Shinobi Girl Mini
Shinobi Girl Mini
Size: 14 MB
Version: 1.0
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Download Shinobi Girl Mini latest version for an interesting journey into the life of a female Shinobi. Prove your deadly skills by avoiding and fighting off enemies.

Name Shinobi Girl Mini
Version 1.0
Updated Dec 30, 2022
Category Action
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About Shinobi Girl Mini

Shinobi Girl Mini is an anime-themed game designed with an AR system. The game's augmented reality feature makes it even more Immersive for players. If you're a fan of Shinobi in popular animes, you'll easily get accustomed to the game environment. Players get to decide what the character looks like here, so you can either proceed with the main game character (Shinobi) or create a personal character that fits your preference.

This game has a satisfactory colour combination and design choice regarding the visuals. The background is a beautiful replica of tombs and befits the game's dark environment. The game screen also contains basic details such as your health (HP) and abilities. You'll also be able to easily navigate the screen with the simple control buttons.

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This 2D game has a striking Storyline that stirs your memory of Shinobi. You'll have to complete several missions across several backgrounds. Although the game characters can only go up and sideways, you must look for several enemies that attack when playing. You can get upgrades as you play, which will increase your HP capacity and boost your chances of winning.

The game was developed by Shinobi Girl Mini Inc, which Bandai Namco spearheaded. It's currently available for free download, and you can also install it free. The game doesn't consume much storage, so you can install it even if you don't have much space to spare. It's also light on memory; even low-range devices can provide a lag-free gaming experience.


The game allows players to assume the role of Shinobi. However, even though the game's concept is themed after anime, it has some tiny deviations. For example, rather than fighting other anime characters, you'll spend the most time on the game avoiding and fighting off miniature floating enemies that come your way. Other enemies include a spike eye, a snake-like arm with protective layers, etc.

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If you defeat them, you'll be able to move to the next game level. However, if you're defeated, your HP will decrease as long as you're in contact. If this happens till the game ends, you'd have to restart the game. You can get upgrades when playing to make the game even more exciting. To avoid or fight, use the control buttons on the screen.

Game Features

The game thrives on its exciting concept,  but it still has some pretty decent features that make it worthy of your time. Check out its unique features below:


Players get to enjoy a beautiful 2D landscape in the game. Although this limits the possible movements, it also simplifies the game for any player. The background is ancient Japanese patterns, while the game characters have unique appearances. The game environment is also dynamic, allowing you experience different sceneries rather than a static background.

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Control System

The Shinobi Girl Mini control system comprises basic buttons. Since the game only allows you to go sideways and jump up, it consists of a few buttons to get this done. So it's players can duck when being attacked by enemies. Press the UP button to jump up, and use the right or left button to go sideways. Other features on the screen include the health percentage, which allows you to see how healthy your character is and how much attack she can take before she's knocked out.


There is a commendable animation on Shinobi Girl Mini. The developers manage to add some realistic moves for her. So you get some interesting physics when she jumps and moves. Each of the game characters also has different movement patterns. So depending on which level of the game you're playing, you'll be able to experience different scenarios in the game. The animations also allow you to change subtle features in the game when you switch your character or create a unique one.


The storyline follows the regular Shinobi story. The Shinobi are respected personalities in Japan and are known to fight and survive in very tough battles. So the storyline here is designed to ensure that the player avoids all the obstacles and progresses to the next level. Based on how long you can survive, you'll accumulate more points that will contribute to your game and improve your abilities.

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Free to Download

When you download it here, you can rest assured of free gameplay. You can freely download and install the game on your device. You don't need to pay to access the game features, too, considering there isn't any elaborate game store to purchase upgrades or characters.

No Ads

Players won't get bothered by intrusive third-party apps when playing. You can have smooth gameplay without having to encounter ads. Since the game is free, you also don't have to eat h ads to access extra features.


Shinobi Girl Mini is an interesting AR game with basic features but exciting gameplay. The game doesn't offer the most colourful and eye-catching environment or designs, but it delivers satisfactory gameplay with its unique concept. Download and install it here to play Shinobi Girl Mini for free

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Download Shinobi Girl Mini latest version for an interesting journey into the life of a female Shinobi. Prove your deadly skills by avoiding and fighting off enemies.


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