled to keep up with the rising speed of the falling cubes.

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Since it's a music game, it's no surprise that the music is great. The sounds are mostly real songs that trigger feelings of nostalgia in you. Each scene inspires different emotions in you because you get to choose a different song every time you play. You can't ignore the sound in this game because that's the essence.

The sounds are everywhere. If you do not enjoy listening to music, just avoid this game. You'll have to listen to music at every post because the aim is to shoot to the tune of the songs. There are three modes to play, and in each one, the music gets more frantic as you keep playing. If you're a beginner, don't start with endless mode. It'll frustrate you.

Other Beat Shooter Features

Amazing features that makeup Beat Shooter include:

  • Customizable Controls: Beat Shooter lets you choose the mode for your beats. You can set them to play at a slow, medium, or fast pace, whichever one is most comfortable for you. You can also customize the touch accuracy and the latency to ensure your shots are precise.
  • Song List: Beat Shooter features a diverse song list with many songs for you to play. Take part in playing over hundred pieces of music from the artists you know and love.
  • Gun Choices: There's also a unique collection of guns. Each one has its SOR isl shooting mechanics and effects.
  • Engaging Challenges: Engage in the challenging gameplay by playing different songs and speeds. After every round, you're guaranteed a tougher, more challenging round of shooting to beats.
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  • Cool Backgrounds: Keep leveling up to get access to the backgrounds available to you. Pick different pictures from the game gallery as backgrounds for the game rounds you play.
  • Player Perspectives: If you get bored of the right-side view, you can always switch to the left-side view for some variety. Just choose the one that is comfortable for you.
  • Languages: Beat Shooter's developers easily made the game accessible to everyone by making it available in many languages. The supported languages include Korean, Vietnamese, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and many more. So play in your favourite languages comfortably.

Beat Shooter is also free to play. All you have is to download it from your device's App Store, launch and play!


Beat Shooter is a fun game that allows you access to creative gameplay of music and shooter action. The features are simple and amazing at the same time. It's that game you'll enjoy playing, but it might stress you a little if you don't play at a comfortable pace.

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Overall, it's still a good game. You can even play offline or online. You don't need to wait for a stable internet connection to shoot your favourite beats anymore.

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Download Beat Shooter APK to play with gunshots. Yes, that's basically what you're doing here. If you love guns, you will enjoy playing this shooting game!


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