Robot Warfare
Robot Warfare
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Version: 0.4.1
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Download Robot Warfare APK, the multiplayer mobile game Robot combat for Android and iOS. Join the war to defend humans by participating in the robot warfare game.

Name Robot Warfare
Version 0.4.1
Updated Dec 8, 2022
Category Action

Robot warfare

In the multiplayer online shooter Robot Warfare, you must sit down to use the fighting robot's control levers. In addition to selecting from different furs, you can alter various settings, weaponry, and equipment.

Realistic animation, three-dimensional graphics, and well-designed models will let you fully experience the game's setting. All fans of classic online action will like the gaming mechanics, and the well-known game variants only enhance the experience.

Description of Robot warfare

Robot Warfare is a futuristic film about the struggle against nefarious robots. The human race is steadily reaching the technological apex. With the help of robotics and artificial intelligence, they replace everything. Unexpectedly, though, things start to spiral out of hand and the AI is working against them.

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Robots are rising up everywhere. They obliterate all they see. Before society falls, you, as a fleet commander, must put an end to the evil that is occurring.


The sole game mode in Robot Warfare is 6v6 war. On a battlefield, you and other online gamers will team up to combat destructive robots. When both sides' forces are gone, either side will have won or lost.

You can choose between the first and third viewing angles. You can cover a larger region using the third perspective. But with the first viewpoint, you can concentrate more on defeating an adversary.

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The fixed display is still controlled by virtual keys regardless of viewing angle. The navigation D-pad is on the left, and the function buttons, such as fire, zoom, target lock, leap, and a few defense talents, are on the right. To create your strategy, combine them with your team members and map components.

Features of Robot warfare


The weapon mentioned earlier is the form of equipment the robot has. Each robot can be built with two, three, or four guns (standard robot configuration). In addition, players can purchase a drone weapon and add more weapons to it. To obtain them, you will need to pay premium currency.


Robots are controlled by pilots. By nature, you have a pilot, which means you are fighting with a robot. When that robot is dead, your only options are to watch the other squad robots engage in combat or leave the arena. However, if you have more pilots, you have more opportunities to engage in war as he transports a different robot from your storehouse to the battleground.

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You can employ a maximum of 10 pilots. But you'll have to fork over a sizable amount of gold.


The realistic 3D graphics in Robot Warfare are set in a technologically advanced future. Big robots and vast, smoke- and fire-filled battlegrounds. The intense combat and spectacle will be around you.The creator regulated actual hits and movements meticulously to give the game a realistic feel.

Robotics Library

Ten different kinds of robots are currently in stock, and the business sells over 16 customized robots. You can purchase them with gold and take them to combat.

In general, these robots are far more potent than the ones the system comes with by default. Along with having higher base stats in Endurance, agility, and flight range, each has unique powers.

Spirit, for instance, can speed up 100 percent for 10 seconds. Tiger and Echo make a longer, faster run. The unique robots in the shop are more powerful and come with energy shields. Yamabushi, for instance, can rush quickly, charge more, and become invisible when unarmed. Payback can activate all firearms in a predetermined time, change combat weapon setups, and accelerate for 10 seconds.

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As you can see, strong robot warriors are more likely to help you and your squad win the game in the end. Save your money to purchase them.

Modes in Robot Warfare

Combat using robots

Before the combat, you can practice here against live opponents. Bots are robots that have artificial intelligence controlling them. They get wise and more adaptable with each upgrade. In this mode, you can try out brand-new robots or free cars before you decide to buy them.

Team Combat

5v5 combat in the conflict. Participants in the combat are divided into two teams. Before the game, you have the option of either inviting friends or assembling your team at random (using an algorithmic search).

Mortal Kombat.

Without teammates, you battle other players in this game.

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Earning points

There are two playing teams. Each squad's objective is to take over and hold as many locations on the map for a set period. The winning team is the one with the highest points.

Personal game

a mode where you can engage in combat with your pals alone.

At the beginning of the game, matches last 3 minutes, and at a high level, up to 5 minutes. Because the user does not need to sit on the map for an extended time, this is highly comfortable. You may finish the required amount of daily missions in 20 to 30 minutes, earning gold and silver in return. To purchase and upgrade robots and their tools, you need money.

Robot warfare upgrade

Robots differ not only in capability and appearance but also in the design of their bodies and the placement of their weaponry.

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Through the course of the update, these two elements will gradually change. To increase stats overall or enhance fighting skills, upgrade weapon systems.

There are many different weapons, some of which fire standard ammunition, such as the Wasp, Hummer, and Dragonfly. Others, like Botfly, Tourch, Ghost, and Hound, fire boss ammunition and rockets. Of course, they are activated, and their workings are very similar. However, the basic and enhanced versions have varying damage, reload times, and shooting distances.


Robot warfare is an amazing online shooting and action game for your Android or iOS phone. Despite not being novel, the setting and content can keep you amused for a long time. Join the battle to defend human civilization by playing the video game Robot Warfare.

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Download Robot Warfare APK, the multiplayer mobile game Robot combat for Android and iOS. Join the war to defend humans by participating in the robot warfare game.


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