The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
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Version: 1.2.8d
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Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2 APK latest version and dive into the world of fighting for justice. Live like the popular superhero and fight against famous villains!

Name The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Version 1.2.8d
Updated Aug 22, 2022
Category Action
Developer Gameloft
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All You Need to Know about Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the latest addition to the series of games published by Gameloft. It is an action, role-playing game centered on the character in the Marvel comics, Spider-Man. The game was first released on PC, Xbox, and PS2, and due to its popularity, it became developed for iOS and Android devices.

You play as Spider-Man and can experience an exciting 3D adventure. The game involves gunfights, challenges, and conversations with the bad guys in the modern city. With the Amazing Spider-Man, you can explore and protect New York City and face familiar characters if you’ve watched the movies before.

the amazing spider man 2 apk

From the action to the thrill, the Amazing Spider-Man is a smooth and exciting game that allows you to explore the open world.

Exciting Gameplay

The Amazing Spider-Man was developed with engaging and exciting gameplay that won’t bore its players. If anything, the game is full of adventure that will keep you interested. It’s similar to the Spider-Man Unlimited game, as this one allows you to explore New York City, from Times Square to Central Park.

It has a main storyline, but you can also go for the sub-stories that include various heroic events. In addition, it has many multiplayer missions, and you can find dangerous action anywhere in the game by checking the red marked points on the map. These include car thefts, saving people in accidents, robberies, and more.

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As Spider-Man helps others and saves people, his reputation becomes better among the citizens. You will also notice blue points on the map, which take you to important events that help you earn points.

Get Awesome Gear

You can gain points as you play the Amazing Spiderman 2. These points are used to buy amazing things from the shop, as Spider-Man comes with different cool outfits that enhance the gameplay. The points can also purchase upgrades.

The more you solve problems, the more rewards and gears you get to unlock. You can also participate in tough missions when you unlock them with points or use your in-app purchases.

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Characters from the Movies

Prepare to battle some of the most popular villains from the original movie. In the game Amazing Spider-Man 2, you compete against and conquer some of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies, including Electro, Venom, Green Goblin, and more. There will also be some street thugs and gangsters to fight against.

Every villain has their fighting style, and you can master this to win them and get upgrades. The game comes with air battles, which allows Spider-Man to brawl in the air. Leverage the advanced controls and use powerful combos to win against villains and create intense action.

Detailed Graphics

One of the highlights of Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the graphics, which pull you into the game. As a role-playing game, you can feel like you’re in an action movie, even if the game is designed for mobile.

the amazing spider man 2 apk + obb highly compressed

The game uses different short films that provide a backstory of Peter Parker’s life. In addition, the content and stories have characters from the original movie and are even voiced similarly. This adds more life to the game, giving you an engaging cinematic experience.

Exciting Features of Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has fantastic features that enhance your playing experience. Some of these features include:

  • Highly compatible with all devices and is safe with no viruses.
  • An interesting and engaging plot involving Spider-Man, who fights against enemies to protect New York.
  • A role-playing game from the perspective of Spider-Man enhances the gaming experience.
  • 3D graphics that make the game look real and mesmerizing. The vibrant and vigilant graphics make the game similar to the movie.
  • Exciting villains from the movie increase the action.
the amazing spider man 2 apk latest version
  • Interactive gameplay with an addictive storyline.

Costumes In Amazing Spider-Man 2

There are nineteen different costumes you can unlock to carry out missions in Amazing Spider-Man 2. These suits are either from original Spider-man movies or custom-built with special powers to aid your missions.

  • The Vigilante Suit - used in the original 2012 Amazing Spider-Man movie, and this game, you’ll get damage bonus points, heroic bonus, and stealth mode.
  • Amazing Spider-Man - the Spider-Man costume of the 2012 film with powers including critical damage on hit, sticky web period, and stick potency.
  • The Superior Spider-Man - this suit has a 15 – 30% critical damage rate, and damage bonus.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - this is the default Spider-Man costume for the 2014 film with damage bonus, shooting rate, and combo streak bonus.
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  • Spider-Man 2099 - a suit with damage resistance, electricity resistance, and damage bonus.
  • Big Time Suit - also known as the “Stealth Mode,” the suit comes with stealth efficiency, takedown range, and spider-sense field.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man - the Miles Morales suit with healing rate, shooting rate, and damage resistance.
  • Scarlet Spider - the Kaine Parker suit with fire resistance, heroic bonus, and blunt resistance.
  • Cosmic Spider-Man costume - this is an originally pre-ordered suit at Gamestop with ballistic resistance, stealth efficiency, and takedown range.
  • Spider-Armor - also known as the MK II, has a critical hit rate, damage resistance, and combo streak bonus.
  • Ricochet is the suit with seismic speed, radius, and ionic potency.
  • The Hornet - has a combo streak bonus, critical hit rate, and spider-sense range.
  • Flipside - has ballistic resistance, healing rate, and damage bonus.
  • Spider-Amor (MK III) - the ends of the earth armor with damage resistance, seismic speed, and blunt resistance.
  • Spider-Carnage - has a critical hit rate, healing rate, and damage bonus.
  • Spider-Man Noir - an originally pre-ordered suit from Gamestop with ballistic resistance, stealth efficiency, and takedown range.
the amazing spider man 2 apk 2022
  • Iron Spider Armor - also an originally pre-ordered suit Gamestop with fire, ballistic, and damage resistance.
  • Electro-Proof Suit - has electric resistance, sticky web duration, and shooting rate.
  • Black Suited Spider-Man - with tech piece bonus, damage resistance, and damage bonus.


Amazing Spider-Man 2 is an action-packed, engaging game that will keep a player hooked from the first scene. The game is one for superheroes, Marvel, and action fans, as it combines this in a well-designed manner.

The game’s execution is already top-notch, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 makes the gameplay better with unlimited money, all skills and suits unlocked, and an offline version. So you can get the most out of the game.

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Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2 APK latest version and dive into the world of fighting for justice. Live like the popular superhero and fight against famous villains!


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