Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
Size: 1.7 GB
Version: 3DS
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Download Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon APK to experience a Pokemon game that is different from all the others you’ve played. New story, new game, unique creatures.

Name Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
Version 3DS
Updated Oct 21, 2022
Category Action
Developer Nintendo
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An Overview Of The Game

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is a video game in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Series. It is majorly a Nintendo 3DS game, but the mobile version was published in 2019. Developed by Spike Chunsoft and published by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, this game is one of the few that lets you play as a Pokemon character.

The game features lots of Pokemon characters, one of the highest numbers ever seen in a Pokemon game. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a human presence in the game. Even your character does not play as a human.

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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is a spin-off game in which you play the role of a human trapped in the body of a Pokemon. You take on quests for other Pokemon to win them over. As you play, you’re also on a journey to find out why you’re a Pokemon child.

As the title implies, you go through dungeons, battling and sometimes rescuing Pokemon. It is a wanderer-style game in which every dungeon area is generated randomly, so you don’t explore the same area twice.

Game Story

Games in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series are famous for their detailed stories transforming into fun game times. This game is not an exception. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is a roguelike roleplaying game in which you enter a strange, novel world and control a Pokemon.

You wake up transformed into a Pokemon with a memory of being human. Suddenly, an attack occurs, and a friendly Pokemon helps you escape and lets you stay in a place called Serene Village. There, you are enrolled in a school where you build a relationship with another Pokemon character who becomes your partner Pokemon.

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Your partner has dreams of joining The Expedition Society. Unfortunately, this seems too far away until you both meet Ampharos, a member of the society who names you junior members. Danger lurks, and you are forced to flee to Lively Town, the headquarters of the Expedition Society.

In your new body, you and your partner Pokemon set out to take on quests in dungeons. You are also responsible for finding out why the Pokemon population is turning to stone. This game has the makings of being the best in the Mystery Dungeons franchise because of how it takes elements from the previous games and combines them.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Gameplay

The gameplay is classic Pokemon game style to an extent. The player is placed in the role of one of the 20 Pokemons available at the beginning. These include the 18 starter Pokemon, Pikachu, and Riolu. Your partner Pokemon is also chosen from this number.

You control a team of Pokemon allies in dungeons and plan your movement to defeat enemies. The enemies are enemy Pokemon characters, and you must defeat them to make it to the stairs of every floor of the dungeon.

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It sounds easy, but without strategic planning, you and your team can die in moments. When this happens, you lose every item you have, including money. You can remedy the situation by sending out a rescue request which lets you rescue yourself or get a friend to rescue you. You can also use The Progress Device, a special item that lets you continue the game.

All 720 Pokemon characters are present in this game. It also features a typing system. Each Pokemon is classed under a type. Some Pokemon are weak to certain attacks, and some are immune to specific attacks, just like in the normal Pokemon games.

You also have special items you can use to change the course of battle in your favour. A good example is the Oran Berry which has healing powers. In addition, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon features a new item that helps your game greatly.

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Emeras are randomly found in the dungeons. They are delicate and time-bound. If you pick one up before it explodes into dust, you can add it to your Looplet, a scarf-like item. This action gives you added benefits such as surviving powerful attacks and being able to doge fast attacks during your game.

Strategy plays a very important role in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. Most of your losses will be due to poor planning, not your team's abilities. The levels of your Pokemon allies do not matter when you have a foolproof strategy.

Important Features Of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon has features you must learn before playing for the first time. They include:

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  • Graphics: Most design models are derived from the previous game in the series, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity. The game has added new visual features, such as the presence of all 720 Pokemon and a variety in the scenery and locations. The 3D effect is very evident in this game too.
  • Sound: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon features upbeat tunes and custom theme songs for the dungeon gameplay scenes. Wear headphones while playing to get the full experience.
  • Chapters: Pokemon games are story-oriented. This game’s story has about 23 chapters. The first chapter is where the player awakens in a new world, and the last chapter is where the partner gets destroyed. There’s also a post-game chapter where the player reunites with the partner.
  • Dungeons: There are over 100 dungeons to play in. Each one has a variety of Pokemon and missions in it.
  • Characters include the player, partner, and other friendly and enemy Pokemon in the game.
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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon features 19 hours of gameplay, and since the dungeons are so many, you’re introduced to new areas in every part of your game.


Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon proves how much the Pokemon series has grown over time. There’s a lot to keep you hooked and occupied in this game. The rescue feature lets you interact with other players online when you accept their requests.

There’s always something to do. Whether completing quests to recruit more Pokemon or going through dungeons to fight Pokemon, you’ll find there’s never a dull moment. This is a good choice if you love a challenging game with a good story. Don’t walk, run!


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