State of Survival
State of Survival
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Download State of Survival APK zombie war and try to survive against attacks from hungry zombies and rival human gangs competing for resources in this world of the undead.

Name State of Survival
Version 1.21.70
Updated Jun 12, 2024
Category Strategy
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State of Survival

Like many others, you failed to make it to the designated bunkers prepared by the government and military. It's been six long months of fighting, shooting, running, and hiding. Six long months of facing death every day at the hands of the infected who refused to die, and even longer since you know what calm is.

Like many other survivors trapped on the surface world, which now belongs to scores of zombies, you must devise a means to survive, and the only way to do so is with a working strategy and allies. Make friends with fellow survivalists, create a society of your own with rules fit to stop the zombie horde attacks, and build an autonomous and defendable city as a base to keep the undead at bay.

state of survival

Knowledge is power, especially when rival groups who seek to establish dominance on the surface world and below are researching how to manipulate the ever-mutating zombie infection for their benefit. Create an alliance with strong friends to advance further, learn as much about the zombie plague, and survive waves of living and undead attacks in this hyper-realistic military strategy game.

State of Survival Game

State of Survival game is a military shooter, single-player, post-apocalyptic strategy game developed and published by FunPlus International studios on the 30th of August 2019. State of Survival Zombie War is available for Android 11.0 and above, along with all IOS devices.

Ever since its release, "State of survival download," "State of survival latest version," and "State of Survival Update" have all been the most common request from gamers who love only the best post-apocalyptic game.

state of survival gameplay

 The game is very famous, with an estimated download of 400k+ and $18M generated in revenue due to an impressive 4.7-star rating from 2.1M gamers globally.

State of Survival Gameplay

A Real-Time Strategy (RTS) online game with Hyper-Realistic and Extreme HD graphics is bound to guarantee immersive gameplay that would keep them occupied for long hours without notice. The campaign mode narrates the game's story and unravels the many mysteries surrounding the game.

In campaign mode, you can build your settlement from scratch while getting allies to help you and protect the base from attack. Grow your food, and make your own rules and precautions against attacks.

Once the game starts, the State of Survival guide or tutorial immediately kicks in to guide the player through all the steps involved in fighting, building, farming, recruiting allies, and making policies and commands. The tutorial continues until the first level is cleared, and then the story of why the world is as it is and what led to the creation of the infection begins.

The game's environment is one of the best mobile game graphics, with hyper-realistic extreme HD graphics and seemingly 3D audio, State of survival game is an impressive game.

state of survival zombie war

Perhaps, the game's most interesting mode is its multiplayer mode, where players take their skills to the global world and compete for survival and dominance.

Features of State of Survival Game

State of Survival prides itself on being a realistic RTS game. Well, to prove this point and combat the many problems that arise with making a game look very real, the game's developers factored in these features:

  • Extreme HD graphics
  • 3D sound and audio tracks for effects
  • Extremely relatable and interactive environment
  • A long list of guns to be bought
  • Daily reward quests to aid the survivalist with much-needed resources.
  • In-app purchases in the store (for faster, smoother gameplay)
  • Second-person view mode gameplay
  • Character Unlock system
  • Customization of character and property
  • Create your winning Strategy over time

Some notable State of Survival Tips and tricks:

  • Be Online regularly: As is common with RTS games, the player needs to be online regularly to protect your base from attacks.
  • Keep Building: This importance cannot be overestimated, as gamers know how hard an RTS game runs.
  • Resist the urge to build troops immediately: As expected, players often train troops when they come into view. However, you would do well not to prepare troops until you reach level 7. This way, we can start with.
state of survival apk
  • Explore the wilderness: The wilderness has a fair amount of bounties, rewards, and resources you can earn by chopping down a tree. There are treasures and valuables to be found and retrieved in the vast expanse of the wilderness. Once your troops are fair in strength, occasionally send a few to the jungle to explore and bring back whatever valuables they find.
  • Upgrades: The importance of upgrades cannot be overestimated, as it is in virtually every game scene. From controls to buildings, troops, and many more, players can earn credits and use them to upgrade their bikes.
  • Join an alliance: Joining a partnership is one way for users to maintain security and trust and mutually assist each other to survive in the competitive multiplayer mode.

How Do I use Plasma Core?

In the State of survival game, the highest form of upgrade a building can get is the plasma core upgrade which results in training a new set of troops who have much higher stats. Since your shelter could be attacked at any time and all your efforts laid to waste, State of Survival has made it possible for us to take significantly less damage by upgrading to plasma core. How to use a Plasma Core; well, for you to use a plasma core, you must first qualify by having your HQ level 30.

state of survival game

Once this is met, the game rewards the player with some plasma credit. Then the plasma core upgrade comes online for players to use as they see fit.


Zombie apocalypse games have long fascinated man. Many say this is because somewhere in man's heart, he is afraid that the angry dead will rise demanding justice for the crimes perpetrated against them. If you dare, feed that fear and live it for a minute in the State of Survival zombie war game.

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Download State of Survival APK zombie war and try to survive against attacks from hungry zombies and rival human gangs competing for resources in this world of the undead.


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