Samorost 2
Samorost 2
Size: 114,0 MB
Version: 2.41.13
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Download Samorost 2 APK and enjoy this puzzle game with many adventurous stories while you figure out the storyline and save your stolen dog.

Name Samorost 2
Version 2.41.13
Updated Mar 14, 2024
Category Adventure
Developer Amanita Design
Google Play Link net.amanita_design.Samorost2

Samorost 2

Samorost 2 is a puzzle adventurous mobile game where you are expected to uncover mysteries and also do everything you can do to find your dog while you also make sure that you don't get injured; you are expected to check numerous excavation sites to find your stolen dogs and bring them home safely, along the way there is a certainty that you will find an obvious distraction to stop you from getting your dogs and this is up to you to fight for yourself and your dogs.

samorost 2 apk

Samorost 2 game is a series game where players get to enjoy themselves and embark on the greatest adventure with a mix of managing and exploration game; you can decide to attract locales and animals, which will make sure that you don't get whatever it is that you came for and that is the fun of the game.

An in-depth description of Samorost 2

Samorost 2 is ready for download on any mobile device or PC. Samorost 2 is a puzzle point-and-click best adventurous game, created and made by the popular Amanita design for entertainment and enjoyment. This is the second game in the Samorost series or sequel. Samorost players must be prepared to embark on a great adventure and meet funny-looking items, animals, and tattered locales. You can become a world champion for your rescued dog or house builder and owner; you can decide to go alone or with an instrument to kill.

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Samorost 2 is an adventurous fossil exploration game that is played in rounds or levels or sequels or series; you are expected to get your dog from the mischievous aliens who came into your space to get what is not theirs, and you are expected to do the work of a hunter, and for that period that you will be playing the game and that is who you will be.

This game has a good storyline involving killing and becoming a savior; for you to look safely for your dog, you will have a map which tells you where you can go and where you cannot; all these are to get your fog back safely into your arms. The environment in which you will go looking for your dog won't be the best; it will be the most unsafe place filled with evil human beings and mischievous locales, and seeing the storyline of this game, who wouldn't want to play it?

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In Samorost 2, your main goal is to look, kill and find your long-lost stolen dog. The positions are already set for the game, and you need to get into the environment and start the game to go to the naughty people's location and status; one of the goals also is to solve a series of puzzles and brain teasers, and these puzzles are linked to adventurous stories, Samorost 2 doesn't involve dialogue or inventory at all and to solve the puzzles all you have to do is to click on the screen in the correct order. If passed, you will be taken to the next puzzle.

Samoroat 2 is a thrilling and exciting game full of interesting line gameplay; you will have to be the sole gnome fighter of your favorite dog to be able to get back your custody. With Samorost 2 gameplay, you can decide to play for the next 24 hours without glitches, and you can explore as much as you want.

Samorost 2 features

Samorost 2 has the best exciting features for an adventure game.

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Game plot

The game play or game plot of Samorost 2 is very exciting, chilling and challenging gameplay; once you start your game, it shows a particular land which is the Alien land and on gnome soil, and the aliens are stealing his berries which with the disturbance, Gnome dog starts to shout to inform Gnome of the strangers on his ground and then the dog is being kidnapped for its disruption and Gnome almost immediately sees how the Aliens are leaving with his dog and immediately sets up to save his favourite dog. He managed to find where the Alien's leader had hidden his dog, and by different tactics, he could keep his dogs.


Almost through the game, each position and location have one challenge or another, and this prevents you from going from one level to another; you have to look for a way to solve that, and it is at this time the puzzle comes out, The unknown can be a lot harder than you expected, but most especially, it is interesting and brilliant. Although at some point in the game, the puzzles might become too hard for you, and you will have to find a way through them, and even sometimes, the puzzles might be confusing, but with focus and a hard mind, you will get through them.

samorost 2 apk download


Samorost 2 arts is worth only looking at; it is aesthetically pleasing and has a lot of beautiful pictures that will keep you intrigued and obsessed with the skill and colors.


Samorost 2 has the best plot gameplay, It is an exciting, thrilling, challenging and most interesting adventurous game you will ever find, and it is sure worth your download.

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Download Samorost 2 APK and enjoy this puzzle game with many adventurous stories while you figure out the storyline and save your stolen dog.


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