Rovio Classics Angry Birds
Rovio Classics Angry Birds
Size: 137,3 MB
Version: 1.3.1511
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Download Rovio Classics Angry Birds APK and save the birds from the pigs who want to steal their eggs by using the bird's power on the pigs.

Name Rovio Classics Angry Birds
Version 1.3.1511
Updated Jun 19, 2023
Category Puzzle
Google Play Link com.rovio.abclassic22

Rovio Classics Angry Birds

Rovio classics angry birds is a puzzle simulation game that is available on both the IOS and Android devices; Rovio classics angry birds game Is a puzzling game that is made up of pigs and birds; the Angry birds game break you up, but you are expected to save the bird from the wicked pigs who are trying to steal their eggs by using the bird's power abilities on them. The cycle goes on and on because their battle never comes to an end.

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The Rovio classics angry birds game makes you laugh and has distinctive gameplay. Different levels will make you explore the long game and understand it on all levels while you can decide if you want to stop the game or continue playing; the game is fun, exciting, interesting, and has the best rare gameplay.

A detailed description of Rovio Classics Angry Birds

Angry birds game is a puzzling, challenging game that can make you focus on the game you are playing. Angry bird's game has the best simple gameplay, which expects you to use the power of the birds against the pigs by throwing different species of birds to destroy the small structures built by the annoying pigs so that they can at least die or not be found again and also have in mind that you have to destroy their forte and all their belongings beyond recognition.

Throwing the birds can be very easy, and you can throw them however you want by using different tactics on them; you can jump to throw them, or you can set them like a catapult or wrap them around your hands so that they act like stones to mainly destroy the pigs, you make sure you can aim to the pig well then throw your birds to kill them, and because of the science of throwing, it will make the pig fall and become helpless.

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The Rovio classics angry birds game has different levels to play. Every level has its distinguished gameplay, which you find interesting when you go from one level to another; you are being awarded according to stars, once you can kill all the pigs or render them helpless, you get your complete three stars, or if you aren't able to contact you three-star, you can always play the level again.

There are different species of birds that you can throw at the annoying little pigs for them to die; the birds range from Red color, which is just normal; once you throw them, they affect the pig a little bit, while the blackbird will cause an explosion and the green bird can come back to you and affect you instead. Many of the birds can act exactly like the green ones.

With the Rovio classics angry birds game, you can enjoy the thrills, attention, excitement, and distinctive gameplay a game needs to have; you can decide to replay a particular level for as much as you want.

Features of Rovio Classics Angry Birds


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The gameplay of Rovio classics angry birds game is one of the most interesting features, and there are two main characters which is the birds and the pigs; the pigs are the bad character which you have to fight against and kill if you can, as much as there are bad they can also be very corny, they have a heavy wall shield in which they can hide after destroying and stealing the angry bird's eggs.

Every bird has a different type of power and abilities that they can use to destroy the pigs; you are expected to help the birds fight them, and you are allowed to turn yourself into different things to be able to kill and fight against these corny pigs, the gameplay is simple and easily understandable, once you can download your game and start playing, you don't need a guideline as to how to play or how to control some buttons.


Rovio Classics Angry Birds have up to 100 distinctive levels; in every class, you are given a different type of bird to use for that particular level and also with a cannonball while the pigs are hiding by the strong wall forte that they build to keep the birds from seeing and finding them out. Finally, you will have to use some sling where you input the bird's strong bullets and aim very well to the position you want to attack and take your shot.

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The main aim of your shot is to weaken the forte that the bad pigs built gradually, so has to destroy them and kill them; when you have destroyed their thing, kill every one of them, you are allowed to move to another level, and the cycle continues.

Graphics and interfaces

The Rovio classics angry birds are made up of 2D graphics which are colorful and bright; with the pictures, you will get stalked on the game, which makes you play on and on; with the interface, it is made of you can zoom in and zoom out to get the better view of the game environment and also see the characters well.


Rovio Classics Angry Birds is a very funny and simple game; It consists of two main characters in which you have to save the bird while you put up the pigs for destruction.

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Download Rovio Classics Angry Birds APK and save the birds from the pigs who want to steal their eggs by using the bird's power on the pigs.


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