Real Drum
Real Drum
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Version: 11.4.1
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Download Real Drum APK for mobile access to different drum set instruments. Use the app to create beautiful and unique sounds you play with your fingertips.

Name Real Drum
Version 11.4.1
Updated Jun 20, 2024
Category Music & Audio
Developer Kolb Apps
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About Real Drum: Electronic Drum

Real Drum is an Android application that transforms your device into a drum set which you can play with your fingertips. The app has a super realistic setting, with all the drum sets in the right and appropriate pattern for an actual drum set. Players can use various layout types, too, so rather than get a real drum set, this app allows access to multiple layouts for the cymbals, pedals, and bass drums, depending on your preference.

There are about 13 instruments you can play on the app, each of which has distinct and realistic sounds. Moreover, the app doesn't just let you drum out various melodies; it also lets you keep them saved and available anytime you wish to share or listen to your masterpiece. So, while playing, you can always record and create a sample with it. This feature makes it possible and easy to create a simple base and play it over other rhythms you create later on.

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Aside from letting you enjoy creating beautiful sounds and samples, you'll be able to play up to 60 different rhythms by pressing them. You can also create a unique sound by adding your compositions to the preset sounds, which further boosts the scope of the app and makes it quite useful as an artistic platform.

The app is one of the best from Rodrigo Kolb Apps, and it's a free app available for all Android devices. The app supports over 47 languages worldwide and has also been rated as 3+ years old due to its simplistic UI. It also has a 4.5 rating on Playstore with over 10 million users who loved the idea of a mobile drum set.

How It Works

The app is a simulator for a real drum set on your mobile device. Customize the instruments and select various options to add to your set. So, rather than play with real drums, you can use your fingertips as the sticks and enjoy the melody you create. In addition, you can tap on the drum pads to get instant playback of your drumming.

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It's super easy to find your way around the app, and a video tutorial walks you through how to use it to your satisfaction. There are also many loops from different styles of music you can play along to, so you don't run out of ideas quickly. You can also personalize the app's pads with your preference and get access to the kits released weekly.

App Features

Real Drum is an innovative and functional app that makes drumming easier and better. There are many apps with similar concepts and features, but here are some of the features that set Real Drum apart:

Simple UI

Real Drum has a simple and realistic user interface. The app graphics aren't spectacular, but they depict what a real-life drum set would look and sound like if you had one. In addition, the features, options and settings are readily available and arranged on the app. Hence, users won't find it hard playing the drum set or changing settings to suit their style.

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Customizable Kits

The whole set is customizable, and it's easy to change the orientation however you want. Professional drummers who have their kits can edit the interface to suit their drumming style. Likewise, there are many preset options for beginners to choose from and customize the space as they continue to play on the app.


There are many instruments available on Real Drum. So, players can always choose from the 13 different instruments and customize their sounds. In addition, the instruments include those you'll quickly find on regular and more sophisticated drum sets, which means you'll have enough options to create the ideal place to start your unique sounds.

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Since this is a drumming app, it's crucial that you can play seamlessly and as smoothly as possible. This is made possible with the app's multitouch feature. You can produce two sounds by tapping different screen parts since both will be registered. This adds to the realistic features of the app and makes it even more comfortable to play.

Studio Audio Quality

The sounds produced on Real Drum are not just for fun. Thanks to this professional perspective of the developers, you can play sounds that are fit for studio production. So for professional drummers who want to create studio sounds but don't have access to their drum set, the app can serve as an alternative and help them create the perfect sound up to the studio quality standard.

Drum Lessons and Tutorials

You'll get drum lessons and tutorials when you sign up on the app. Of course, if you're not interested in this, you can always ignore it. However, beginners who'd like to know how to drum better can access the library of innovative videos that help them get accustomed to the interface and become better at drumming.

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Recording Mode and Super Loops

Of course, users can record their sounds if they want to. If you think your sound is perfect and deserves to be saved for future reference or use, you can always hit the recording button to keep all your sounds recorded and saved according to industry standards. Easily share your recordings with friends and colleagues from your file manager or play with the in-app media.

Import and Export Files

You can easily import, and export sounds on the app with the import/export button. So when you have essential audio files, you can use them as samples for your drumming. Meanwhile, you can export your files as soon as you're done creating the samples and adding your touch.


Real Drum allows users to unleash their artistic prowess and create unique sounds anywhere. As long as you have proper headphones, you can play for hours and home your skills without bothering other people around you.

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Download Real Drum APK for mobile access to different drum set instruments. Use the app to create beautiful and unique sounds you play with your fingertips.


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