The First Tree
The First Tree
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Version: 1.0
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Download The First Tree APK to take control of your character's life in an indie game developed to capture your attention and take you on an inspiring journey.

Name The First Tree
Version 1.0
Updated Sep 17, 2022
Category Adventure
Developer David Wehle, LLC
Google Play Link com.davidwehle.thefirsttree

What To Know About The First Tree

The First Tree is an exploration game in the third person. It takes you through the story of a couple supporting each other as they grieve their crisis. The game has a death theme combined with elements of humour and romance. If you've ever lost a loved one, you may find it easy to relate to the story this game is based on.

The First Tree is about a man explaining his dream to his wife. He is the game's narrator. The game is about him narrating a dream about a fox. You play the role of the fox, wandering landscapes in search of her cubs. As you do this, you also discover parts of the dreamer's past, experiences, and stories.

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The game was released for mobile devices on the 18th of November, 2020, and is available on their app stores. It is also available on Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

The First Tree offers a rich game story that is more of a combination of stories. The dreamer is the game's protagonist, and his voice is always present in the game as you try to find the fox's cubs. The mix of exploration and narration is one of the things that make the game so unique and beautiful.

Emotional Gameplay

The First Tree has about 90 minutes of gameplay. Since it is a story-driven game, every part is based on a specific aspect of the narrator's story. In addition, the environment features beacons of light that indicate hidden objects. As the fox, you can dig up these objects to access their hidden monologues.

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Each object has a monologue related to it. Getting the objects initiates their monologues and drives the game forward. The monologues are accompanied by soft soundtracks that suit the stories being told.

Stars are littered on the ground, which you can collect for achievement purposes. They can also increase your time playing the game, giving you extra time to earn more rewards. There is a total of 150 stars to gather in the game.

You play the role of a fox that can walk on its four legs, run, jump, double jump, and super jump. Super jumps are achievable when you collect butterfly powerups. The more butterflies you collect, the higher you can jump.

The First Tree also has some puzzle components in its gameplay. The puzzles present are easy to solve, so you don't have to worry about them. You can take a break from the endless movement by solving one or two puzzles.

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The First Tree has four to five biomes for your exploration, but after some time, the scenes start to look the same. Some features are repeated, making it difficult to realize when you enter a different biome since the boundaries are invisible.

The problem with this is that once you enter a biome zone, you cannot return to the previous one. You just have to keep moving forward.

Features Of The First Tree Game

The First Tree offers a mix of storytelling and adventure features that give you an enriching game experience. Some of these features include:

  • Story: The First Tree tells two interwoven stories; one of a fox looking for her three cubs and the other of a man named Joseph. You play the fox and are immersed in her experiences as she searches for her offspring. Joseph's voice guides you through the game as he talks about his grief, childhood, and adolescent life with his wife and, by extension, you. His wife, Rachel, also narrates her childhood experiences and relationship with her father.
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  • Graphics: The First Tree features colourful graphics which are slightly repetitive. The animations are great, but the visuals can use some variety. However, the worlds are stunning, and the attention to detail takes your mind off the repetitions issues they have. The game worlds, although ethereal-looking, feature normal items like toys and trucks for you to collect.
  • Sound: The voiceovers are really good. A great story is nothing if it is not told properly. The game acknowledges this, and the high-quality voice acting is proof. The soundtracks are soothing and intense at the same time in a bid to draw you into the game's world. The scenes are dreamy, and the sounds fit the theme.
  • Pricing: The First Tree is the product of an independent game developer. It is offered by David Wehle, LLC for $4.99.

Why You Should Play The First Tree

As with any game, you should play this one to enjoy it. So what are the elements that will help you enjoy it? The first one is the atmosphere. The First Tree's atmosphere is built to inspire nostalgic emotions.

You see childhood items on the forest floor to remind you of the narrator's story, random old cabins, and other unique features. Everything looks as real as possible.

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Also, The First Tree is a relaxing game. Although it can be tasking emotionally, the graphics and sound are so calming. This balances the emotional gameplay. The game invites you into the characters' minds, granting you access to their complicated feelings and relationships.

If these sound like things you like to see or interact with, The First Tree is right up your alley. Try out this one if you don't mind a game that might have you tearing up because of how emotional the stories are.


The First Tree is a journey through a changing landscape of beautiful sceneries. It is the perfect story to end your day with. You're not just reading a book or listening to a story; you get to participate in the story as it happens.

The game hits your spots by targeting your emotions. It does this so well that you might not even notice at first. The pace is balanced, and the game is not too long or short. It has that variety that combining simulation, puzzle, story, and adventure themes brings.

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Download The First Tree APK to take control of your character's life in an indie game developed to capture your attention and take you on an inspiring journey.


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