Cell Expansion Wars
Cell Expansion Wars
Size: 36.20 MB
Version: 1.2.3
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Download Cell Expansion Wars APK to join the battle between cells. Combine your passion for biology with strategic gameplay and wage war against enemy cells.

Name Cell Expansion Wars
Version 1.2.3
Updated Apr 29, 2024
Category Strategy
Developer mobirix
Google Play Link com.mobirix.MultiplyWar

About Cell Expansion Wars

Cell Expansion Wars is a simple game that requires players to apply various tactics and strategies to play successfully and complete missions. The game is a miniature world of cells that's full of many competitions and brutality. Of course, it's always survival of the fittest at the cellular level, so your chances of surviving the game depend on how well you play and how effective your strategies are. If you successfully create the right game strategy, you'll be strong enough and prey on other creatures.

The game is quite competitive, as earlier mentioned, with its simple interface and gameplay. You'll have to compete against enemy cells by creating tentacles that attack the enemy cells. The first team to create the attack and establish a solid defence wins the game. The tentacles are the game's main feature, determining how offensive and strong your security will be.

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The game might initially seem confusing, but it's pretty easy to understand after a few games. It has a simplistic interface that focuses more on the gameplay than the visuals, so you won't be seeing bright and vibrant colours on Cell Expansion Wars. The game Control is, however, commendable. It allows you to make your moves without pressing buttons or going through overwhelming processes. Instead, you can simply control the game with simple swipes and taps on the screen.

Mobirix developed the game, and it's low on storage. You can easily download and install the app with little space on your device. It's free to play, too and the languages supported are extensive, cutting across over 40 languages. The content rating is for all ages, so even kids can play Cell Expansion Wars.

How to Play

As earlier mentioned, the game is simple and easy to play. The competition is the only feature that makes it difficult to win. Once you begin playing, it will fill your screen with cells. Your cell will be the blue one, while the enemy cells are the other coloured ones. Your sole objective is to ensure your tentacles are positioned in the right place to suck the life out of your enemy. You can swipe on the screen to create tentacles, connect to the enemy cells and defeat all of them.

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Once you point the tentacle to the right place to connect, the parent cell will send the daughter cell to fight the enemy. Hence, the enemy will continue to be attacked, so you can capture the cell and merge it into yours once its health reaches zero. You will win if you finally get to dominate the enemy health and get three stars in that level. If your health runs it, first you lose the game, so you must ensure you use clever strategies to defeat your opponents.

Game Features

Many features distinguish the game from other games; the unique game concept combined with lots of other features as outlined below.

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Easy Control

The game has one of the most intuitive controls you'll ever find on mobile games. It manages to use simple taps and swipes as the primary control system here. Like in clicker games, you'll spend more time clicking than swiping on this game. The single taps help players cut off their tentacles in the game. Hence, players can disconnect their tentacles from the enemy when they tap on the point they want to disconnect. Swiping is used for connecting your tentacles. You can create a path for the tentacles to attack the enemy by drawing your fingers along the desired course.


The game is not only simplistic with its gameplay, but it also has simple graphics that can doesn't invest too much in colours. So, if you're a fan of colourful and bright game interfaces, you'll probably have difficulty getting accustomed to the dull interface on Cell Expansion Wars. The graphics, however, have every form of detail necessary to have an enjoyable game. So, you'll be able to see every required information, such as the flow of energy and attacks between you and your opponent. Unfortunately, the game can also get quite complicated with its design when you get to higher levels.

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Supportive Items

There isn't much to write about in terms of game upgrades, but there are supportive items that act as boosters and power-ups in the game. You'll be able to use quick boosters to help you in difficult situations. The items have different uses, so some help you grow faster and penetrate the enemy within a short period, while others can help you transform your energy.

The growth pills help a cell in your network recover 10 health points or reduce the opponent's health by 10. So it's always a win-win situation for you using the growth pill. Likewise, the transformation pill will help you speed up the infiltration process by converting any of the enemy cells into yours.

These items are therefore crucial in the game since they can help in a critical situation and help change the game tides. However, you must buy them with real money or watch adverts after the game to accumulate them in your store.

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There is a basic pattern behind the game. You'll be able to figure out what to do once you start playing. The game objective is to defeat the enemy by taking control of all its cells. These can be done by connecting your cells at strategic locations where you have a chance of sapping out the enemy's health and slowly converting their cells into yours. Hence, you'll be able to play the game once you figure out a perfect pattern to launch your attack. There isn't any action here, so the game proceeds as smoothly and slow-paced as possible.


Cell Expansion Wars is a simple game with simple gameplay. You'll be able to dominate the world at a cellular level. It's more like fighting diseases as a cell and ensuring your mother cell is not breached by the enemy cells.

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Download Cell Expansion Wars APK to join the battle between cells. Combine your passion for biology with strategic gameplay and wage war against enemy cells.


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