The Escapists 2
The Escapists 2
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Version: 1.10.681181
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Download The Escapist 2 APK latest version and dive into the world of breaking out of prisons. Live like a mega outlaw and break rules you already broke before!

Name The Escapists 2
Version 1.10.681181
Updated Sep 23, 2022
Category Strategy
Google Play Link com.team17.escapists2

All You Need to Know about The Escapist 2

The Escapist 2 is the latest addition to the series of games published by Team 17 Digital Limited. It is an action, role-playing game centered on the character in prison, trying to break out. The game was first released on PC, Xbox, and PS4, and due to its popularity, it became developed for iOS and Android devices.

You play as the Escapist and can experience an exciting 3D adventure. The game involves fighting, finding tools for breaking out, following routines, and keeping a low profile, all in a bid to escape. With Escapist 2, you can explore and escape the various prisons.

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From the action to the thrill, the Escapist 2 is a smooth and exciting game that allows you to explore the prison world.

Exciting Gameplay

The Escapist 2 was developed with engaging and exciting gameplay that won't bore its players. If anything, the game is full of adventure that will keep you interested. It was similar to the Original Escapist in 2015, but it is different in the unique ways that make it stand out.

It has a main storyline, but you can also go for the sub-stories, including various little escapes from each prison in the game. In addition, it has many multiplayer missions, and you can conspire with three friends and make the multiplayer feature a hit. Finally, plan the ultimate escape with the multiplayer feature and have fun while trying to escape prison with your friends.

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The Escapist 2 helps you become a pro prison breaker alongside other players. Or you could go solo and be the best at prison breaking. With The Escapist 2, you experience hilariously thrilling gameplay that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Get Your Escape Gears

At first, when you start the real game after completing the tutorial, you will discover that the escape gears are not left around like they were in the tutorials. You'll have to figure out how to escape with little assistance. However, in the first prison, there are different ways to escape. You need to figure out an easy way. While some ways cost in-game currency, others involve critical thinking and analyzing scenarios.

The more you solve problems, the more rewards and gears you get to unlock. You can also participate in tough missions when you unlock them with points or use your in-app purchases.

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Prison Stats

We should talk about prison stats. The Escapist 2 has three stats; intelligence, which is used for item crafting. However, higher intelligence gives you access to more crafting items and fitness, which will help decrease your stamina loss and strength, which helps you during combat and fitness. You can get all these through different exercises in each prison. Fitness and strength are exercised by different exercise equipment in the yard, and your intelligence can be trained in the library.

Everyone has their fighting style, and you can master this to win them and get upgrades. The game comes with fights that you cannot escape fighting. Leverage the advanced controls and training, and use powerful combos to win against other prisoners and guards in order to escape.

Detailed Graphics

One of the highlights of The Escapist 2 is the graphics, which pull you into the game. As a role-playing game, you can feel like you're in a real-life prison break, even if the game is designed for mobile.

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The game uses different short storytelling to explain what is going on in the gameplay. This adds more life to the game, giving you an engaging, realistic experience.

Exciting Features of The Escapist 2

The Escapist 2 has fantastic features that enhance your playing experience. Some of these features include:

  • Thirteen handpicked prisons filled with indie sandbox madness
  • Live through the prison life, make friends, outrightly bribe the guard, or pull the wool out of the guard's eye
  • A revamped combat system that makes your breakout an epic one
  • Buying in-game items to breakout
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  • Trading to get items that will aid your breakout
  • Fighting your way to getting items that will aid your breakout
  • Stealing outfits to blend in to help you break out
  • A library to help you train your mind for the breakout
  • A gym to train your body for the breakout

The Escapist 2 Plot

There are escape options for you. You either dig to find your next plan, or you disguise alongside the prison working crew to escape. These options are first shown to you in the game's tutorial, but the main gameplay is not as simple as the tutorial made it seem.

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Still, once you are done with planning, whether a standard breakout or a specialized one, you will have to get items and players' stats to break out; this is where your patience will be tested in Escapist 2. With random luck, the game can allow you to find items you need on the desks that you search. Yes, Center Perks doesn't just give you the items you need; with consistent searching, you might find all the items. Or none. That's the thing; it's randomized loot with this gameplay.


If you are a comeback player and familiar with the original Escapist, you will notice the upgrade that the Escapist 2 comes with. The game helps build critical thinking and your ability to notice even the smallest of details.

The game's execution is already one of a kind, and The Escapist 2 makes the gameplay better with unlimited in-game items to purchase, skills, and escape routes to unlock.

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Download The Escapist 2 APK latest version and dive into the world of breaking out of prisons. Live like a mega outlaw and break rules you already broke before!


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