Modern Age 2
Modern Age 2
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Version: 1.0.66
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Download Modern Age 2 APK and enjoy this action-packed strategy game. Become the president, build your military and take over nations and eventually the world!

Name Modern Age 2
Version 1.0.66
Updated Apr 24, 2024
Category Strategy
Developer Oxiwyle
Google Play Link com.oxiwyle.modernage2

Brief Description of Modern age 2

Modern age 2 is a strategy game and a president simulator where you play as the president of a country. Your task is to show how powerful you are through military strength and by enforcing your ideas and Religion on other nations and ultimately taking over all of them. You battle other presidents and military forces as they defend their nations from attack. Apart from taking control of other countries, you are also tasked with managing the government you control.

Modern age 2 was released on the 28th of October, 2021, by Oxiwyle. It is rated E, meaning everyone can play it because it contains mild fantasy violence because of these little or no gore or blood themes. The game has seamless gameplay and easy controls that anyone can use. Playing the game is using your finger to select options that indicate what you want to do, whether you're managing the country or You're In battle.

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There are different ways to make yourself a more powerful president. Either by constantly upgrading Your military services by training or purchasing proper equipment or by developing your nation through the addition of ministries, passing of laws, producing raw materials for goods and imposing taxes and bank laws.

Modern age 2 is a fun presidential simulation game with many countries you can rule. The dynamic game offers different ways to be a more powerful president that will keep you engaged as you keep playing. The game also has vivid graphics that perfectly recreates popular cities worldwide, making the user experience better.

Fun Gameplay and concept

Modern age 2 is a strategic game where you take control of a country as its president, and your job is to dominate the rest of the world. It starts at a decent pace, with the initial strength and size of your military forces and other political, religious, cultural and technological influences. The good news is that you are constantly upgrading and improving your strength in all aspects as you continue to play the game.

As time goes on, you will start dealing with more challenging opponents so improvement is necessary and something that must be constant. Modern age 2 offers various techniques to expand your territory through regular recruitment of military men, equipping them with new weapons, conducting espionage on rival states using spies and trading raw materials with other countries. Because of this, you will develop as time goes on. The game is won when you have asserted total world dominance, and to do so, you have to come up with the best strategies and plans to follow because failing to plan is planning to fail.

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Getting gold and crystals is very important because you will be able to advance your nation. There are several ways you can earn gold and crystals. For one, completing battles and tasks instantly earns you gold. Selling goods that you produce from raw materials is another way to earn, which is also viewed as the most peaceful way, but there is also the option of robbing other states of their gold and crystals. The Modern age president simulator has allowed you to watch ads to get gold and crystals. You can swap either gold or crystals to upgrade your military and purchase advanced technologies. Also, note that you receive gold as you log into the game daily and are allowed to use your real money to buy.

Game Features to look out for

As you play Modern age 2, you can look out for different fun features that will enhance your gaming experience.

  • Ministry Services:

You are meant to provide the citizens with the most comfortable living conditions. The game allows you to do so by establishing ministries such as the ministry of health to improve health standards and the ministry of tourism to increase the tourist levels in the nation, and these all improve the standards of living of your citizens.

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  • War systems:

The game uses war systems that allow you to recruit, train, and build your military for strength. You also enjoy the thrill of producing military equipment, building airships, arsenals and barracks, and sending spies and special agents on missions to other states.

  • Manufacturing and Trade:

Trading with other nations is made possible using this feature. Produce raw materials to make goods and other materials

  • Laws, Religion and ideology:

As the ruler of your nation in the game, you are allowed to pass your laws and impose the Religion and ideologies you want in your country depending on civilization development

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  • Diplomacy:

Diplomacy is featured in the game as well. You are allowed to open embassies and partake in the United Nations alliance and security councils. Sanction and enforce resolutions when needed, also sign off agreements.

  • Unwanted events:

As the leader of a country, you always face unwanted circumstances. Pandemics, rallies, epidemics, natural disasters and economic failings are all managed by you

Modern age 2 Tips and Tricks

Before you start playing modern age 2, different tips can help you win better. For one, you should focus on developing a working strategy for growing your country; an advisable plan is stacking up as much gold as possible. The easiest way to get gold is by selling raw materials, so focus on producing as many natural materials as possible. The more materials produced, the more gold you will earn. Work on having a very high rating as a leader. Having an increased rating will lead to population growth and little to no room for rebellion. The best way to do so is by having a good level for your taxes and avoiding the country's food shortage. Lastly, focus on having good economic laws that positively affect your trade and production of civilian goods and relations between countries.

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Modern age 2 is a fun strategy game with a lot of action and possibilities that will keep players engaged. It does not feel repetitive as there are many upgrades that you can use to get the most out of this gameplay.

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Download Modern Age 2 APK and enjoy this action-packed strategy game. Become the president, build your military and take over nations and eventually the world!


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