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Download APK for an epic trip to an alternative world and take over countries. Engage in action, attack, and defend your team in this real-time strategy game.

Version 1.3.6
Updated May 13, 2024
Category Strategy
Google Play Link io.state.fight - Conquer the World is a free-to-install mobile game developed by Casual Azur Games. This is a strategic and realistic game in a war-like setting, and similar games of the genre inspire it. is a free game with an interesting storyline where players attack, defend, and take over various states. It is a mobile game with good ratings across several platforms.

Game Description follows an active storyline that gets players engrossed in the story without distraction from the main action. The game shows players a map and tells them to figure out a strategy with which they can take over the neighboring territories. Before matching forward to attack a state, players must assess the situation and know their position and advantage over other territories. The more you capture lands, states, and territories, the stronger you get.

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The unlimited everything is a cell battle game that will test your reaction, strategic thinking, and logic. You are given a chance to solve strategic puzzles as you fight against armies, beat rivals, and expand your coast in the alternative world. As the commander, you must lead your army to battles and ensure victory.

Similarly, you must conquer territories and countries, attack your enemies' lands, destroy and block out your opponents and defend your border with your strongest defense. While doing all these, you must be brave and clever; apply tactics and logic every step. Note that every action has consequences, so embrace your inner thinking abilities and be a true strategist.

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When planning your attacks, remember that you must apply tactics, not power. The game demands your brains and not your muscles; choose wisely. You can become a hero by solving tactical dot puzzles. Keep calm, as you will have loads of fun figuring out the maps that have been added for you.

Features of


As mentioned earlier, there are maps in's latest version, with various areas marked with different colors. The colors symbolize the boundaries of each state; it comes with detailed information along with the number of troops each state has. Your task will be to govern and command one of the countries on the map and use your power to encroach upon other lands.

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While attacking and invading other lands, neighboring countries also engage in campaigns and fights against one another territory. As countries move and change territories, movements will be depicted with their assigned color through arrows and dots.

In the beginning part of the game, you will be given a small country with a moderate army. Things might be tough for you, but with good strategy, you can overtake countries with similar sizes and forces; as you gain more land, your soldiers and power increase. Overtake more cities, fight invaders and defend your territory. An invasive plan is advised, and do not forget the contingency measures for when you enter challenging scenarios.

The land acquisition follows a rule that states that "the party with a stronger army will most definitely win and overtake all the land of the defeated party." New lands will automatically change to your country's color when you win, and you can decide whether to use your strategy or fight other countries.

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When a great country is fighting for fertile land, you're free to join hands and fight together; in the end, you will be awarded a small piece of it. This is a risky tactic as other countries can fight against you.

Strategy in

Since this game requires strategy, you must develop the best for your battles.

The first step is to assess every situation around you to know if you are at an advantage or disadvantage. Know who is unto you and compare your forces to other countries. This assessment must be comprehensive and done at the beginning of the game because situations change, and everyone wants to expand.

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After figuring out the situation, go on to manage your resources to strengthen your borders, defend your territory and move to the next step. Your resources are represented by your money, strength of the troops, army of soldiers, number of combat units, and so on. Understanding the numbers of your resources is essential as it would help you realize whether to maintain or upgrade them. This would lead you to know what resources need to be in the limelight. Extra resources will be awarded when you take over new territory and discover how to buy more precious items.

Furthermore, large-scale maneuvering in preparation for attacks is another step in the strategy. Here, your main goal is to expand and overtake new lands to get power and resources alongside defending your territory. Think of how many troops are needed for your battle and what you need to capture every state. Think about long and short-term outcomes.

Upgrade Soldiers Strength

You can upgrade your weapons and the strength of soldiers when you receive monetary rewards. These rewards are resources that are beneficial to you because you can use them to upgrade game characters. Completing levels means earning money, which translates to upgrading your soldiers and troops.

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Explore Levels

As you continue gaming, you will encounter different levels. These levels are depicted on the map and inspired by real-life countries. Every map has different levels waiting to be explored and completed. Overcoming enemies and completing levels will lead to an increase in the number of enemies you will encounter. You can advance in levels only when you have captured the required levels. You will receive unlimited coins and unlimited money when you complete a level.


Download for unlimited money to get resources and improve your army. You do not need power in this game, as only tactics and strategies are required. Get ready to use your mind and logic to come up with a maneuvering strategy for your army. Note that each move has consequences; always follow the map and think right!

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Download APK for an epic trip to an alternative world and take over countries. Engage in action, attack, and defend your team in this real-time strategy game.


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