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Tap Tap
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Version: 3.1.5-rel.100000
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Download Tap Tap APK latest version and discover addictive mobile games that keep you playing all day long. Ready to say hello to a brand new world of gaming yet?

Name Tap Tap
Version 3.1.5-rel.100000
Updated Aug 22, 2022
Category Tools
Developer TapTap, INC
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Details about Tap Tap

Tap Tap is an Android application store that allows you to discover some of the most incredible video games in the world. Tap Tap is a free application, and it is available in several languages, such as Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, and so on. The Tap Tap download also has a simple and clean interface that makes searching for your favorite app a walk in the park.

What is Tap Tap?

Tap Tap is primarily designed for Androids, a store that features various games in different languages. Although the default language of the app is Chinese, you are free to change it to any of these – English, Japanese, or Korean. However, it's default language is Chinese because the application store caters to the demands of Asian apps.

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The advantage of downloading Tap Tap (or downloading from Tap Tap) is that the application store outlines apps developed in different languages and provides authentic user reviews of the games you intend to download. In addition, tap Tap also possesses a social feature that makes discovering, searching, and playing games from your Android device a smooth ride.

Tap Tap Interface

As soon as you have completed the download of Tap Tap, you will discover a clean and easy interface that presents you with several functionalities. Tap Tap interface has five tabs – Home, Rankings, Discover, Library, and Moments.

On the Home screen, you will find the latest games offerings; this is where you can easily download the apps that catch your interest.

The Discover screen contains trending apps and collections.

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The Ranking page presents apps according to their star rating.

On the Moments tabs, you will be able to read recommendations, and if you want, you can also join the available groups.

The Library section allows you to view all the apps you have downloaded currently, the ones still in the updating stage, and the apps queuing for download.

Tap Tap Features

The following are important features that the Tap Tap app boasts of:

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  • It is majorly based on community feedback
  • Makes use of user reviews and ratings to rate the applications available on the platform
  • Because Tap Tap does not entertain fake reviews, you can easily discover true information about a particular game from those who have already played it
  • Most reviews are available in the app's language, making it a lot easier for people to access information.
  • The Tap Tap store also has a social feature that allows users to publish gameplay images and videos
  • Users are free to share their achievements with community members on the platform.
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All these details and information are displayed on the product pages for the sake of new users interested in exploring. These videos and images can also appear on the Moments tab. As you scan through various video games, you can select the game you like. And you can also drop your honest reviews after playing the game.

Tap Tap Downloadable Apps

Besides the community support, Tap Tap also provides you with editor recommendations. These apps are tested and reviewed by a team of experienced gamers and are made available to you daily. Editors also make collections for you to easily discover popular apps in various categories. Because Tap Tap also provides several search functions, locating your desired apps is pretty streamlined.

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Tap Tap is a friendly application for beginners. The app allows gamers worldwide to find popular Android games. Tap Tap keeps a close tab on all apps and ensures you do not mistakenly download a virus instead of a game. When you compare Tap Tap with other app stores, you will realize that it is one of the safest platforms to download Android games.

Tap Tap Update

You cannot find Tap Tap on Google Play Store because it allows a third-party download option. Therefore, installing Tap Tap from Google Play Store will be like installing Google Play Store from Google Play Store – and in this case, Google Play Store does not own Tap Tap. Therefore, the application is not allowed on the Play Store platform because Tap Tap performs the same functions (and more) as Google Play Store.

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In that case, if you want to update your Tap Tap, you will have to download the latest update from a third-party platform beside the Play Store. You can find the latest Tap Tap app on our website or from the official website of Tap Tap.

Why Tap Tap?

Over the years, Tap Tap has managed to stand on its own feet. Because the Google Play Store can tie the hands of some publishers and developers, Tap Tap has given them the chance to portray their creativity in the presence of a whole new audience.

Also, because the vast majority of the community of Tap Tap is Chinese, it can be an opportunity for you to learn the language. If you are already learning Chinese and would appreciate some practical reading experience, maybe Tap Tap can offer you a chance with its default language setting.

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Tap Tap provides an incredibly amazing community experience to support your gaming experience. If you are just searching for a flexible platform to download games, Tap Tap offers an excellent user-friendly interface to its users.


Most apps feature applications in English – at least English is their default language. This has always been an issue for non-native speakers, but some apps allow users to search and download a language file. Besides this, apps in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese languages are often not included in mainstream app stores, such as Google Play Store.

Tap Tap provides customers with various applications worldwide in different languages. Because the app is majorly focused on games, it is not easy to find those centered around entertainment, music, and lifestyle.

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Download Tap Tap APK latest version and discover addictive mobile games that keep you playing all day long. Ready to say hello to a brand new world of gaming yet?


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