Grow Empire Rome
Grow Empire Rome
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Version: 1.39.1
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Download Grow Empire Rome APK for an adventure to the Roman empire. The game lets you recruit soldiers, wage wars, and defend your territory against barbarians.

Name Grow Empire Rome
Version 1.39.1
Updated Mar 24, 2024
Category Strategy
Google Play Link com.empire.grow.rome

Introducing Grow Empire: Rome

This real-time strategy-based game allows you to build an empire out of nothing. Just like the famous saying, Rome wasn't built in a day; you'll have plenty of time to work on your kingdom and create a formidable base that becomes the center of civilization.

grow empire rome apk

The game creates a virtual environment where players are challenged to lead a Roman army against barbarians. You have to win the battles and ensure your soldiers are well fed and motivated, and the kingdom continues to grow with you as the leader. The more missions you succeed and battles you win, the higher your rewards.

You also get to apply strategy to your gameplay because different soldiers are up for recruitment. So, you must choose between legionnaires, warriors, gladiators, calvary, archers, and others to make up your army. Lack of an essential part of the army can lead to a weak army or cause a defeat to your empire.

One of the major game objectives is to attack the enemy without reserving any force. Then, of course, you'll have to fight other battles, but you have to win the current ones to progress to the next level. The overall game graphics are impressive and satisfactory for a 3D strategy game such as this. The game content is also excellent, allowing players to make certain decisions but still follow the storyline.

Why Play Grow Empire: Rome?

Certain features have made Grow Empire Rome such an exciting game to play. Starting with the game features, graphics, and gameplay. Below are some of the reasons players can't seem to get enough of the game:

grow empire rome game
  • There are over 100 cities to conquer, adding variety to the game and boosting the gameplay experience.
  • Get access to troops, make alliances, and grow your army tactically.
  • You can use game rewards and in-game currency to boost your winning chances by upgrading your soldiers and adding more soldiers to the troop.
  • Easily make decisions and navigate through the expansive and easy-to-use game screen.
  • The game is free for all players since there are no in-app purchases.
  • The game uses 3D representations on the game screen and map to create a more realistic view for players.
  • It's compatible with various devices so that any mobile phone user can play the game.

Game Features

Game Graphics and Sound

The game's graphics is the first impression players get when they try a new game. Luckily, this game doesn't disappoint with its colorful, fresh, lively scenes. Moreover, it does a satisfactory job of mirroring the war setting with the right atmosphere of war.

The soldiers are colorful and bear the correct color of armors the real-life soldiers would wear. The characters are also distinctive, with different details to differentiate their ranks and levels.

grow empire rome max level

The game music is wordless and often punctuated by the clangs of weapons clashing, castles being built, and the storms of great armies storming to battle. These create a mixture of beautiful sound and an unforgettable experience for the players.


This unique game feature allows players to use special soldiers offensively and defensively. Upgrading the hero troop costs a fortune, which makes them rare in games. The higher your hero level, the higher it becomes to upgrade the hero troop. You can level up this troop to level 100, where they reach maximum potential. The hero troops will automatically give you additional troops every time you move up 12 levels.

In-app Rewards

The more you play, the game will reward you with upgrades, skills, and extra weapons. You can also unlock a special group of soldiers better at defeating strong enemies and boosting your troop's strength.


grow empire rome unlimited coins and diamonds

An in-game currency allows you to make purchases and strike deals to sustain your empire. There are majorly two types of rewards here; gold coins and crystals. In addition, you can purchase troops, heroes, or mercenaries to strengthen your army, depending on which currency you have.

Gold Coins: You earn more gold by eliminating enemies that attack you or invade certain areas of the map. Also, when you conquer a new colony, you'll be able to make additional income from them while you are offline since they are under your territory after the invasion.

Crystals: This second in-game currency is awarded for every 10th wave of enemies you defeat or when you manage to defend your colonies at the Rebellious Map.

Missions and Objectives

There are lots of missions and objectives to complete in this game. Since the player has the freedom to decide their next moves, you don't have to worry about the game scenes finishing soon since you can always move at your own pace. Over 1,500 armies and clans on Grow Empire: Rome, so you'll constantly be in battle with some and all of these clans in the long run. You can also travel across multiple ancient European cities and establish your stronghold in each of them.


grow empire rome

Cards are one-time bonus awards that help you boost your army strength. You can combine them to get a more powerful card and give higher bonuses. You'll get card rewards when you win battles on the map.

Game Map

The map is such an essential part of the game that it determines how well you'll be able to play. It determines how your empire will grow and in which direction your conquests will spread. There are two types of maps here: Invasion Maps and Rebellions Map.

The invasion maps display the locations and strength of enemy settlements, so it helps you decide which territory you can invade with your current army. The Rebellions Mal shows areas you already conquered and where you need to defend.


Grow Empire: Rome is a spectacular game with an ancient setting and fantastic storyline. Then the game is a good representation of what Tower Defence games should feel to players. Soldiers are left in the care of the player, and they'd have to build a thriving empire together. Conquer more cities and armies to rank higher and become the most powerful ruler in the world.

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Download Grow Empire Rome APK for an adventure to the Roman empire. The game lets you recruit soldiers, wage wars, and defend your territory against barbarians.


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