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Download the Battle of Polytopia APK, a fantastic game that features polygonal visuals and turn-based construction. Create your world, your tribe, and its technologies.

Name Polytopia
Updated Apr 15, 2024
Category Strategy
Developer Midjiwan AB
Google Play Link air.com.midjiwan.polytopia

The battle of Polytopia

Hello and welcome to The Battle of Polytopia, a fascinating turn-based strategy game with magic, clever technologies, and strange lands with charismatic tribes. The main objective is to rule the world.


In The Battle of Polytopia, you select a civilization and attempt to dominate the globe with it. Sometimes you will need to engage in conflict with other tribes to accomplish this but most of the time only need scientific advancement.

Description of Battle of Polytopia

You must select the civilization you want to play as before The Battle of Polytopia begins. Although all the groups are made up, they openly draw inspiration from actual historical civilizations. Some resemble the Romans, the Vikings, the Samurai, and the Aztecs.

The Battle of Polytopia's gameplay strikes a good mix between simplicity and intricacy, one of its primary selling qualities. Principles must be learned and understood to begin enjoying 4X games, which are difficult. However, this game from Midjiwan succeeds in condensing most of the core ideas into a clever and beautiful game that can be mastered in a matter of minutes. It is a significant design accomplishment.

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It won't take you more than five minutes once the game has begun to begin doing everything it needs of you: researching new technologies, recruiting soldiers, exploring the world, engaging in conflict with other civilizations, and conquering cities. And owing to an ideal touchscreen control mechanism, everything is carried out naturally.

The Battle of Polytopia is a top-notch turn-based 4X that was created with mobile devices in mind, in contrast to other Android games in the same genre. The end result is a fantastic game with gorgeous low-poly graphics.


On a map that is generated at random, each game is played. Various game modes have a unique set of settings and win conditions.

Four of the 16 tribes—selectable characters—are offered for free, while the other twelve cost money. Four premium tribes are unique and have different gameplay and extra powers.


The strange planet of the Polytopians, the Square, is a flat, square-shaped landmass idling in a realm between dimensions. The Polytopians are 15 distinct tribes dispersed across the Square, each with its own features, ambitions, strengths, and weaknesses. They are simple and curious people with a propensity for combat. You will assume the position of the leader of one of these tribes as you compete with the other tribes to establish your civilization.

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Will you decide to head the Xin-Xi, a group of conservative yet daring traditionalists who are apprehensive of change? Perhaps the Hoodrick, known for their baked products and archery, the outdoors, and mushrooms. Or the Bardur, where the local pub is their preferred hangout, and Ullefurgh, a wonderful mixture of pine needles, hot water, and rabbit fat, is their beverage of choice.

But watch out for the Vengir, warriors on purple rhino pigs who enjoy vacationing amid the eerie Kithkga Boneyards and sharpening their swords between raids. You definitely don't want to annoy them.


There are two game modes in Battle of Polytopia: single-player and multiplayer.

In the single-player mode, you will play against the game's AI. There are two game modes available: Domination and Perfection. 30 revolutions are the maximum for perfection. You have to try to outscore your opponent to win. This phase only lasts for about 10 minutes.

When you have to take turns eradicating all other adversaries and civilizations to establish yourself as a single ruler, dominance lasts a little longer. I choose this option because it is difficult and creates a dramatic atmosphere.

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The people you fight against in the multiplayer mode are real humans. To access a server, you must have a reliable internet connection. The 2 sub-modes included here are the Might and Glory mode.

Glory mode

In Glory mode, 10,000 points are the desired goal. The winner reaches this total first. With a strategy game like Battle of Polytopia, glory mode has a lot of attraction. To advance, one player seeks to limit the growth of the other. If you don't have a long-term and effective strategy, winning will take a lot of time.

Might mode

Fighting between clans becomes more intense in Might mode. Only the most strong, sophisticated, and rapidly expanding civilization can rule. Never allowed to be judgmental because other tribes have the potential to advance quickly. In Might, capturing tribes and uniting the lands is the goal. The single-player campaign is cost-free but to access the multiplayer mode, you have to pay.

Features of Polytopia

Expand your tribe

You will be made as the head of a tribe at the beginning of the Battle of Polytopia. To create a sophisticated society, your mission is to unlock, improve, and develop the technology. The use of technology will enable you to conquer other tribes in the game and bring great resources.

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Each match offers the opportunity to purchase technology. To acquire stars, the game's primary currency, you must construct cities. When you triumph in the conflict with other tribes, you can also get technology.

Playing a strategy game

Your tribe will have only one unit at first. Your tribe will then go to places where you can find and get resources. The fog extends to the map as well. Soldiers will need to look for other tribes' locations and resources.

Discover new tribes

There are 15 tribes in the Battle of Polytopia. Four are offered without charge, while payment is required to access the other 11 tribes.

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The tribes are constructed essentially in the same way as character classes in other strategy games. Each tribe possesses unique advantages and disadvantages. They employ several technologies as well. To build the largest empire in this game, you must become an expert.


The central component of the Battle of Polytopia is the city. They resemble a resource that can be mined. The number of stars you obtain will depend on the level of that city, so work on building and upgrading it to earn more stars.

You should also take the mission system into account. You may receive stars or buildings that advance your city if you finish them.

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Download the Battle of Polytopia APK, a fantastic game that features polygonal visuals and turn-based construction. Create your world, your tribe, and its technologies.


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