Evony The King's Return
Evony The King's Return
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Version: 4.75.2
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Download Evony The King's Return APK Mod to return to Medieval Europe with its chaotic events. Experience intense battles, sieges, alliances, and interesting puzzles.

Name Evony The King's Return
Version 4.75.2
Updated Jun 14, 2024
Category Strategy
Developer TG Inc.
Google Play Link com.topgamesinc.evony

Evony The King's Return

Evony The King's Return is a mobile game developed by TG Inc. and released in August 2016. The game takes players back to the 15th century during the Medieval Era when battles and alliances occurred. Watch several wars break out, and alliances get complicated. Play the different game modes and have fun with the in-game puzzles.

Game Description

Evony The King's Return downloads tasks players with building an empire by imitating Julius Caesar’s style while fighting other players in battles. There is a wide range of buildings and troops for selection and areas for strategic purposes. Bear in mind that this is not your usual game, as you will be faced with many challenges.

evony the king's return apk

The game shows that the king is back and is ready to take his rightful place on the throne, and those who oppose him are bound to perish. To save your kingdom from the hands of the ruthless king, you must act fast. Direct your people accordingly to a future that is bright and beautiful. The game will take you on a journey through strange lands; you will encounter different challenges and meet new friends as you go.

As a city-building game, you will constantly need to construct buildings and upgrade them at different times. Every part of the empire needs to be monitored as you improve in the game and overcome challenging scenarios and levels. Envoy The Kings Return latest version is packed with many features; enjoy a vast magical world and experience a royal campaign to test your leadership skills.

Evony The King's Return Gameplay

When the game begins, you will be required to pick out the land to show your leadership skills and take control. The game comes with 6 civilizations, explained below:

evony the king's return apk download
  • China: powerful based on land, large army size, incredibly tough troops, and the capacity to create new weapons.
  • America: gold is the most valuable resource, as well as various powerful siege weapons, tactics, and quick soldier training methods.
  • Japan benefits from military equipment, troops, and speedy manufacturing in this area.
  • Russia: powerful in the infantry, decent mining speed, and notably rapid trap-making speed.
  • Europe: powerful in mining, cavalry, and the speed with which they can pull soldiers into battle as needed.
  • Korea: the military of this land excels at lengthy strikes and has abundant wood supplies.

It is obvious that each land's characteristics in Evony The King's Return tips are strikingly similar with that of various countries in reality. All leadership role has benefits and drawbacks, so it's important to take compatibility, your capacity to influence outcomes, and your capacity to draw upon supplies from other streams to make up for the land's shortcomings into account. Each gamer's adaptability demonstrates their caliber and originality.

evony the king's return apk mod

There are numerous chapters in the game and numerous stages in each chapter. The format of every level is a puzzle pin-pulling. You must pull the pegs in a specific order for your character to move to the required destination without getting caught in a trap. The traps get more complicated as you descend and require concentration to escape.

Features of Evony The King's Return

Check out the amazing features available in Envoy The Kings Return:

All-Star Battlefield

The long-term happenings of this game have drawn in a lot of players from all around the world because it is among the few MMORPGs with excellent graphics. There is still more on Evony: The King's Return. The unique aspect of this game is how frequently it features enlarged All-Star battlefields. The competition, which is organized over three continents and features 300 of the best competitors from throughout the globe, is broken down into different groups:

evony the king's return apk latest version

All-Star Qualifier: Here, participants are split up into four classes. You have the opportunity to "play hard" in this qualifier, where you may also get a ton of valuable treasure, including the Parade of the Queen of Egypt, Dragon Shadow Avatar frames, and Gothic Revival Castle Ornaments effect. You may even be able to obtain the unique Amaterasu Dragon egg.

Semi-Finals: This has the same criteria for qualification. However, there are now just two groups of monarchs. The person who receives the highest score is declared the winner and is awarded the round's overall trophy.

Unlock New Levels and Upgrade Territories

You must constantly solve difficulties and make decisions that are acceptable to the circumstances in order to produce magnificent works that will aid the army in obtaining funding, paying salaries, and recruiting personnel. Utilizing the resources of the land will also help the rear expand more successfully. The uninhabited land of the territory can be utilized to build educational facilities, including academies, practice fields, and barracks. The type, quantity, and dispersion of these tasks will depend on where you take your progress.

evony the king's return mod apk 2022

Defense is the most important factor if you desire your region to move in the direction of economic development. You should concentrate on constructing protective citadels, agricultural product processing zones, and vast farms. Also, with your desire to advance in the path of the conquest of other lands, use the military as the core, you must build numerous recruiting camps, facilities for training soldiers, and factories for producing weapons.

Game Graphics

Although the screen of Evony: The King's Return on a smartphone is a little bit narrow in comparison to the furious battlefield, the visuals are extremely clear. Every aspect of it, including the citadel, troops, fire effects, monarchs, and weaponry used by each character, is depicted in exquisite detail. We recommend adding an external speaker or tablet to improve your experience as you play the game.


The battlefield in Evony The King's Return free download is enormous, brutal, and filled with numerous territories and groups. Envoy is a great fit for you if you enjoy long-lasting battles with a lot of occurrences.

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Download Evony The King's Return APK Mod to return to Medieval Europe with its chaotic events. Experience intense battles, sieges, alliances, and interesting puzzles.


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