Tank Hero
Tank Hero
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Version: 1.5.13
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Download Tank Hero APK and enjoy playing this action-filled shooting game where you use tanks to fire canons and other weapons at your enemies in a fierce battle!

Name Tank Hero
Version 1.5.13
Updated Oct 6, 2022
Category Arcade
Developer Clapfoot Inc.
Google Play Link com.clapfootgames.tankhero

Brief description of tank hero

Is there any better way to spend your leisure time than using battle tanks filled with canons and other weapons to battle opponents? There are multiple action games that users can enjoy playing, but none will give you the thrill that this casual action-filled game will.

Tank hero is one of the most exciting games you can download and enjoy playing. It is a very famous game on different platforms as it has millions of users that download this game daily, and this is because it has exciting gameplay and features that people will love to play.

Tank hero is a game where you take control of a tank and battle against other enemies who also control tanks. The game sounds straightforward, but you’ll see that it gets more complex as you start to play.

tank hero apk 2022

It is a causal recreational action game where you don’t have to worry about killing people or keeping score. It is taking out as many tanks as possible and avoiding taking too much damage to yourself.

The developers are constantly upgrading this game with new features to give a better experience. Still, it was released on the 30th of December, 2010, by Clapfoot inc.

It is rated E, meaning everyone can enjoy playing this game because it is a recreational game that contains little or no violence and blood or explicit gore themes. The game has seamless gameplay, with operations that are very straightforward to use. It is tapping the screen to perform actions like firing attacks at other enemies and using the virtual joystick to navigate your tanks from left to right. Users usually have no problem playing this game, and it is seen as not complex and very understandable.

tank hero apk

If you are looking for an interesting action game with an exciting shooting experience, I believe that tank hero is the best game for you as it is a picture of action, recreation, and fun. There are many levels and different locations and worlds that players can enjoy playing, so you won't get bored playing this game.

As previously said, it is constantly being upgraded, so to enjoy this game to its fullest, it is advised that you download the tank hero latest version so you can enjoy new features.

Exciting gameplay and concept

This is the usual shooting game where you fire attacks at your enemy and try to avoid being attacked. Once the damage is taken to a point and health points are significantly reduced, your enemy is eliminated. This game doesn't have much violence, as there is no blood when attacks are fished. Tanks are just being damaged. It isn't like the usual action game where you can damage your opponents and see them put down injured.

Instead, this is a casual game that everyone can enjoy playing, including children. The game concept is centered around using tanks in different battle arenas to battle other tanks, and the person that eliminates the most tanks wins the contest.

tank hero apk latest version

Playing this game, an essential thing that you should have is a good strategy and skill play. Diving head first into this game and attempting to attack will end up losing quicker than you thought. The game sounds simple, but as you advance, it gets more complex with more challenging levels and vigorous battles.

So users are meant to have a proper strategic plan when going into each battle. This will give you a more effortless battle experience and make your gameplay easier. The game is more brains than action.

Apart from having a good strategy and approach to playing, having the best skills is also very important. How you play is vital, but what you use to play to also very important.

There are different upgrades available in the shop that you can use to purchase new and improved weapons or upgraded versions. You use money when you win battles to buy in the store. Using these new upgrades in higher levels is advisable because you will face more challenging opponents as you go on in the game, and using the initial weapons from your first level won't do enough damage.

It’s almost impossible to get bored while playing this game as there are over a hundred levels that people can play and also different game modes. There is the campaign game mode, where you play the main game and go through levels, and then there is the survival game mode, where you play against swarms of different tasks and see how long you can survive without being eliminated.

tank her

This game also has different beautiful locations over two worlds. You can enjoy fighting in other battle arenas, which all have beautiful designs and are appealing to the eyes of users that play this game.

One thing no note is that this game is entirely free, and there is no need to make purchases on time or upgrades. It has a relatively small download size as it’s not that big a game, and users can enjoy playing this game offline, so an internet connection isn’t required.

The game has an excellent graphic system with three-dimensional illustrations of the tanks and the battle arena. Apart from the admirable layout designs, the game also has a perfect sound system with excellent sound effects when attacks are fired, the damage is taken, or when tanks are moving. It also has very cool background music.

Tank hero is an entertaining, understandable game you can play in your leisure time. The tank hero download is available for all smartphone devices and platforms.

The game features to look out for

There are different game features that you can explore when you play this game. A few of the features include:

tank hero apk free download
  • The game has multiple levels that you can enjoy playing
  • Different game modes
  • It has multiple locations and different environments where battles can be held
  • The game has excellent graphics with three-dimensional illustrations
  • It has an excellent sound system with cool sound effects and pleasant background music.


Tank hero is an exciting shooter game that players can enjoy. It has many levels and different game modes, so you won’t get bored playing it. It also has a unique design with excellent graphics.

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Download Tank Hero APK and enjoy playing this action-filled shooting game where you use tanks to fire canons and other weapons at your enemies in a fierce battle!


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