Summertime Saga
Summertime Saga
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Version: 0.20.14
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Download Summertime Saga APK latest version to get an exciting and engaging gaming experience for anyone looking for a fun and pleasurable game to get into.

Name Summertime Saga
Version 0.20.14
Updated Aug 22, 2022
Category Adventure
Developer Kompas Productions
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Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga is a roleplay dating simulation game. The game was developed by a free gaming studio and is funded by community members on Patreon. Summertime Saga is a roleplaying novel game where players can make choices to determine how the story goes while remaining engrossed in the plot. The game features mature content which is why it cannot be found on app stores for Android or Apple devices. However, the game can be downloaded through the Summertime Saga website and played for free.

Game description and storyline

Summertime Saga follows a young man who you name yourself. It is set in a small rural town where the main character is just arriving after the tragic death of his father. The main character is in his first year of college and, as he arrives in the town, he is taken in by a friend of his father's. As the story progresses, the main character finds that he doesn't believe the story that his father died in a work accident. Time reveals that his father was involved in illegal dealings and died with a lot of debt, which his son must now handle.

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The story follows this young man as he handles his first year of college and the trials of finding a prom date while investigating his father’s death and trying to come up with enough money to pay off the debts. Throughout the game, the main character makes decisions like buying things, talking to people, and carrying out tasks all while engaging in romantic encounters with different women.

The game starts with on-screen instructions that help the player navigate through the gameplay. As the game proceeds, there are constantly cues to help with decision making. The game can be broken up according to the storylines the main character has with different women. These women include friends from school, teachers and other characters that he meets.

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Upgrades and modifications to the game are suggested by and voted upon by the Patreon members in the game community. The game is therefore constantly being updated and improved upon. Patreon community members may receive some benefits due to their contributions. The game is totally corwn-funded.

The game features more than 65 unique characters to interact with as well as up to 30 locations and dozens of mini-quests.

Features of Summertime Saga APK

Summertime Saga has many features and, as the game is constantly being updated, the features list also improves. The game is totally free, but supporters on Patreon get access to rewards and benefits.

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As a roleplaying novella game, the majority of the gameplay for Summertime Saga involves making choices that alter the plotline and participating in different lines of dialogue. Players get to choose how they respond to situations and make an impact on the overall story. The different locations in the game can be accessed through the game map where you can see the entire town.

Another charm of the game is the way that different storylines are interwoven. Each character has a distinct plotline and each of them interacts with the player in different ways. Some characters further the investigation into the death of the main character while some provide erotic experiences. You will interact with all of these people as you play the game.

Summertime Saga is a novel playing game so it involves a lot of reading, which engrosses you into the story as if you are reading a novel. Due to this, there are many scenes that simply play out without you making any choices or affecting the game. These scenes are important for the game to feel like a novel and keep the player interested.

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Audio and visuals

The game design is stunning with detailed art for each character and location and vibrant coloring. It is clear that a lot of hard work went into the art for the game from the character designs to the text boxes and objective messages. Each location background is also well-drawn for an overall immersive experience as you play Summertime Saga. The game also features audio that is not distracting but rather adds to the game experience. Audio cues and mood music are the most sound that you get out of this game but it is enough to maintain the mood without distracting from the point of the game.

Mini quests

There are hours of mini-quests in Summertime Saga to keep players occupied besides the main plot. These mini-quests often lead to new relationships for the main character or new means for the player to make money. The mini-quests are unobtrusive and are not compulsory to be played. They provide a low-stakes option for making choices that will not affect the main plot of the game and story.

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With mini-quests, players have access to a wide range of characters in the game that provide fun and short plotlines. Mini quests yield results that can be used by the player in the main quest such as money and other items and supplies. If a player chooses not to play a mini-quest, the total gameplay is not affected.

Mature scenes

These scenes in the game are its standout feature. As the main character, you get to explore relationships with several female characters in the game. Each of these relationships has its own unique plotline and features multiple pleasurable scenes and several fetishes to keep all players happy.

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The pleasure scenes in Summertime Saga are not rushed but, rather, are developed through built-up relationships that the main character has with various women in the game. The scenes are drawn in good detail to tease the player and ultimately satisfy them. Playing the plotlines of these relationships to their end unlocks relationships with those characters so the player can go back to characters who they have had relationships with and have more encounters.


As far as mature games go, Summertime Saga has been a huge success among audiences. The game has a dedicated online community on Patreon that support its development and fund all upgrades to the game. Where many similar games fail by making the game boring outside of the mature scenes, Summertime Saga is able to maintain the interest of its players, both during the pleasure scenes and during the rest of the game’s plot.

The support of its community is what keeps it alive, but there are many people who play Summertime Saga who are not members of the Patreon or Discord communities. It is a truly immersive game with many merits and is worth playing.

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Download Summertime Saga APK latest version to get an exciting and engaging gaming experience for anyone looking for a fun and pleasurable game to get into.


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