Dead Ahead
Dead Ahead
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Download Dead Ahead APK, a Mobirates zombie-themed strategy adventure that features pixel art. Your goal is to protect your ride and army from terrifying zombies.

Name Dead Ahead
Version 4.0.2
Updated Mar 22, 2024
Category Strategy
Developer Mobirate

Dead ahead

You must locate a car and flee for your life because The Zombies are closing in on you. Can you ward off the unrelenting zombie armies while focusing on the path as they close in on you and are thirsty for blood?

A strategic zombie adventure game in pixel graphics is called Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare. Your job is to take charge of the bus the zombie invasion persons are traveling in. You must undertake a challenging trip during which you will frequently come across zombies attacks. In addition, you must kill as many walking dead in addition to saving the survivors.

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You will have the option to employ both proactive and reactive strategies in this situation and improve your cars. Additionally, troops can be equipped and enlarged for increased performance. The game's visuals are in pixel style, although the items and settings have outstanding detailing.

Description of Dead ahead

In the Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare game, you control a team of refugees amid a full-blown zombie invasion. Your primary goal is to protect your vehicle, which you use to roam across the globe in quest of supplies and act as a movable home. The issue? Roadblocks are everywhere on the highways.

There are numerous sites of attraction in Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare's expansive map where you can locate barricades that you must take out. Obviously, you need to be concerned about more than just the roadblock. Countless ferocious zombies must also be fought off. Send your warriors into battle against the undead in these circumstances to create a route.

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You have different survivors at your fingertips, with unique qualities, advantages, and disadvantages. While some allow you to fight from a range, others require you to engage the undead in a hand-to-hand battle. You can assist by hurling containers and other things at the undead.

The strategy game Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is a lot of fun and includes cute artwork. The game comes with a world you can freely roam, filled with unique places full of difficulties, perils, and hordes of undead.


Dead Ahead's gameplay is simple. The human group, of which you are the leader, is tasked with defending and bolstering the bus, which serves as his secret hideout in the game. To prohibit the van from crossing, the zombie army maintains the blockade. The van will easily pass the obstacle to moving on to the next chapter if you persevere and destroy all the undead.

The following crucial statistics will be available to you in the game: Anger (magic), which allows you to employ abilities or help objects to fight, and Bravery (energy), which enhances fighters. However, bravery is crucial because, no matter how well you are, your chances of winning are poor if the army of fighters you have relative to the undead is low.

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Both sides' numbers and efficiency dramatically improve during the rounds. The undead can now attack like anybody because they are no longer helpless and ignorant and can sprint and leap as well as you can. They could be resistant to explosions, flames, and blades. The Intelligence of the videogame will always make sure the troops are balanced for each combat.

Features of Dead ahead

Images and audio

The images of the game are eight-bit pixels. The undead are arguably the kindest and cutest zombies of all time. Neither a violent aspect nor a gruesome, ominous haunt exists here. Zombies, it could be said, are only a pretext; what matters is that the entertaining strategy game is demonstrated.

Dead Ahead features numerous gameplay moments. Cityscapes, grasslands, deserts, and scenes set in deep water are just a few of the various landscapes, settings, and hues in each gaming scene. As you enter each stage, you will grow weary of the surroundings and the zombies' antics. For instance, the town is disturbed by the nearby traffic while the desert is dust in the eye. There aren't many graphic video games that can create such features and results.

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The music is upbeat and really catchy. The result is equally excellent; the sound is vibrant but not obtrusive and not in the least intimidating. It's incredibly relaxing and comfy to play this game.

A fantastic team

In Dead Ahead, you have to command a whole squad to build the ideal war strategy. Unlike previous games where you only had to become used to managing 1 or 2 fighters to combat zombies. Controlling such a sizable force at once is daunting, which indicates that the game's intensity will rise. However, don't worry too much as the game will walk you through each level, from easy to challenging, so you can quickly become acclimated to it. Your sole responsibility is to assemble a fantastic team that has the ideal balance of power and tactics.

Deadly Zombies

You must be aware that what is in front of you is frightening and deadly bloodsuckers, not brainless creatures as you might believe. They have no brains, but in exchange, they can sprint swiftly and are very alert, so be cautious because they can swoop in and fight you at any time. Your goal is to keep yourself and your comrades safe, so stay vigilant.

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The number of fighters on the squad and each individual's ability will rise after each stage. However, don't rejoice since the undead population will continue to grow and get more powerful, just like your squad. Currently, the number of undead will grow by one for every warrior on your squad that perishes in battle. They will increase in number, and their abilities will also be available.


The primary money is gold. You will receive Ten gold at the start of each episode. But regrettably, everything is purchased with cash, including warriors, equipment, firearms, and cars. Therefore, you must dispatch as many undead as you can and locate the hidden gold boxes. The game's battles are generally not too challenging, and figuring out the van security is moderately problematic.


This is a very entertaining and simple pixel strategy game with a living-dead concept. You need to participate in this game if you haven't.

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Download Dead Ahead APK, a Mobirates zombie-themed strategy adventure that features pixel art. Your goal is to protect your ride and army from terrifying zombies.


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