Real Moto 2
Real Moto 2
Size: 203.53 MB
Version: 1.1.741
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Download and install Real Moto 2 APK to play one of the world's leading bike racing games. This game brings players the feeling of being like true racers.

Name Real Moto 2
Version 1.1.741
Updated Apr 18, 2024
Category Racing
Developer Dreamplay Games

Interesting Details about Real Moto 2

Racing games have their thrill and charisma. Several fans of racing games are scattered across the world, and these fans are always searching for great games in the genre because they find these games interesting and help increase fun levels. Racing games are famous and popular among veteran gamers. Real Moto 2 is indeed an outstanding motorcycle racing game.

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This game was developed and published by Dreamplay Games. Real Moto 2 is a sequel to the Real Moto game – a first game that achieved phenomenal success. The game has gained such popularity in the gaming world that there are several millions of downloads and hundreds of thousands of positive reviews. Real Moto 2 has become incredibly successful since its very first release. The game has several bikes, ranging from scooters to heavy sports bikes.

There are clear and accurate controls in the game makes it pretty enjoyable. The game also has different operations that are interesting to play. Competitions in the game are also available across the world. Players of this game can race each other and compete for the highest scores on the leaderboard. Real Moto 2 provides you with the full opportunity to beat the speed limits and unleash the racing skills within you.

What is Real Moto 2?

Real Moto 2 is a fascinating game, and it is available for all Android devices. You can play the game on your Android tablet and mobile phone. A multiplayer mode in the game makes the overall gameplay a lot more exciting.

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Real Moto 2 sets competitions among friends and other players. The game is free to download. You, as a player, can build your buildings and make your bases. You can also create your army. Several characters and course in the game level you up and allow you a lot of fun while playing.

The Most Amazing Races

Real Moto 2 introduces excitement and brings a lot of heart to the player with its challenging tracks and speed. You feel secure in a car race game because the car's body protects you. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of motorcycles; here, the driver is not protected, but the motorcycle's small size on the track allows it to move more flexibly and easily. That is why motor racing is not for the faint-hearted, for it requires a great display of guts. However, people that love motor racing games would be impressed by the seamless gameplay of Real Moto 2.

In this game, your mission is to overcome every track and sacrifice your best to become the world's best racer. Real Moto 2 is a superior game in several aspects compared to the first series. The mission system, the new features, the number of racing cars, the track's realism, and the graphics put this game ahead of its predecessor.

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High Realistic Racing Tracks

To be a successful racer in this game, you must maintain a cool personality and rely on the skillfulness of your hands. As opposed to the first game, the tracks of this one are professional, and there are different highly realistic weathers to add flavour to the gameplay. The road becomes slippery when it rains, and the roads are blocked when it snows. The roads are more unsafe than in the first game, and the bends are sharper and more fierce, providing thrilling and exciting moments – moments that won't allow you to take your eyes off the screen.

The wheeling, smoke, phases of acceleration, and even raising your head to roar as you ride are extra features that come with this sequel.

Unlocked Bikes and Maps

There are several incredible car racing games on the market. But there are only a few options when one searches for the most awesome bike racing games, and most of these options provide games with terrible controls and graphics. But Real Moto 2 is one of the best bike racing games ever developed. This game offers everything that you may be searching for. So if you are a great fan of bike racing games, you should consider trying Real Moto 2.

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Controls and Graphics

Real Moto 2 has realistic and alluring 3D image quality and graphics. Several camera angles allow the player to get the best view and playing experience. This is an awesome feature you can only enjoy on some high-end games. The colours are both attractive and nice. The racing and biker tracks look incredibly realistic. However, if you are new to playing a racing game, you may face some challenges in handling the bike due to its high speed. But do not worry about that; getting used to it won't take long.

Outstanding Features of Real Moto 2

  • Upgrade your bike to maximise its handling, speed, and so on
  • Customise your motorcycle and give it a beautiful and unique look
  • Play against players from all over the world
  • Several tracks
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  • Several climatic conditions, such as day and night, rain, snow, and so on
  • Availability of several sports bikes
  • Various control options
  • Various camera angle
  • Realistic and alluring 3D graphics


Real Moto 2 is pretty addictive. The extraordinary gameplay brings the user closer to the game so that they cannot avoid playing it. The game is incredibly thrilling and challenging in a way that layers forget everything around them for the moment and just enjoy the game.

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Variety of Tracks

There are several tracks in this game; all these are tracks from the entire world, so you are free to enjoy various tracks and sins. In addition, a player can enjoy the experience of driving through different countries and observing their atmospheres. Racing in plains, deserts, forests, and snow can be pretty enjoyable.


If you desire racing games and enjoy playing them, surely Real Moto 2 should not be ignored. Besides making you feel like a true, professional racer, Real Moto 2 will also provide an incredible racing experience while you tour around the world in your exotic, favourite motorcycles.

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Download and install Real Moto 2 APK to play one of the world's leading bike racing games. This game brings players the feeling of being like true racers.


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