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Pokemon Emerald
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Download Pokemon Emerald APK and enjoy a unique version of Pokemon video games. Battle with your opponents and obtain badges for more exciting levels.

Name Pokemon Emerald
Version 2.2
Updated Oct 13, 2022
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About Pokémon Emerald

Pokémon Emerald is one of the video game series in Pokémon. It has unique gameplay featuring a Flying Dragon Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza.

Pokémon Emerald also has a bit of similarity with Ruby and Sapphire; however, Pokémon Emerald is a remodeled and improved version of Ruby and Sapphire, which is an addition to the 3rd generation of the Pokemon game.

Players can control the Pokemon trainer. The goal is to travel around the Hoenn area and defeat a group of eight Pokemon Gyms to obtain the right badges of Gyms, also the Elite Four, and win against the Pokemon League Champion. Pokemon Emerald has a blend of third and second-generation features.

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Though the Pokemon Emerald storyline is synonymous with Ruby and Sapphire, the new Battle Frontier element differentiates both games, which allows players to enter different areas with various Pokemon competitions.


The major antagonists that stand in the player's way are Team Aqua and Team Magma, unlike Ruby and Sapphire, where one was the protagonist and the other was the antagonist, aiming to overthrow the other squad. But in Pokemon Emerald, both teams successfully awaken a legendary Pokemon known as Groudon Kyogre.

Both Pokemon are against the other team, which results in combat and a change of weather between rain and sunshine. First, you must provoke the legendary Pokemon Rayquaza, which will plunge and compel both combatants to stop, bringing Hoenn back to normal. At the initial stage, there are three Pokemon to pick from Mudkip, Torchic, and Treecko.

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When the player defeats the Elite Four, he will receive an S.S ticket. A tidal at his house. A news magazine will appear to give information to the player. After a while, the player will get a phone call, upon which he/she will get access to the Battle Frontier via the S.S tidal. Afterward, Latias and Latios will be seen wandering around Hoenn.


  • Although Emerald's connection with Ruby and Sapphire is the same as Pokemon Red & Blue, Pokemon Yellow and silver and gold to Pokemon crystal. But it is revamped with much more incredible features than its predecessors.
  • Emerald initiates different changes in combat. While in Ruby and Sapphire, two-on-two battles were marked, whereby the trainers wouldn't challenge you unless they were confronted. Two-on-two battles are barely played, having two distinct trainers teaming up to battle as a group.
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  • Also, dual trainers will fight the player if he/she gets close to them. When the Elite four is overthrown, the Gym leaders may demand a two-on-two match for a rematch with the players. Additionally, while in the battle, Pokemon Sprites are designed to look like Crystal, as they are usually static in their antecedents.
  • The game involves many graphical modifications. For example, both May and Brenda have green costumes. Some areas and routes have also been refurbished with numerous layouts and extra trainers to enable more random two-on-two battles. Furthermore, the gyms' layout was ratified significantly.
  • Unlike the earlier games, Team Magma and Team Aqua emerged equally as much as in Pokémon Emerald. Some Pokémon areas have also been altered. For example, in Ruby, players could barely capture Groudon, but in Sapphire, players could easily catch Kyogre.
  • In Emerald, the two Legendary Pokémon could be captured in different caverns after winning against the Elite Four. Players can then choose which moving Legendary Pokémon to capture (Latias or Latios). Formerly, players could merely catch Latias in Sapphire and Latios in Ruby. But Safari Zone has new regions that allow players to capture many Pokémon originating from the Johto area, with much that can be discovered in this version not needing to rely on Pokémon X.D. or Pokémon Colosseum: Gale of Darkness. Moreover, Emerald features a unique area named Altering Cave. Pokémon in this cave changes when players make use of a Wonder Spot.
  • An additional change to Pokemon Emerald is that as you use the PokéNav, you can call a trainer you had previously battled with.
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Wallace is the new Pokémon League Champion; Juan, his mentor, will take his position as Gym Leader. You can battle with Steven in Meteor  Falls when you obtain National Dex. However, players can battle only once.

Battle Frontier

Amongst the large groups of video games, Pokemon Emerald is highly rated. Emerald is known as the best Pokemon game to be made, all because of one unique feature: the Battle Frontier.

The Battle Frontier is one of the most important changes included in the game. It is an improved version of Battle Tower present in Ruby and Sapphire. While in the game, the player will meet a man frequently.

While he progresses through different levels and gains more badges, the man will become impressed. Finally, when the players win the Pokémon League Champion, they will invite the man into the Battle Frontier.

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The Battle Frontier is separated into seven regions; one is the Battle Tower, while the rest are entirely new. When players win contests, he/she increases in  Battle Points, and these points can later be used to obtain prizes. After consecutive victories, users will encounter the Frontier Brain facility and be rewarded with Frontier Symbol.

The major trajectory leading to the Pokemon League's climax is chiefly enticing and valuable. However, until you're a Pokedex Packrat, Competitive Crackerjack, or a Shiny seeker, there's little to do after you become the champ in your region.


Few games have reasonable postgame sections, but the Battle Frontier utilized this idea to levels that cannot be matched even seventeen years later. This is why there is yet to be a game that can contend with the unreachable Pokemon Emerald's level.

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Download Pokemon Emerald APK and enjoy a unique version of Pokemon video games. Battle with your opponents and obtain badges for more exciting levels.


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