Sniper Zombies
Sniper Zombies
Size: 239.18 MB
Version: 1.60.8
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Download Sniper Zombie APK and explore a combination of zombie and sniper games. Experience an incredible shooting game without an internet connection.

Name Sniper Zombies
Version 1.60.8
Updated Jan 16, 2024
Category Action
Google Play Link sniper.gun.zombie.shooting

What The Game Is About

VNG studio has launched the zombie and sniper game with the best features from one of the best authors of many successful zombie games. Sniper Zombies: Offline Game is a first-person shooter whereby a player is designed to shoot zombies with a sniper rifle while moving through different locations. You can take any position to destroy zombies. Your rifle has a telescopic sight, with it, you can target zombies from afar. After the mission, players will earn some in-game currencies, which will be used to buy new sights, butts, arrests, flames, arms, and different body gears for weapons.

More About Sniper Zombie

Sniper Zombie is available offline; you can play the game without internet access. Welcome to the world of zombies, where you will fight the walking dead and explore lots of sniper rifles 3D.

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The most prominent shooting game amongst various groups of games is Sniper Zombie: Offline Game. Amassing enthusiastic support from various users makes it much more prominent. This is the best shooting game for anyone passionate about sniper games. Sniper Zombie also has an excellent combination of zombie and static shooting games; consequently, this is the best version every gamer will enjoy.

How Sniper Zombie Game WorksSupervision Shooting

Sniper Zombie is the best sniper game ever; you as a player can enjoy special shooting visuals while playing the game. With a combination of FPS shooting and Zombies, playing the game gives you a real shooting effect. In this world, you will encounter diverse throngs of zombies exhibiting various shapes and sizes, and your goal is to practice shooting them.

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The creator of this game made it so intriguing for players to get absorbed in the damned world of zombies. Sniper Zombie works with all configurations, so you can enjoy the entertaining and exciting moments in the game. Another impressive aspect of Sniper Zombie is its variety of weapons. Players can experience shooting with different features and smooth controls.

High Guns

Playing sniper zombies will help you harness and express your shooting passion with zero limits. Also, gamers will be given a new control tool, a great combination of manual and automatic, to create the most realistic feeling. Players can now use their weapons to eliminate those relentless zombies. Using the ADS tool available in the controls, gamers can accurately aim at the zombies even from a distance. When it comes to Sniper Zombie, players will have the chance to become a sniper and safeguard others who are in the process of completing their mission in the game. However, while playing the game, pay close attention to your teammates against other zombies. Your goal in the game is to eradicate all those horrible zombies using your weapons, guns, and defensive gadgets. After that, you will get a beneficial reward when you complete your mission. This reward is for upgrading those firearms with good stats. 

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Stunning Apocalypse Graphics

Sniper Zombies is flawlessly designed by integrating 3D illustrations with peculiar concepts, and it gives you many stunning graphical interfaces plus an excellent character design. Besides, they can select from assorted fighting styles based on the character and style. Additionally, sniper zombies regularly spread secrets in several locations to improve the resources. The whole concept of the game is carefully designed with aesthetic visuals, along with eye-popping effects for a great visual experience.

The uniqueness of sniper zombies is the method of character creation and aggressive zombie apocalypse for intense experience throughout the gameplay. Both the players and zombies are unique with different characteristics and styles. The game often lets players explore new and unending elements in every theme. In all, you will enjoy the thrilling sound of gunfire. These sounds motivate you— just like an action movie— and will stimulate you to the next level. More so, sniper zombies develop new levels for you to enjoy and also conquer more scary zombies.

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Advanced Game Element

Exploration is a major deal in sniper zombies games, and the creators always endeavor to update the game regularly to ensure that players experience a new and refreshing game in each session. Another great feature is playing without an Internet connection. This horrible world will let you appreciate a bunch of 3D sniper rifles together with various types of zombies. You will see the grades of guns amongst numerous guns; likewise, you will get to use each. Sniper provides you with a wide range of maps during the gameplay, including a powerful shooting gun; this brings about a sense of joy that other games can not. You can boost your level and unlock weapons by executing quick missions to receive more rewards. Playing this game will keep you hooked.

You will be thoroughly trained in the game and become a great silent assassin. Therefore, aim to shoot accordingly to eliminate the zombies.

Sniper Game Features:

  • Enticing zombie shooting gameplay
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  • Strong weapons –shotgun, rifle, etc. Unlock great guns and upgrade them in the weapon store
  • Different, immersive scenes: uncover dead areas, from the big city to prison.
  • Shoot on the go, anytime and anywhere.
  • Uncountable zombies all over the place and many missions to experience.

How To Play

  • The difference between this game and various sniper games is that Sniper Zombie: Offline Game knocks you into the horrible world of the dead. You must protect your region and other people from the multitude of zombies. Chances are you may lose your life in the game anytime, do whatever is required, aim accurately and hunt down the zombies, and avoid making any mistakes when playing this game.
  • Your targets are the zombies and your enemy. Aim at the zombies and fire! You won't be given a second chance to take it again. Become the number one silent assassin in the maximum 3D sniper zombie game. Start shooting to save the world.


Sniper Zombie: Offline Game has unique and fascinating action gameplay; it is a suitable game for all. Kill zombies and get absorbed in a massive action world.

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Download Sniper Zombie APK and explore a combination of zombie and sniper games. Experience an incredible shooting game without an internet connection.


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