Food Fighter Clicker
Food Fighter Clicker
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Version: 1.13.1
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Download Food Fighter Clicker APK, a game for all food lovers. In this eating game, you must endlessly tap the screen to eat fast food in Mukbang restaurants.

Name Food Fighter Clicker
Version 1.13.1
Updated May 24, 2023
Category Simulation
Developer Newry
Google Play Link com.fffungame.foodclicker

An In-Depth Description of Food Fighter Clicker

As stated above, Food Fighter Clicker is an eating game for all food lovers. To most people, eating brings happiness, and to others, it is normal to do as a human being. But sometimes, it is more than just eating; some people stage eating competitions to see who is the fastest eater and many YouTubers and streamers have mukbang channels. Surely, you might be wondering what is so important and why a strange industry like the mukbang exists.

Well, most of the time, eating is not just about putting food in our bodies. It is more about savouring every flavour and taste of whatever you eat. It is about awakening all the senses, feeling happy when you eat and enjoying your meal to the last grain. Eating delicious food is one of the best ways to spend your time, which Food Fight Clicker emphasizes. It is not your usual cook and serve customers game. Instead, it is a game that will test your food-eating skills to the limit.

Food Fighter Clicker 2021 is an entertaining, easy-to-play simulation game that only relates to one thing: eating. In this game, you are not starting a culinary journey, trying to be the world's best chef, or even solving food-related puzzles. Instead, your goal is to become the world's best mukbang food fighter by tapping on the screen to eat lots of fast food. At first, you will only be able to eat one boiled egg, but as you progress in the game, your skills will be enhanced, and you will be able to eat more.

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Your eating skills will improve, and you will be able to eat large amounts of food. In other words, the more food you eat at every level, the more your stomach expands and the more food it will be able to accommodate. It is important to note that you cannot only focus on eating foods in Food Fighter Clicker. You should keep a close eye on the satiety index on your screen to know when your stomach becomes full.

When your character becomes too full, you have to give them one of the digestion solutions – this is represented as an icon on the top right side of your screen (stop eating, fart and dung). You will collapse if you do not take any of these digestion solutions. This goes a long way to show how unhealthy it is to eat foods in large amounts all day and night without keeping track of your health. But luckily, it is just a game, so you can eat to your heart's content.

Dive into a world of tasty foods and mukbangs – our site offers a straightforward Food Fighter Clicker download process, so you can get right to it!

Features of Food Fighter Clicker

Now that you know about Food Fighter Clicker 2021 let us look at some of this game's exciting features.

Food Fighter Clicker Gameplay

The Food Fighter Clicker gameplay is quite easy – eat a lot of food and become the best food fighter. Everyone eats to survive, but in Food Fighter Clicker, you will eat to earn a lot of money. Eating is your job in this game – the more challenges you take on, the more food you can eat and the more rewards you will earn. Every level will have different missions for you to complete, and the dishes will range from simple to difficult in terms of quantity.

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You can use the money and diamonds you earn from eating to upgrade your eating skills, which will help you become a stronger food fighter. You can improve your chew power, bite power, stomach size, mouth size and many others. You should always choose carefully when upgrading your eating skills – select the one with the most benefits for current challenges. For example, if the mission is to eat a meal within a particular time, you must increase your mouth size and chewing speed.

Food Fighter Clicker is all about eating and surpassing your eating limits as you progress in the game. The more levels you can conquer, the more foods you can unlock and the more money you will earn. Do you think you have what it takes to become the world's best food fighter?

Complete Eating Challenges

Food Fighter Clicker is all about eating as much as possible, but you cannot become the world's best food fighter without challenges. When you first start playing the game, your stomach is limited to only hard-boiled eggs. So, if you want to be able to eat more and progress in the game, you will have to complete challenges and eat as much food as you can.

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Eating in large amounts is not an easy task, and there will be different challenges to guide you on your journey. The first challenge in Food Fighter Clicker 2021 will be eating ten eggs in thirty seconds, which is a lot more complicated than it seems. But, you can make it as you have to eat a lot to upgrade your skills. You can navigate to the game's info for information about your stats and levels.

Upgrade Your Eating Skills

You need to upgrade your eating skills to become the world's best food fighter; eating is the only way to do that. In Food Fighter Clicker, you live to eat, and the more you eat, the more money you earn. You can use the money to upgrade your eating skills such as mouth size, stomach size, chew power, etc. You can also earn money by completing different challenges.

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Other Features Include:

  • Apart from eating, players can collect a variety of items to customize their character. These items include hairstyles, costumes, furniture, chairs, dining tables, etc.
  • As you progress in the game, you will be able to unlock lots of foods to make your dining table a lot fuller.
  • In Food Fighter Clicker, you are tasked with testing your abilities to see how much food you can eat.


Becoming the world's best food fighter is not easy, but luckily for you, all you need to do is tap the screen to eat lots of food and upgrade your eating skills. Our Food Fighter Clicker free download process is straightforward – so what are you waiting for? Hit that download button now! Do you think you can make it?


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