Last Fortress Underground
Last Fortress Underground
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Version: 1.364.001
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Download Last Fortress Underground APK and save humanity from extinction. This game will pave the way to become a global hero of the entire humanity to fight against the cold-blooded zombies.

Name Last Fortress Underground
Version 1.364.001
Updated May 13, 2024
Category Strategy
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A Brief Analysis Of Last Fortress Underground

The game Last Fortress Underground is set in a futuristic world where zombies have taken over the world. Life ain’t like normal days anymore. Endless people have become victims of zombies and have become a part of the zombie army. They're here to conquer the world and wipe out humanity. The only hope is you, who's the main protagonist of this game. Set in a first-person point of view, this game is all about strategy, planning, plan execution, and doing everything that can keep the zombies away.

last fortress underground apk

The primary objective of the game is to rehabilitate the remaining humans and make arrangements for their food, shelter, and livelihood. You’ll be the main hero defending your newly settled territory against potential zombie invasions.

Exciting Storyline & Gameplay

Last Fortress features exciting and engaging gameplay that's enough to keep the players engaged for a long time. The storyline might sound somewhat common, but the activities you can do in the game are stunning. There are plenty of things to do rather than just defending and surviving. With an exciting storyline, you’ll get a clear idea of what you need to do. For instance, when you know that you’re supposed to build new shelters for humans, you’ll love playing the game.

The gameplay is smooth and well-defined. The theme is zombie horror survival, where you start with a zombie apocalypse. The start of the game is itself super exciting as everyone nowadays fantasizes about a zombie invasion and a potential zombie apocalypse. Moreover, killing tons of zombies in the game will further increase the level of excitement. The dead men will have no luck in front of your machine gun that you'll be using from time to time in order to kill them.

Crystal Clear 3D Realistic Graphics

last fortress underground game

The graphics are crystal clear; hence you'll be able to figure out each and every item and character in the game precisely. Considering the fact that the game will be played on a mobile phone, crystal clear graphics are a must. It's really annoying when games have poor graphics or less detailing. But Last Fortress ain’t such a game. Some scenes use realistic graphics, which might resemble any animated movie. The perfect combination of gamma, brightness, saturation, hue, etc., will further make you want to play the game.

Precise Controls & Smooth Screen Navigation

A game must have smooth controls, so every character moves smoothly. Smooth navigation is soft to the eyes and doesn't leave much strain on them. Hard animations, on the other hand, are really stressful to the eyes, which can limit the gameplay time. Last Fortress Underground uses precise controls, so everything moves perfectly. There are hardly any glitches in the graphics. Moreover, screen movement is wonderful and really soothing. So, when a character moves towards the end of the screen, the screen automatically scrolls very smoothly. Convenient, isn’t it?

Regarding controls, there are some buttons on the screen that will let any character move in 4 directions, just like a joystick. Then there are dedicated buttons for firing when you're fighting the zombies. Moreover, all the buttons are well-placed on the screen, making the game easy to play.

Design Bunkers For Human Survivors

last fortress underground guide

Since you’re resettling the remaining apocalypse survivors, you need to create some shelter. The storyline states that the zombies have taken over the entire land on this planet. That leaves humans with the only possibility to live under the ground. So you're supposed to design and build the bunkers for your dear humans. The game will guide you on how to deal with resettlement. You'll be given tools and equipment to dig the bunkers and fill them with all the necessities such as bed, light, etc.

Be The Scientist To Find A Cure

There are several diseases that are spreading in the air. Do you really think that humans are converting into zombies due to diseases? If yes, then find a cure so these zombies can be cured. You’ll feel like a real scientist as you’ll be mixing chemicals, finding cures, blowing up the chemicals, and doing a lot more fun with those colorful chemicals. Moreover, you’ll also guide and lead a team of brilliant scientists to further elaborate your research to find a cure for more diseases as you progress in the game.

Underground Farming Is The New Age of Farming

You must have seen plants growing in the soil. How about plants growing under the ground and without sunlight? You’ll use artificial sunlight to grow plants and allow them to do photosynthesis. That's new-age farming. The zombie apocalypse will force you to remain underground and grow crops under the ground. Grow crops as you wish and unlock more new crops as you advance in the game. And make sure that you grow enough crops to avoid hunger within your humanity. It'll always be amazing to see plants growing in the dark.

last fortress underground

It’s Fun Fighting & Killing Zombie Waves

Zombies will keep rising and will try to attack you frequently. You’ll be equipped with a lot of guns and weapons to fight the zombie waves. And the best part is that those guys are already dead, so killing them will be a lot more fun. They won't fight back, and they'll be an easy target to kill. Mass killings are always fun, isn't it? They’ll keep coming frequently, and they'll come in more quantity than previously. So keep your weapons updated because each progressing fight will get tougher.


So download Last Fortress Underground and be the hero of all time. Since you've got an idea of how wonderful this game is, there’s no point in overthinking. Now it’s your turn to download the game and start fighting the zombies as you want. Since this game is available for free, you don’t have to pay for anything. What could be better than killing zombies for free? Download today!!!

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Download Last Fortress Underground APK and save humanity from extinction. This game will pave the way to become a global hero of the entire humanity to fight against the cold-blooded zombies.


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