Tentacle Beach Party
Tentacle Beach Party
Size: 230 MB
Version: 1.0
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Download the Tentacle Beach Party , a strategy game with an interesting looking concept. The game is made so that the player can live the story of a book.

Name Tentacle Beach Party
Version 1.0
Updated Dec 23, 2022
Category Simulation
Developer yukarigames
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About Tentacle Pool Party

Tentacle Pool Party is a strategy-based game with a visually engaging concept. The game is designed to allow players to live the life of a novel. However, it still delivers beautiful gameplay and variety in the game chapters. The graphics quality is applaudable, with cinematic animation and exquisite background music you can groove to while you enjoy your game.

There is an immersive storyline here, and it adds some wild adventures to your trip through the game. You'll be welcomed to a beach resort. This is not a fast-paced game, so you won't be engaged in any quick decision-making process. However, you can always play at your pace as the game thrives more on its strategies than on players' reflexes.

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The control system is also impressive. With intuitive controls, players can bond with the game environment and control the tides as easily as possible. You'll be able to achieve some special moves too. For example, you can hide behind a palm tree or go to the swimming pool to avoid getting detected by a security camera.

This game is free to play, so you won't be charged a dime when you play. The game features, upgrades, storyline, and levels are free. You can download and install it here to enjoy the free gameplay. Yukari Games developed Tentacle Pool Party, which can be played on Android and runs on version 4.1 and above. It doesn't clog your space since you can install and play with just 100Mb of your storage.


The game takes off with its storyline on an alien planet. The planet is under the control of a Tentacle God, Ythogtha. When he gave birth to his son, he sent him to earth to clear out human energy reserves and suck the life out of the ones he could find.

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There are many hilarious scenarios in the game, and you'll meet many characters while playing. Some of these characters can be friendly, and others will be difficult to engage. So you can decide which of them you'd like to stick with. You'll be able to progress across multiple levels as you play, and you earn points if you manage to complete your missions.

Game Features

Not every feature of this game is exciting, but you'll find a decent list of impressive options. Check out the unique game features below:


Tentacle Pool Party has traditional-level graphics. The colour, shapes, and every other visual are designed to fit a basic game. The game characters are also designed to look and act simple. So players won't get a flashy or colourful game background; instead, they'll be staring at fairly coloured and pixelated graphics. However, tiny details are included in the game environment, such that you'll see the beers in a bar and several other things.

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There is a cool story behind Tentacle Pool Party, which is not something you see in similar games. The developers created a story around the game to ensure players can relate better with the characters and fully grasp the mission. This makes the plot development easier to follow and understand, even for casual players.


The control system here is also quite simple. You'll be able to access all the basic movement buttons, such as walking, running, and crouching. You'll also be able to access all parts of the game as you wish. You can interact with the characters, hide behind palm trees, swim in the pool, and do many interesting things with the controls. The cake's icing is the buttons' layout, allowing any player to easily navigate and use all the buttons without stress.

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Aside from the beautiful graphics, you'll also see some cool animations here. Rather than a fixed movement for the game characters, random gestures are added to make the game look more realistic. Different characters also have varying features, so you won't get bored with a static animation. This also extends to the game's background music, which rhymes with the animations and adds to the overall quality.

Game Characters

There are many characters available on Tentacle Pool Party. However, this does not mean you won't see some repetition of characters, so you'll be welcomed and frequently come across the same characters once in a while. Otherwise, the game offers some variety that makes the game environment more realistic and adds a unique touch.


Tentacle Pool Party is a casual game that thrives on strategy and attention. The game allows players to make calculated decisions. You'll enjoy playing here if you love a casual game with some level of thinking added to it.

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Download the Tentacle Beach Party , a strategy game with an interesting looking concept. The game is made so that the player can live the story of a book.


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