Race Max
Race Max
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Version: 3.0.0
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Download Race Max APK, participate in interesting and dynamic races with your car and try as much as possible to win. Will you win this race of multiple cars?

Name Race Max
Version 3.0.0
Updated Sep 22, 2022
Category Racing
Developer Tiramisu
Google Play Link tr.com.tiramisu.gracing

Race Max

Race Max Car Racing is an arcade racing simulator that is aesthetically pleasing and has excellent graphics with different types of racing cars. Race max allows players to be able to test their ultimate driving skills by controlling a vehicle and challenging other racers to competition, and there are different types of levels and races that they will be challenged to; you can either race with a car or multiple cars or you can either go in for drag racing, numerous rivals and drifting cars challenges.

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With Race max, you have to thrive on being the winner, giving you the chills, you need to feel if you don't want to be a loser. But, of course, if you don't want to lose, you must get a strong and very fast car, and there are a lot of choices in which you can pick, and as time goes on, you will be able to improve your vehicle however you wish in the garage, but it comes at the expense of the coins or the prize money that you get.

Race Max Description

Race max game is a mobile arcade game where you drive your car intending to win to receive coins and unlimited money to upgrade your vehicle both internally and externally, Every time you are behind your wheel, you are permitted to control it how you want, and you are provided with a map by your corner to see where your starting point is and where you are going to stop there is also a feature that tells you what position you are in to make you aware of your other car racers and also try to your best to catch up with the car in your front or step up your game not to be caught up it, you can decide to go through a different route, but you are all going to the same finishing line.

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Race max game provides freedoms for you to make because you can decide which of the cars you want to use or which route you want to go through to win the game, and while at it, you can try to win as many coins and money, as you can, to be able to renovate your car or decide to get new vehicles and also maintain it.

Race Max is the best racing game you can comfortably play, and it gives you the ultimate experience you need when playing arcade games. Race max gives you a good and fast sports car to race with different racers and takes in challenges that have to deal with speed and time, which include sprint races, speed traps and other obstacles; to be able to win all these challenges, you must give your car the upgraded engine it deserves, and that also goes for the control, brakes and speed machines.

The Race max game's main objective is for you to try out your good driving skills, put them into physical challenges, and see how you get to do more and get better with all the challenges and obstacles you face.

Race max features

Race max has many good features that other arcade games might not possess.

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The Race max game is fun and exciting but requires some features and challenges. This game is played in an accessed world environs, and the players have access to progress at their level and at their own best time. Although the Race max game does not have rigorous gameplay, once you understand the rules and regulations to buy it, it is an exciting game, especially with your friends. Although the player's records are kept, such as the driver's license, how fast his best race is and his biggest car crash, completing events helps the driver win some money and also go higher in rank, giving you more access to new cars.

Drive for speed simulator has a conscientious mode in which players are expected to win the farthest and hardest races. It is decided that you have to win your races and can choose to stop your car at any place and at any time, and you are required to get to the end of the game to know if you will win or not.


Race max game allows you to play alone or with friends. You can either decide to play alone or go online with friends or just casual players from every corner of the world, and You can choose to race your cars with friends with the multiplayer mode. You can also decide which method you want to play with your friends.

There is a particular pad, and every menu appears on your screen through that route; you can get players and then decide on which mode they want their game to be played.

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The Race car game modes or levels are a bit distinct and challenging. The way of Race car features Drag, Street Racer, and Drag modes. The modes can be quite dangerous but surely worth it, you can play the modes of this game alone, and you can also play it with friends and to get more modes and more cars, you can decide to get the premium and get unlimited money along with it.


Race max game is a must-have arcade game; It ticks all the features an arcade game should have, and the modes and the car models are surely a game worth playing.

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Download Race Max APK, participate in interesting and dynamic races with your car and try as much as possible to win. Will you win this race of multiple cars?


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