Stickman Master
Stickman Master
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Version: 1.9.8
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Download Stickman Master APK, an exciting slash action game. Play as the legendary Ninja and dive into a world of heroes, monsters, and magic.

Name Stickman Master
Version 1.9.8
Updated Feb 16, 2024
Category Action
Developer Unimob

Stickman Master

Stickman Master: Shadow Ninja free game download is available on the Apple Store for iOS devices and the google play store for android devices. The game is free with numerous in-app purchases to unlock abilities and upgrade several elements in the game.

stickman master

The game is a unique addition to the stickman franchise, which is a fan favorite among mobile phone gamers. It captures the fighting style and weaponry of a Ninja alongside the use of magic potions and tokens as defensive and attacking moves.

Full Description of Stickman Master Shadow Ninja

Stickman Master Shadow Ninja tells the tale of the extraordinary adventure of the legendary Ninja as he comes up against several monsters and their minions. As you progress through the game, you gain access to different weapons, including the legendary sword, a bow, and a hammer.

These weapons have different capacities and ranges. As you progress through the different stages of the game, you gain points, potions, and other wonderful gift items. These different items allow you to upgrade your character and increase the damaging effect of your weapons.

Your character is allowed to dorn different attires with each upgrade leading to the acquisition of more weapons and armor. Several skins are also available within the game as in-app purchases.

 Progress in the game also releases special moves that use weapons and magical blasts that send your enemies flying. These abilities also cause more damage to the monsters than the usual slashing motions.

stickman master apk

The special moves are not always available but are usable only in cycles. After every use, the special moves icons get blurry, and the special move becomes unavailable. You will have to wait a few seconds before they are released again.

Stickman Master Shadow Ninja is fun-filled and action-packed. Players get to move across different regions on the map of the game, and they get to fight the main bosses of these different regions on the map. Eliminating a boss can prove a bit difficult, but it comes with huge rewards. These rewards are crucial to your advancement in the game.

As you level up your character and move up in the stickman master universe, the game difficulty increases, and the monsters you come up against become increasingly harder to defeat. At this point, it is advisable to play stages you have gone past before to gain more points, potions, tokens, and new abilities to use against your foes.

 Stickman Master game is a well-written game with a familiar plot line. Nonetheless, it still manages to awe and captivate with its amazing visuals, rhythmic soundtrack, and easy-to-use control system.

The game comes predominantly with a touch screen feature that includes the navigation icons on the left and the action icons on the right. Tapping each item controls your legendary stickman shadow Ninja.

Features of Stickman Master: Shadow Ninja

Stickman Master's latest version is packed with new and exciting features that set it apart from other games in the stickman franchise. A few of these features are highlighted below:

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PvP Multiplayer mode

The PvP multiplayer mode allows you to enjoy the game with your friends. Players are allowed to compete and fight against each other. Playing against real-life opponents helps to improve your gaming skills and experience. It also adds a competitive edge to the game.

The PvP modes also help create awareness of the game as no one likes to be left out. Especially when it's a trending game, and you find your friends playing it. The usual response in most cases is that such an individual ends up downloading the game to get in on the fun


The game's plot line is simple enough, but the maps make it catchy. The maps represent different regions of the game with an increasing level of difficulty. Players start the game at the "Forest of Death," where they come up against low-level opponents that don't put up a fight.

You are expected to slash your way through different types of enemies like skull-headed creeps, spear-wielding stickman soldiers, and a few mid-level bosses. At the end of every region of the map, you come face to face with the region's supreme boss, which can be quite difficult to defeat.

Gaming modes

Stickman Master is designed with different gaming modes. As you increase in proficiency, the game becomes too easy for you. At this point, Stickman Master allows you to up the ante by changing the difficulty level.

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Levels on offer include the normal, hard, expert, and master levels in ascending order of difficulty. Finishing the game at a particular level automatically gives you access to a higher level of difficulty. Surprisingly, the harder it gets, the more interesting the game becomes.

Attractive interface, Skins, and Sound effects

Another feature that sets Stickman Master from other stickman games is the user interface, the gaming universe design, and the sound effects that add a bit of realism to the game. Players get to hear, real enough, sounds like the slashing sound of the sword, the big bangs that accompany groundbreaking landings, and the thunderous sound of powerful magic blasts.

 The game protagonist is also well designed, with the way different skins and armors are made available as you crush your enemies in the different regions. The villains are also well captured. These enemies also use different weapons, all of which have a varying degree of damage to your player. The slashing motions dismember most of your opponents, but you shouldn't miss the different variations and types of enemies.

All these, in addition to its colorful and amazing visuals, help in making the gaming experience a thoroughly enjoyable one.

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In conclusion, Stickman Master is a must-have game that will keep you entertained and yearning for more. It is enjoyable and suitable for kids and adults. It is not heavy, doesn't consume too much data, and is quite easy to play. Do well to download it today, be the hero, and enjoy sword manship, magic, and mystery.

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Download Stickman Master APK, an exciting slash action game. Play as the legendary Ninja and dive into a world of heroes, monsters, and magic.


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