The House of Da Vinci 2
The House of Da Vinci 2
Size: 1,2 GB
Version: 1.0.4
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Download and install House Of Da Vinci 2 APK and join thousands of explorers. Discover hidden secrets by solving the best puzzle games and travel back in time.

Name The House of Da Vinci 2
Version 1.0.4
Updated Sep 26, 2022
Category Puzzle

Game Description

Apart from difficult puzzles that are based on physics, in House of Da Vinci 2, the player gets access to double lenses with extraordinary abilities. One could see secret codes and the other could see past events. In addition, the gamers occasionally discover letters from their master Da Vinci, likewise from the antagonist. When the player completes each level they get closer to discovering the truth.

The Gameplay

The set up of this story is in Florence, Italy, at the time of the Renaissance. Leonardo Da Vinci, the most promising apprentice, was nowhere to be found. The player begins to search for the hidden truth in Da Vinci's house. However, his workshop is surrounded by puzzles, escape tools, inventions, and hidden objects in every room nook. The gamer is expected to solve different puzzles in various rooms to find out if  Leonardo left a message or any trace of his disappearance.

the house of da vinci 2

The House of Da Vinci 2 is an adventurous game created by Slovak indie studio Blue Brain Games. Unlike other games, House of Da Vinci is available in different languages; English, German, French, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, and Malay.

Walkthrough: Guide

The puzzles can sometimes be complicated, but this guide will help you if you ever get stuck.

  • You will discover yourself in a cell but adhere to the instructions. First, take up the tube thrown out by the guard. The tube is made with a leather skin case; twirl off the top and drag the letter out.
  • Drag it upwards to see the bottom of the letter. Then unfold the key from the ribbon. You now have a key!
  • On the floor, you will find a wooden spoon; pick it up.
  • Look closer to the door. Then take the key from your stock to the rivet. Finally, look to the other side of the key to reveal the lock. The lock's key will be used to open the door.
  • Turn over and pull the curiously shaped screw.
  • Repeat the same movement and then use the rivet on the barrel. Flip it to reveal a device. Afterwards, open it and collect any portion of the torture device.
the house of da vinci 2 2022
  • Open the torture device from your stock and pull the curiously shaped screw. Flip it, and you will get a torture device.
  • Move to the wall with your chain and crank. Reverse the handle of the crank and bring down the gate.
  • Put the torture device in the floor rift and place the chain collar around it.
  • Flip the crank further. It will shatter, so replace the part with a wooden spoon. Then roll it again to unlock the trap door. Keep moving down.
  • You will see a gate in front of you. Move closer to the top and release the lock by pulling down the handle.
  • Get a closer view of the wheel. Then, take the peg down to release the handle.
  • You will discover on the left side a tiny box in the block. Rotate the three circles, and the implication will cause the gaps to align with each other. Afterwards, collect the Silver-plated object you see.
  • Zoom in and out of the top of the box. Put the object down in the slot. Follow the instructions and use your two fingers to drag two of the pieces in. You can then open the box.
  • Read the information and then go with the piece behind the letter. Move it to the top where the puzzle is, and then push it down.
  • Twirl each part of the puzzle to get a corresponding pattern. After that, take the round device from the middle.
  • There's a device named Oculus Perpetua; double tap the portal to get there. And then long press the middle of the portal till it takes you to the past.
the house of da vinci 2 for android
  • While you are in the past, move to the bottom. You will be able to stop the gargoyle from spilling water, and then the bridge will be fixed in the future.
  • Travel back to the present/future. Now you can easily pass the bridge under the gargoyle. While you do so, find the head of the stone and take it.
  • Go back a bit from there; you came in and searched for a hole in the walls. Input the head of the stone in the slot. Drag the mouth down to open a hidden door to an unknown area.
  • Keep moving towards the stairs down to another gate. Drag the switch to open the door and walk through it.
  • Someone will open a door for you into a new street. Go further to meet your benefactors. You will receive a note from him; with it, you can record some hints and use it as your journal. After he is done with his speech, he will direct you to the doorway. Walk through it to complete your adventures.

Notable Features

New Mechanical Puzzles

Get tons of new objects, mechanical brain-twisters, and 3D puzzles waiting to be solved.

Time Travel

Travel back to the past to reveal hidden objects and past mysteries. Then, use a special Oculus Perpetua to redesign the present meaningfully.

the house of da vinci 2 free download

New Controls

Find your way through the sophisticated locations intuitively. All touch controls are now optimized and redesigned to feel instinctive.

Voice Narrated Sequels

Fun for all reasoning: the entire story is now completely narrated. You can't afford to get goosebumps.

Strange Cutscenes

There's a scene showing Leonardo's famous work of art The Last Supper

Is House Of Da Vinci 2 Worth Downloading

Considering the 4.9-star rating on the play store, including a 4.8-star on the app store, it is a great game played by many. Besides, the storyline is epic and suitable for all ages, and families can enjoy playing it together. You have everything to enjoy when you download House of Da Vince 2. You never can tell what sign you may discover.

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With this in mind, House of Da Vinci 2 is the number one choice game for those who want to unwind and relax with the best puzzle games. House of Da Vinci 2 is available on android and IOS devices.


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