Rise of Firstborn
Rise of Firstborn
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Version: 7.10.4
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Download and install Rise of Firstborn APK to gain the right to claim the Iron Throne. A player must apply different strategies and tactics to emerge the victor.

Name Rise of Firstborn
Version 7.10.4
Updated May 30, 2024
Category Strategy
Developer KIXEYE
Google Play Link com.netmarble.war

Description of Rise of Firstborn

If the Game of Thrones is one of your favourite stories, then you must have been familiar with the concept of Rise of Firstborn, which has resulted in many conspiracies and wars. The cruel conspiracies and the brutal wars that follow have had a devastating effect on humanity. Because of some people's conspiracies and greed, many have died, and several families had to be dissolved, especially the Stark family, whose kindness brought them a lot of suffering.

Now, in the spirit of Game of Thrones, the Iron Throne is a game inspired by the latter, and Netmarble Games developed it as a game of strategy and tactics. The Iron Throne may have been inspired by Game of Thrones, but the storyline does not have much to do with its inspirer. Still, there are a lot of similarities in the battles that occurred among the most powerful clans who had the ultimate ambition of gaining the iron throne.

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Netmarble, the company that developed Iron Throne, is a Tencent subsidiary, and Tencent is the largest game publisher in China. Netmarble has produced a few games, most of which have been highly successful. This indicates that the publisher is experienced in bringing people high-quality games. Some of Netmarble's past games include Marvel Future Fight, Lineage 2: Revolution, and many others. Therefore, you should not expect anything short of phenomenal with Rise of Firstborn.

New Generation Graphics

A lot of strategy games do not put in the works when it comes to graphics – instead, they are majorly focused on the strategic aspects of the games, so their graphics are often simple. But with Rise of Firstborn, strategy games have a whole new identity. The game is so rich that its graphics use Unreal 4 technology, developed within three years by a team of only fifty people. Now Rise of Firstborn has become one of the best strategy games ever developed. All the kingdoms in the game are simulated with 3D graphics of high resolution, giving the player a realistic experience.

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Defeat All to Occupy the Iron Throne

For you to be able to defeat and dominate all the other kingdoms, you must have built the strongest army. However, before you consider that, your thoughts must first be about how you will defend your kingdom. Erect some sturdy walls that are capable of keeping the enemies away. You should understand that you are not fighting only human enemies. These enemies also have dragons and some old evil creatures ready to attack you, your wall, and your kingdom anytime. Therefore, you must prepare for the worst and be ready for the ultimate battle.

A strong kingdom has no military, but you also have to develop a nice economy where you will have to ration your food and resources. You will also produce more gold when you upgrade your buildings.

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Different Heroes

In Rise of Firstborn, there are several heroes, and each hero has specific strengths and weaknesses associated with it. Therefore, you have to select the kind of hero you believe will further the course of your ambition and also strengthen your army. After you have levelled up, you can unlock some new skills. You can also unlock items such as shake armour, sword, and so on. All these will only make your army grow stronger. In addition, there is diversity in the army, and several troops like cavalry, archers, infantry, and so on.

The Global War

This game has different modes, which will assist you in conquering different lands. Rise of Firstborn possesses a blend of RPG and tactics. You will have to battle other players worldwide. You will also come across tactical masters that will not give you the chance to be subjective. If you are not interested in fighting, you can shake hands with your opponent, creating incredibly powerful alliances that will scare off other opponents.

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The following are some of the incredible modes of First Born:

  • Town Mode: There is a kind of mystery surrounding your castle. You must discover what the mystery is.
  • Dimensional Battle: This is where you will come to some new story plots. This mode is also referred to as the plot mode.
  • Team Deathmatch: You and your team will battle other opponents and teams in this mode. These large battles can go as high as 20v20 and sometimes 100vs100.

An Overview

There have always been debates concerning firstborns for a long time. For example, some have wondered whether firstborn children have been more fortunate than their siblings. Some cultures believe that these firstborns carry more fortune than any other child in the family, and other cultures claim that being fortunate or successful has nothing to do with the position of a child; it's just a matter of chance. But do you think there is any truth behind the claim that firstborns are more fortunate?

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Rise of Firstborn is a game specially designed to provide players with a lovely edge. This game involves a system where a player can experience the way of life of some people in the Middle Ages and how they claim things in that time. The book and TV show Game of Thrones gives a vivid description of the kind of life the people of that time lived, including their culture and what they believed in.

 Rise of Firstborn is inspired by many other games, such as Clash of Clans, Tetris, and so on, but this one offers unique twists with great puzzles. The most attractive aspect of this game is its high level of 3D graphics, which is very scarce to see in games of the same genre as Rise of Firstborn.

Last Words

Have you always wondered how this game will feel but are sceptical about downloading because you don't want to download a game you don't want to regret? Then this post is for you because we have mentioned everything you need to expect in the game. Begin by building your kingdom after you have downloaded this game to your mobile device. Also, to get the best of this game, ensure you download it on a powerful mobile device.

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Download and install Rise of Firstborn APK to gain the right to claim the Iron Throne. A player must apply different strategies and tactics to emerge the victor.


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