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Download SkyVPN APK for mobile devices. Sky VPN is an Ultra-Fast VPN proxy server that gives free Wi-Fi access and the ability to unblock websites.

Name SkyVPN
Version 2.4.7
Updated Apr 23, 2024
Category Tools
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SkyVPN is a unique app produced by Dingtone communication LTD. This app helps you optimize your mobile device by increasing your WIFI hotspot security and protecting your online record privacy.

Sky VPN 2022 features a strict no-log policy that makes you anonymous and secure with sky VPN. It allows you to unblock websites, apps, and geo-restricted networks successfully. This app is used and trusted by a variety of people worldwide.

skyvpn apk

Sky VPN pro stops cookies, secures your data, covers your IP address, and allows you to browse the internet anonymously with all your information protected. With Sky VPN cross-platform and ultra-fast VPN servers, SKY VPN will enable you to enjoy free internet to the fullest.

This application functions by using the virtual private network to protect your online activity. This allows you to share data and information online without revealing your identity and location. With a sky VPN download, a data tunnel is created between your local network and the exit point, no matter how far the exit point might be.

Description of SkyVPN

The sky VPN app is fast and hides your online information, allowing you to use the web browser regardless of location. Your IP address is hidden, and data sent or received is encrypted. This app redirects internet traffic to camouflage your actions further and goes through incoming and outgoing information. Sky VPN is a virtual private network compatible with Android and IOS operating systems.

skyvpn premium apk

Sky VPN premium features a strict no-log policy. When you enable this feature, you can securely browse Anonymously across all major platforms. This allows you to scan privately with your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile. You can also secure meetings and group chats on these devices simultaneously with the sky VPN app.

This app allows you to unlock websites and bypass school WIFI with just one tap. Sky VPN guards your online record privacy. This app features a global network and enables you to enjoy the internet without limits, no matter where you are.

Enjoy secure access to your local and foreign media content, movies, TV shows, streaming sports, and games. You are anonymous and protected with SkyVPN.

Features of Sky VPN

There are a lot of unique features limited to sky VPN as it is one of the best VPN apps available.

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Sky VPN offers unlimited access to your apps, websites, unblocked contents, geo-restricted networks, and workplace firewalls. You can enjoy private and anonymous access to all foreign and domestic media content. You can anonymously access social media, games, TV shows, live sports streaming, and many more. The app offers a cross-platform capacity for all your devices. You can connect five devices to the sky VPN app at a time.

Sky VPN is very significant for accessing school WIFI. You don't have to worry about restricted internet access while using school WIFI. You also get to enjoy unlimited media access at a fast pace. With the sky VPN android download, you can catch up with friends on social media, watch your favorite shows, and live stream using a school internet connection.

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Ease of use

Regardless of what network provider you choose to use, sky VPN VIP offers you a secure VPN whenever you decide to browse the net. This app also functions as a WIFI hotspot protector and safeguards your online data with servers covered with bank-grade encryption. This app features beautiful graphics and a user-friendly interface. With just a tap on the screen, you are set to go.

There are up to 3000 VPN servers with no data cap and throttling of unlimited bandwidth. You can unblock geological restrictions, bypass internet censorship, and have a quality browsing experience with sky VPN. Use VPN to access games and open blocked servers with school WIFI.


Sky VPN doesn't use open VPN protocols to help improve safety. Open VPN has end-to-end encryption that makes it susceptible to hacking. The no-log policy also improves security as your browser history is not stored on any server. SkyVPN does not track or keep any of its user's logs and activity. All privacy rights and concerns are respected on this app.

skyvpn pro apk

Sky VPN server for windows allows a DNS leak test feature and a kill switch. The kill switch feature is excellent for when your VPN connections become jeopardized. You can also disable sky VPN at any moment to abruptly halt your network connection, which makes data leaks impossible. The Sky premium VPN features the sky VPN free internet and unlimited free protection.

Sky VPN pro acts as a WIFI hotspot protecting android when you are connected to public WIFI. Once you enable this app, your online information will be well secured.


Sky VPN offers secure internet access and a stable VPN connection. Sky VPN is the only app with a free unpaid version of the unique VPN options. Sky VPN keeps your data connection fast, keeps your IP address hidden, and protects your data.

The sky VPN download has a kill switch and free tier feature. It also has bandwidth encryption and blocks cookies. Sky VPN is fun and easy to use. You are set to go with this app with a single tap of the connection button. Hide your IP and encrypt your network data with sky VPN. Access complete, the most secure, fast, and free VPN with sky VPN.

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Download SkyVPN APK for mobile devices. Sky VPN is an Ultra-Fast VPN proxy server that gives free Wi-Fi access and the ability to unblock websites.


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