Shoujo City 3D
Shoujo City 3D
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Version: 1.11
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Download Shoujo City 3D APK for an exciting adventure as a young and independent lady. Move through different parts of the city and get dates with girls your age.

Name Shoujo City 3D
Version 1.11
Updated Mar 22, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer Shoujo City
Google Play Link com.shoujocity.sc3d

About Shoujo City 3D

Shoujo City 3D is a fun city game with an anime theme and follows a similar pattern to virtual dating games you've likely seen online. However, the game allows players to get independent in a virtual world and make decisions for themselves. Although you'll be assuming an anime character, you'll still get to decide what you look like. So, your task is t control the young lady and ensure she brings herself to go on dates.

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Different milestones in the game will make players engaged and able to interact with all the game elements. This might seem like an easy task at first, but once you start playing, you'll notice it's not relatively easy to get her dates, even if she's pretty. You'll have to combine various strategies and skills to ensure she eventually finds one and can build a relationship from it.

There is also an accessible mode in the game that allows you to walk freely within the city without having any objective about where you're going. This mode will enable players to tour the city, adding some variety to the game because you won't be following a fixed storyline and can go anywhere you want.

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However, asides from the accessible mode, Shoujo City 3D is an open-world game, so you can move into a restaurant, order food, buy clothes, cook dishes, and even go to class. You'll also be able to use school timetables to find your friends' schedules and plan how you'll meet up with them to discuss anything you want. You'll also be able to ask your male friends out on a date,; if you're lucky, they might accept.

The game was developed by Shoujo City and classified as an auction and adventure game. It's free for all Android users can is only available in English. The content on the game is available for those above 12 years, so anyone below that age cannot play the game. It has over 5 million downloads on Playstore and some impressive reviews commending the gameplay experience.

How To Play

Of course, once you understand the storyline, playing Shoujo City 3D won't be challenging. However, there are some exciting steps to follow when playing. The game starts with you in the control room, creating a character that suits your style. You'll be able to create a protagonist here and tweak the appearance to suit your preference. Once you're done, you can proceed to which game mode you'd like to try.

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As discussed above, choosing the story mode means you'll be taking an adventure and following the storyline. Meanwhile, choosing the free mode means you're ready to take matters into your own hands and shape the story yourself. You'll be able to do various things however you like. You'll also work and earn money to survive and pay the necessary bills.

Game Features

Shoujo City 3D offers a virtual world where you live as another person. Hence, it's only natural that it possesses unique and amazing features you'll enjoy. Check out some of these features below:


The graphics are pretty detailed and visually pleasing. Although the game does not attempt to simulate the real-life environment, it has elements, behaviors, and characters similar to real-life versions. So, you'll be able to explore the city of Japan in the game and get visuals tht arere-close its anime than real-life. You will notice the food, recipe, movement, and subtle features. And it's pretty impressive that the game allows players to roam freely around the city as they wish and interact with most of the game elements however they want.

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The storyline is rather impressive and triggers some excitement, especially for ladies. You'll be taking the role of a young independent lady and on a mission to secure her dates. However, since she's still a young girl, you'll have to attend school and meet new people. You can choose to follow the storyline when you play or create a unique storyline for yourself.


The game lets you date your girlfriend in its unique storyline. You'll be able to do mostly everything people do on dates, such as taking your girlfriend out, visiting restaurants, and joining an event. Since the game features the two Yuri girls and their adventure, is it perfectly normal to have a female character as your girlfriend, which is why the game is more thrilling for females since it allows them to go on a fantasy with someone of the same gender.

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Cosplay Customization

You'll get a lot of cosplay and clothes to choose from for your character. You and your girlfriend can transform into many characters based on the event. You'll be able to choose from characters like maids, catgirls, school girls, etc. You'll also be able to earn extra money when you work at the cosplay shop and see your character in various outfits.


When the game begins, you'll be able to choose your character and customize various details however you like. Since this will be the character you control and how you'll look in the game, and you can spend enough time editing the features such as height, face, and character. You'll also be the one to choose your girlfriend's name.

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Interesting Activities

There are many exciting activities to engage in this game. You can change the character's outfit as you like with many clothes to choose from, you'll also have various activities to improve your health and mind. The character is still at a prime age and attends college, so you'll be able to participate in school activities such as tennis, marathon, etc.


This appealing game has many visual and story elements to create a thrilling game experience. You'll not only be able to have fun as a girl, but you'll also go to high school events, explore the city and go on dates with your girlfriend.

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Download Shoujo City 3D APK for an exciting adventure as a young and independent lady. Move through different parts of the city and get dates with girls your age.


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