Pocket Ants
Pocket Ants
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Version: 0.0797
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Download Pocket Ants APK and boost up your colony by gathering resources and picking them up to your anthills while you catch other insects and give them up for food.

Name Pocket Ants
Version 0.0797
Updated Mar 27, 2023
Category Strategy
Developer Ariel-Games
Google Play Link com.ariel.zanyants

Pocket Ants

Pocket ants is a game of action or a grand design game in which you are expected to collect a whole lot of things such as food, items, and anything that could serve as a portion of food for your queen; you are expected to do all of this. But, at the same time, you also focus on trying your best to improve your team and your ant colony.

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With Pocket ants gameplay, players will be surprised by the simple gameplay and the interesting plot, which makes the game fun, interesting and exciting. This ants game also be called the seeking game because you are looking for food to give to your queen mother while she rules the kingdom successfully.

In-depth knowledge about Pockets Ants

Pockets ants is a game almost all players look forward to playing because the gameplay is not a bit difficult nor complicated; pockets ants have the best and easy gameplay to understand and come by easily but as much as easy it can be, it has its challenges which you have to abide by and that is the fun of the ants game, you have to put in mind that you have to gather distinctive creatures and insects and by doing that you secure your corner to make it stronger and protect it very well when enemies come to attack to steal the food.

One of the codes in becoming one of the strongest team colonies in the pockets ants game is to be able to give your queen mother different healthy food to be strengthened to be able to provide the other ant's counterparts with stronger ants creatures that will be able to protect your base and make it safe for other ants and the queen mother as much as the gameplay is simple and that is how the control unit is way straightforward.

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Pockets ants games have a lot of control which has to be followed if you want to win the game and move up to another level, and this includes guiding your fellow ants by building new rooms inside the ant house or hill in which some specific task only has to be done and carried out just in that room. Furthermore, you are empowered to oversee so many businesses, such as the ant workers and ant soldiers.

Pockets ants have one of the best simple gameplay and plot of a video action online or offline game. Pocket ants don't have a boring or mediocre storyline or gameplay; it might end up being the best action game you have ever played because it raises the gameplay for other action games you might have ever played.

Features of Pocket Ants game

Pocket ants game has the best action game plot and features. Below are some of the features

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Pockets ants gameplay has said earlier is quite simple and easy to understand; when you login into the game to begin your quest of the action game, you are automatically made to be the head worker ants and you are given the work of controlling other ants workers and soldiers who listen to your command and adhere to it. Of course, one of the main parts of your work is providing food for your queen mother to bring forth other ants creatures to be many and guide the anthill so much more from the enemies who are looking to overtake it from you as it seems simple.

Collecting Resources

One of the main features of the pocket ants game is your ability to collect resources and other useful items for the queen mother and your other counterparts; In this game, there are so many items to be ordered, and every one of them has its distinct usefulness such as the leaves and fruits which most serve as the source of nutrients for ants and the when mother and automatically adds to the number of days they continue to live on.

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The pockets ants have quest features on the game board that make you tend to what you must do. For example, while other ants will have to help you, there are different quests in which you will be asked to do, such as embarking on a journey with some other ants and not losing any one of them and so much more and for every of the quest passed you are awarded some rewards or coins.


Pockets ants are available for free download on any of your mobile devices and can easily pass as the best simple action game you have ever played, it is fun, thrilling, exciting and has the best gameplay you can ever think about.


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