Space Agency
Space Agency
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Version: 1.9.12
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Download Space Agency APK for an exciting arcade adventure. Become a space station commander, Build rockets, launch satellites, explore the solar system, and create your space station.

Name Space Agency
Version 1.9.12
Updated May 29, 2023
Category Simulation
Developer Nooleus

About Space Agency

Space Agency is an excellent game for fans of Arcade games. The game is a simulation game of making rockets. Through the Space Agency simulation's experiences, you can construct a space station in the cosmos. Players of the Space Agency can create a variety of rockets and spacecraft. After that, launch them into orbit. Finally, you can construct space stations in the game to explore the solar system.

The four game modes introduced by the manufacturers of Space Agency are Tutorials, Quick Play, Sandbox, and Career. The first two come with easy missions and instructional demonstrations. The manufacturers make it easy for beginners to get accustomed to the game. Traditional players, on the other hand, adore the latter two. You can build your spacecraft to explore the solar system or finish the game's mission.

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You can design and construct your own rocket using any of the 135 parts that Space Agency currently has. Some of these components might be left for your exploration once you begin building your rocket in sandbox mode, as you will only be able to use a limited portion of them in the first missions. However, after you have unlocked every part, there won't be much of a cap on how creatively you may use the sandbox mode to create your masterpieces.

This game will allow you to build large space stations where you can live while orbiting the earth. In addition, you can travel to various locations in the solar system using spacecraft. Any star or planet is accessible. You can explore it, locate resources there, and gather them to improve your planet. Endeavor will utilise its resources as efficiently as possible.

The gameplay of the game is straightforward to use. Space Agency's user interface is very friendly and straightforward. Thanks to various beautiful and lifelike 3D images, the game has unpredictably caused players to feel excitement and delight. Many players are drawn to this game because of the fantastic colours of the planets and constellations

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.Space Agency is free for anyone, and Nooleus developed it. This game is available in multiple languages since there are more than 46 languages to choose from. It is available on Android and iOS, and the content is rated for anyone. Over 1 million downloads on Playstore and a 4.0 rating by over Ninety-two, Seven hundred reviewers add to the game's credibility.

Explore The Solar System

Space Agency is such a fantastic game because it gives players the experience of being a space engineer who creates rockets, launches satellites, and makes your space station. Many players with a particular affinity for space science are drawn to play and experience because of this game's technical and professional qualities.

Another fascinating aspect of the space agency is that it has 35 Career Mode missions, 11 Tutorials, Quick Play, and Sandbox modes, the latter of which gives you access to all of the unlocked parts and a limitless budget. In this game, the player will be required to complete various activities linked to space technology maintenance.

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In doing so, you will also run multiple programs for orbital station architecture and space exploration. This game is one of the best original arcade games with an astronautics theme simulation.

Game Features

Like all Arcade games, Space Agency has some exciting things about it, which reflects in the features. Read about some of the most incredible features you can expect on Space Agency:


In Space Agency, you are given total control over your space program, including the ability to build and develop your rockets, explore the vast unknown, and return to Earth safely. It takes more than just planning and construction to operate the various spacecraft you launch and navigate and your rockets, so space agency also involves precision and strategy.

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Anyone can pick up Space Agency and have fun with it. Still, the game's mechanics and premise seem more geared toward those who have the time to learn everything there is to know about it and those who want to test their accuracy and navigational abilities.

Tutorial levels

The app's Home Screen has a separate icon for Space Agency's tutorials. While this feature deviates from the norms of conventional mobile games, the amount and range of ideas and tasks you must understand and study in Space Agency are so extensive that you must first install a different game mode to enjoy. The tutorials are divided into 11 sections and organised from launch to landing.

3D Graphics And Animation

No stunning 3D images, vibrant colors, and repetitive mechanics of building rockets, spacecraft, and space stations are absent in Space Agency. Moreover, there is also a minimalist 2D design. However, Space Agency has some exciting features that will make you sit and play for a long time without becoming tired or bored. A smooth animation also allows players to skid through the game without lags.

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Game Soundtrack

Space Agency uses incredibly realistic sound effects. Every action of the rocket, station, attached, detached, and launched modules are represented precisely, in great detail, and with extraordinary vividness. You can hear the engines touching one another at a very close range. The game's minimal aesthetics can be considered to be made up for by the sound effects, which have significantly increased player excitement and made the game more enjoyable.


Space Agency is an excellent online Arcade game. This game's realism, physics simulation, and sound are fantastic for anyone interested in the functioning of rockets, who enjoys high-end machine assembly games, or who is a fan of space, rockets, and space stations. In addition, space Agency has impressive features that keep you entertained and wanting more action.

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Download Space Agency APK for an exciting arcade adventure. Become a space station commander, Build rockets, launch satellites, explore the solar system, and create your space station.


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