Samurai Flash
Samurai Flash
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Version: 2.0.58
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Download Samurai Flash APK and run at full speed while cutting down enemies. Become a samurai and live the life of a superhero in this exciting game.

Name Samurai Flash
Version 2.0.58
Updated Jan 6, 2024
Category Action
Google Play Link com.YummyGames.SamuraiFlash

Introduction to Samurai Flash

Samurai Flash is a fun game that allows you to become a super samurai. You will be armed with two razor-sharp katanas while playing this casual action game. Run full speed as you play to defeat your enemies. You will have to cut down enemies with your super-cool katanas and destroy walls to get to the next levels.

The premise of the Samurai Flash game is simple, which means anyone can get started. But as you keep on beating levels, the game becomes even harder and more difficult. You don’t only have to fight against the different enemies and characters but also navigate through the complicated platforms without falling into traps, pits, and water.

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Playing the Samurai Flash game is also pretty easy. Simply swipe your finger across the screen to move your samurai to different locations. As you move through the levels, you can expect some massive bosses that are hard to defeat.

If you enjoy fast-paced gameplay with a simple concept, Samurai Flash is the ideal choice. It offers fluid flight scenes and exciting weapons which you can use to defeat the level bosses and overcome the levels. Keep on fighting and winning until you achieve freedom in the Samurai Flash game.

The Samurai Flash game was developed by Supersonic Studios LTD and was first released on the 23rd of July, 2020. It is rated for those ten years old and more, with the content of mild violence. The only interactive element in the game is the in-game purchases.

Interesting Action Gameplay

The Samurai Flash game is so easy to play that it doesn’t have a plot or storyline. There is no prologue, and you don’t know why the samurai is fighting against these bosses. All you know is that you need to defeat them to keep your samurai alive. The game starts with the first level, and you start running and fighting immediately.

To play the game, you can hold and slide your finger across the screen. This will control the movement of the samurai. You don’t have to worry about fighting, as the character will automatically slash the enemies in his way. This gives you an interesting and fluid gaming mechanism. But, if you don’t move fast enough, you can get hit by the enemy. You can also fall down a cliff, and this causes the game to end.

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One of the best parts of the Samurai Flash game is the fact that whenever you take your hands off the screen, time stops. The enemy will freeze, so you can use this chance to pause the gameplay and assess your surroundings. It’s a good trick to use when you’re stuck in the game.

Also, the Samurai Flash gameplay barely has any challenges. While the difficulty increases, some players might find the gameplay a bit repetitive. All you need to do is play by running, save money, and unlock new weapons and characters, like any other running game.

There are no time limits or special requirements. Do your best to pass the high score and look out for the boss after every five levels.

Unlock Characters and Weapons

There is a wide range of characters and weapons that you can unlock while playing the Samurai Flash game. Keep in mind that the way to unlock the characters isn’t the same as unlocking your weapons. Whenever you complete a level, it will gradually move you closer to unlocking a character. Once the meter fills up, you can watch an ad and then pick up the character. After getting the character, the meter will start from the beginning for the next character.

There are different kinds of characters you can play with in Samurai Flash. Some of them are pretty familiar, like Batman, Iron Man, Santa Clause, Spider-Man, Vikings, and the classic samurai. You will pick your character from the shop. Some characters require you to pass a particular level or use your money to get them.

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Aside from customizing your character, Samurai Flash allows you to unlock the weapons. After every level, you will be given coins based on the objects that you destroyed. The money earned isn’t only for unlocking characters but also for weapons. The Samurai Flash game features 24 types of swords in four main categories. These are Classic, Legendary, Epic, and Mythic.

The weapons in the Samurai Flash game do not improve the strength of the character since this is a running game. Instead, it is best for visual effects and customizing your character’s appearance. All enemies will die after a single slash regardless of the kind of sword you use. Some special swords will give you effects when you use them against your targets.

Keep in mind that there will be ads as you unlock characters and weapons, but the Samurai Flash game will not swarm you with these ads and affect your gaming experience. As you play, you can expect different updates offered by the developers, including new skins and accessories and character upgrades.

Graphics and Visuals

The Samurai Flash game will bring its fluid gameplay to life with simple colors and 3D designs. The cube-inspired graphics will give you a retro feel while playing. It’s a comfortable game with smooth and realistic graphics without too much gore

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It does not have any sound during the gameplay, which is a bit awkward. But, the visual effects as you run, fight, and defeat bosses will give you a much better experience.


In general, the Samurai Flash game is a fun option for keeping yourself busy during your free time. The game expertly combines action with running, although you’ll be in charge of the running, and the character takes care of cutting down its villains. Reduce stress while defeating the bosses, and customize your character with the best skins ad weapons. In the Samurai Flash game, you can play anything and immerse yourself in the gameplay.

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Download Samurai Flash APK and run at full speed while cutting down enemies. Become a samurai and live the life of a superhero in this exciting game.


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